Grand Opening!

February 29, 2008 at 10:32 pm (words from me)

Welcome to the Grand Opening of KMKM Fanpage! This is a place for all things Kenneth Ma and in English! Hope overseas fans will enjoy this page. Basically, this is a collection of Kenneth news, pictures, and info, and reviews will also be available.

NOTE: If I for some odd reason forget to credit you, please just leave me a message in the comments part of where I posted your work and allow me a week or two to make the adjustments. haha… please don’t put me on your Hall of Shame right away. I most likely unintentionally forgot to credit you. Please forgive me in the case that I do so. Thank you very much. And for those who DO find me on someone’s Hall of Shame, please notify me!

– Please leave comments on the individual pages and VISIT THE CHATBOX! THANKS!

*Special Thanks to  §parkly Dream for the Banner & link icon! 



  1. Carmen said,

    Feb 29, what a special day to have as the Grand Opening day!
    Which date will you celebrate KMKM Fanpage’s anniversary in the years to come?

  2. bbfreak said,

    anniversary? I’ve never even thought of that…haha… celebration? I’m not sure what you’re suppose to do when there’s an anniversary lol…ooh …maybe get presents? lol haha. If anyone got me an autographed pic of Kenneth w/ the words “to Valli and KMKMF” on it, I would jump with joy!
    haha. better yet a letter haha…(just a scan of it and I’d be happy!)
    ok sry for the dreaming…back to reality! um…I’m not sure… I’ll dub it anniversary week? and that shall be the birthweek of KMKMF. hehee..

  3. Carmen said,

    lol. at the bare minimum i would think you should at least have a blog post saying “Its KMKMF X Birthday!!!” lol

    Are you going to take part in the contest at MKMC? maybe you can request Kenneth to write that for you!!! (I’ve requested pictures from Kenneth before, and I got them! wakakaka!)

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