Kenneth entering the China/Taiwan Market?

March 28, 2008 at 1:12 am (news)

COMMENTS: The article, i believe from the replies at MKMC, is about Ms. Lok is introducing Kenneth, Stephen Hyunh, Tracy Yip, & Suki Chui to the Taiwan/China market; lol… its Kenneth plus the pageant ppl haha…

Kenneth DOES carry that big bag EVERYWHERE. I really wonder what he keeps in there. Soccer close and sneakers so he can play anywhere anytime? haha.


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3 Weekly Issue 373: Hot Favourite Dark Horse – Kenneth Ma (11/25/06)

March 14, 2008 at 9:30 pm (interviews, news)

Kenneth Ma was originally a happy young horse, among the reasons are the following:

1. His father is an engineer and although they are not rich, they had no worries for their livelihood.

2. Apart from his parents, he also has a pair of twin elder sisters. As the youngest son in the family, he has the love of the whole family.

3. After graduating from the TVB acting class in 1999, many of his classmates are still passer-bys, but in just five years, Kenneth was promoted to one of the ‘Six Olympic Stars’ and then joined the ranks of second male lead, with quite a rapid rise up the ranks.

This is all on the surface though and few people know that he was once the person inside the cockroach suit to play ‘Siu Keung’ in Dayo Wong’s MV.

After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineer, he had a great career ahead of him, but he chose to become an actor and those who do not understand his reasons, will think that he is seeking fame and fortune and deserves to end up as a cockroach.

From his days hiding behind the cockroach suit to boldly taking the award for ‘Most Improved Male Artiste’ at the TVB anniversary awards as a dark horse, there is a story of blood, sweat, tears and hard work that is worth learning from. However, he keeps his modest approach: “From beginning to end, I had never imagined I would win the award because there were many people there who were better than me.”

Asked if he felt he was being bullied by Nat Chan, who sprayed him with red paint during the anniversary show, Kenneth defended Nat, saying: “We had expected to be made fun of that night and I thought they didn’t take it far enough because they didn’t even mention my rumours with Margie Tsang.”

The hardest to believe is that when asked about his low points in his thirty odd years, he thinks dopily for a moment before saying: “I have not had any low points really.”

No low points in life? That is strange.

Even stranger is that this Kenneth who often makes people laugh in front of the camera is not really one who talks or laughs a lot in private. He is cool, but not in a way that will leave you with hard feelings.

Following in the Footsteps of Benz Hui to be a Character Actor

Returning to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Kenneth was lucky enough to be chosen as one of TVB’s ‘Six Olympic Stars’. At the time, he was 30 years of age and much older compared with the other stars: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Lai Lok Yi, you could say he was an ‘overaged star’ and this raised some criticisms. His age also affected his progress in showbiz, but life is full of surprises and three years later, the 33-year old Kenneth is becoming more and more popular.

The ‘Most Improved’ award winners of the past have included Moses Chan, Raymond, Ron and Bosco and they are all in the line of leading male artistes, so there is reason to believe that this award is a great step up for any male artiste, but Kenneth does not feel too much about this and has never thought that this would take him up a level. He has not put any more pressure on himself, because at the moment he is still second lead and whether the ratings are good or bad, it is not up to him to worry about it.

“Take for example the forthcoming series ‘Curious Detective’, the male lead is Roger Kwok and if anyone needs to worry, it is him and not me. From entering this industry, I just know that I have to do my job well and perform my roles well. You can say I have won ‘Most Improved Actor’, but to be honest, I am still finding my way in acting. I have never thought about being an idol, my target is to become a character actor like Benz Hui (Hui Siu Hung).

“Take my niece for instance, she likes to listen to A’s songs today, but when I see her in a few days time, she will have changed to listening to B, The fans of the idols move around and it is very insecure. You say you are good looking, but tomorrow there will be someone even more good looking appearing on the scene. How can you stand that? Character acting is different, take Sean Lau and Benz Hui for example, have you ever heard of someone saying that they like Sean one day and then Benz the next?”

This photo was taken when Kenneth was about three years old, but he does not remember when or where this was. – After seven years in the industry, Kenneth has had minimal gossip, the biggest of which was being linked with Margie Tsang

Young Master Finds Independence in Canada

Kenneth attended secondary school at Chai Wan’s Tse Yau School and loved playing football [soccer] from an early age. Throughout primary and secondary school, football was his life. As the youngest in the family, he did not have to worry about much at home, so he spent all his spare time kicking a ball around. At Form 5, he was well and truly the young master of the Ma family and it was only in 1992 when his family emigrated to Canada that he put this behind him and learned to be independent.

Kenneth went to school six days a week and played football six days a week, but despite this, his results were better than some, but not as good as others. At home he was the apple of his parents’ eyes and he had whatever he wanted. When he learned that they were to emigrate, his HKCEE examinations were of no matter any more, but he still took part in them and passed all his exams, maybe thanks to his natural talent and potential.

After moving to Canada, he continued his studies and although he did not struggle in life, this young master had new responsibilities, because his father was an ‘immigration spaceman’ [a term for fathers who returned to Hong Kong to make a living after emigrating] and Kenneth was left in Canada having to look after his mother and sisters. As the only man in the house, he had to take on the burden of looking after the women and as well as doing the housework, doing things such as changing lightbulbs, clearing the snow and cutting the grass all became his responsibility, so Kenneth waved goodbye to his ‘young master’personality.

“If I had not emigrated to Canada, or if my father did not have to return to Hong Kong, then I would still be a young master who did nothing.” Kenneth’s father is a mechanical engineer and under this influence, Kenneth chose to study this subject at university in the hope of forging a career for himself in the world of engineering, but it was the response from a letter applying for employment that changed the path of his life.

The happiest thing for Kenneth in winning an award was going home to celebratory soup from his mum and some lucky packets from his sisters – Before winning the award, Kenneth had been chosen by a skincare sponsor to be their new spokesperson.

Not Becoming an Engineer, Becoming ‘Siu Keung’ Instead

After a few years living in Canada, Kenneth’s family decided they were more suited to life in Hong Kong, so in 1998 after Kenneth graduated, they moved back to Hong Kong. After returning, Kenneth tried to apply to work in an engineering firm, but he felt he did not fit in, so he thought about changing his career. He sent out six or seven letters seeking employment but he only received a reply from one of them and that was for an interview at TVB’s Artiste Training Class.

As a mechanical engineer, Kenneth’s father naturally wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but he is a very open-minded person and when he found out about the audition, he urged his son to give it a try, but Kenneth has other thoughts about this: “I have suspected that my father telling me to try it was because he thought I would definitely not get in, so he had no worries about me going.”

In the end, Kenneth was accepted into the class and his family were very supportive. In 1999, after Kenneth graduated from the class, he was like all the other graduates and sent to gain experience from passer-by roles, the most memorable of which was to dress up in a cockroach suit for the music video of Dayo Wong’s song ‘Blue Sky’. “Beforehand, I did not know that I had to play Siu Keung, so when I arrived at the studio, I was a little shocked and I held some hard feelings, but afterwards I found it was quite fun and I treated it as a challenge in life.”

After this, Kenneth’s roles were by no means meaty, but at least he was able to show his face and he had more lines, as well as more NG’s [outtakes]. For example in “At the Threshold of an Era II”, he played one of Gallen Lo’s men and in one scene, he had some lines, but NG’ed around thirty or forty times and the crew looked on in despair as they watched him goofing up over and over again, longing to finish and go home. “At the time, they kept improvising the script and I had a lot of long lines. The more nervous I got, the more I NG’ed and the more I NG’ed, the more nervous I became, so even up to now, I have a phobia of script improvisation.” Kenneth is very hardworking, and despite loving to watch football, he has still spent time to learn his script well for ‘Curious Detective’ rather than watch his beloved English Premier League and Spanish football. Here is another example of how success has been forged through taking time to learn scripts well and not through pure luck.

Kenneth is a talented comedian and at the TVB artistes party, his imitation of Ekin Cheng was among the most popular acts – although Kenneth is a little cool, he is always game for a laugh and being sprayed with paint at the anniversary did not leave him upset, but he was calling for more instead.

Does Not Rule out Dating Margie Tsang

Kenneth’s popularity has risen sharply recently. Apart from taking the ‘Most Improved’ award, he also became the highlight of the Annual Artiste’s Presentation Party by dressing up as Ekin Cheng and then being the victim of Nat Chan’s antics at the Anniversary show and being criticised by the viewers. His news has been covering the entertainment press of late, but before all this, there was very little gossip about Kenneth and if it wasn’t for him being linked to Margie Tsang, there would have been next to no news about him.

As an artiste, appearing in the press is important to gain audience recognition, but for Kenneth when he first emerged on the scene, he was very afraid of seeing himself in the papers because he held the intention of just giving a good show. “Whenever I saw myself in the papers and magazines then, I would become very frightened, it was only after some advice from many seniors that I did not become as scared. For example, the first gossip I had was suggesting I was dating Kate Tsui and it was very unnerving. Now they link me with Margie Tsang and say that we have already split up, but then we are working together on ‘Curious Detective’, so they say we are getting back together. I have got used to it now.”

Asked about the story of how he got to know Margie, Kenneth tells the story directly: “I met her once when I was on her radio show to promote ‘Scavenger’s Paradise’ and she introduced me to some charity show work. We kept in touch after that and we are good friends.” With him being so open, the opportunity was taken to ask if there is a chance of them developing a relationship. “I really daren’t say, but I will not close all my doors and say it definitely will not happen. We don’t know what will happen in the future and there is a chance of a relationship between anyone. At the moment, the spark is not there, but who knows what will happen in the future. If I am dating, then I will not be afraid to admit it.”

Kenneth emphasises though that his first choice for a girlfriend would be someone from outside the industry and he does not just go for looks because he has many friends who have beautiful girlfriends, but their personalities are terrible. Kenneth says that he has a fear of troublesome women. Another thing is that if you want to be Kenneth’s girl, then you must have one quality and that is to be able to live with his family. “My father and mother are renowned for being easy going, if you cannot live with them, then this is a problem and with this problem, there is no chance of marriage.” Change Change Change

Kenneth’s manager beside him during the shoot said: “His image is too positive, even if he has gossip people will not believe it.”

Kenneth says that in the seven years in showbiz, his personality has not changed very much, but he has started to adjust to the rules of the entertainment industry game.

Although he has not changed much, the change has been there.

Remember in 2004, when Kenneth joined the others as the ‘Six Olympic Stars’, this was the first chance for him to be introduced to the viewed and raise interest in him by the press.

At the time, I [reporter] was among those who were interviewing the six stars and my impression of Kenneth was of a person who did not say very much but was a man of action. The press would ask him a question and he would answer the question very politely. He was a typical ‘good boy’ image and one of those newcomers who would not find success through gossip.

Three years later, coming into contact again with Kenneth, the gossip is still minimal, but at least he knows what the press want from him and although he is still a man of few words, what he says is quality.

For example, when asked about his opinion on romance, he will say: “I will not be afraid of gossip and not pursue an affair with an older woman. When you love someone, then even if they are not a woman, then I would not mind if they were a man.”

Another example, when you ask about the criteria for a lover, he will say: “I am afraid of girls with bad tempers, so if I meet these people, I often want to give them a good slapping.”

Whether these comments are engineered purely for the press or whether they come from the heart, he has at least learned and changed how to talk to the media now.

* Credits to:

The magazine had some incorrect info.

Kenneth wasn’t working at an engineering firm. He was working at an architecture firm that had nothing to do with his major and all day he’d be running around with blue prints. The magazine had this wrong. He tried to apply and find an engineering job but couldn’t find any. He sent more than 6 or 7 letters he sent 70 letters and had no replies. I corrected it on the article already since Em said she typed the wrong number. That’s because during that time HK’s economy was at a very low point. Those were the things he said in his radio interview on the Superman radio show hosted by Margie Tsang and Lai Lik Chi. I believe what Kenneth said in person on the radio more than what the magazine wrote just wanted to correct this. I still have the 2hour radio interview at home and will try to upload and post it at his forum over here in about a week for those who haven’t listened to it since rthk deleted the show already.

Credit: Sport388

Comments: Kenneth is such a sweet heart! And for the reporters that say if they don’t ask about Margie what else is there to write about, then the above shows that there’s tons more to Kenneth than rumors!

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A Blast From the Past: The Driving Power – Ming Chu & Ko Wai Lei

March 14, 2008 at 7:12 pm (pictures)

*Credits: MKMC

*Credits to: Kenworld

COMMENTS: Ko Wai Lei was Kenneth’s first large role as the scam artist. I didn’t particularly like Kenneth back then, but I did find his role intriguing. I was neutral to him back then, but even though he was part ‘evil’ in the beginning, I actually never disliked him. It was funny how his hair changed w/ that weird curl in the front when he was bad lol. I loved how he felt bad about lying to Michelle and how she treated his so well.  While I really did not like Michelle, I did think they had a very sweet ending, how she said she’d wait for him. I remember Kenneth mentioning he once fell for one of Michelle’s and one of Cherie’s characters. If I were to take a wild guess, I ‘d think it was Ming Chu from DOP and Cherie’s Maggie from LG – because both these roles loved Kenneth’s, despite all his flaws, more and treated him so well. I’ve noticed that all Kenneth’s other roles always show him treating and loving the girl more. Though Kenneth looked younger and a little skinnier then, he basically looks the same….just as cute!

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Kenneth Ma & Margie Tsang: No More Chemistry

March 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm (margie tsang, news)

TVB new series D.I.E <古靈精探> will begin airing next week and a promotional event was held today, attended by cast members including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Margie Tsang (曾華倩). Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Kitty Yuen (阮小儀).

Rumoured couple Margie and Kenneth seemed to be a little disconnected when they were on stage and as an MC, Margie was noticeably quite distracted. Asked about this later, she explained that it has been over a year since she filmed this series and it was also her first series after returning to TVB, so she was doing too much reminiscing and not concentrating.

Margie has been working as a host on a Fung Shui show for TVB Pay Vision recently and has gained a lot of insights into the art. Asked if she has bought in some plum blossom to encourage romance, she said that there are plenty of blossoms around, so there is no need. When she was then asked if Kenneth was one of her blossoms, she quickly changed the subject and pointed out that plum blossom can also signify popularity.

Kenneth explained that he did not communicate with Margie on the stage because they have not seen each other on a personal level since they finished filming for the series.

Roger’s wife Cindy Au (區倩怡) is due to give birth to their son in April and he was asked if this was a good omen to bring him good ratings for his series. He smiled that there was a chance of this, because there are a lot of factors that can lead to a pleasant surprise. Asked if he was worried about ratings being affected by Sonija’s recent drop in popularity, Roger replied that the birth of his son will bring good luck to everyone.

Roger revealed that the baby has already brought him an advertising job for a stem cell storage company and he will be putting the fee from this job towards a trust fund for the baby. He added that he has already prepared some luggage for his wife for when she is admitted to hospital and plans to join her in the birthing room.

Sonija said that the ratings are hard to predict, but she hoped that the audience will enjoy the series.


COMMENTS: Are they gonna stop dragging Margie into everything Kenneth now? It sad how every time you see one of them, the other is mentioned. They’re probably really tired of it now! I really wouldn’t mind if Kenneth were dating Margie since it’s his business and she pretty for her age. I mean if he were, he’d probably admit it. I don’t think they’re really dating and would prefer that he was with someone else (hehe….Bernice!).

Have you guys seen the gameshow “Heart Big, Heart Small” (I forgot the english name)? Margie was on it and was asked in a pretend psychologist scenario and was asked if she liked Kenneth and she didn’t answer/ was speechless and the psychologist said she’s trying to hide something, but it ended up with the women making fun of the psychologist himself. lol.

Part of me feels like Kenneth has now learned to play along w/ this rumor. Not that I particularly like that, but he’s playing by the rules of the game I guess. Every time he’s asked, he keeps being vague and jokingly saying that people have said they’ve broken up already or that when a series airs people are gonna write that they’re back together…while this may be his way of laughing it off due to his annoyance, I feel that Kenneth is aware that this may get him in the news more.

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Interview Videos

March 14, 2008 at 6:35 pm (ella koon, interviews, master of taichi, michelle ye, raymond lam, selena li, survivor's law II, videos)

Kenneth & Michelle interview for HK Live – half of the interview

Ella Koon’s Ebuzz Interview about SLII and Kenneth Ma

Kenneth & Selena (end part) interview about TaiChi

Costume Fitting of “The Four” – Kenneth & Selena Complimenting each other

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Old Article: Kenneth Ma on a Date with Sharon Chan?

March 13, 2008 at 12:35 am (news, sharon chan)

Sharon Chan Man Chi was spotted yesterday meeting with a 6 feet tall man. After long-legged beauty Sharon finished her promotional event with Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, she met with this man in Causeway Bay.

It turns out that Sharon met up with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. Kenneth was very understated and wore a cap, obscuring his face. They lingered until 9pm before leaving together.

Since Kenneth had previous rumors with Margie Tsang Wah Sin, he kept his distance while walking next to Sharon. They would chat once in awhile. Sharon’s car was parked in the garage, at which point Kenneth waved to say goodbye. Then he headed in a different direction to go home.

Since the time was still early, Sharon headed to Tsim Tsa Tsui to meet her girlfriends for hot pot. Sharon did not return home until 1 AM.

When Sharon was contacted over the phone about her date with Kenneth, she said she is not afraid of rumors, “We are good friends. He just returned to Hong Kong after filming ‘Tai Chi.’ Since we haven’t seen each other for several months, we decided to meet up.” (How come it was only the 2 of them?) “We met in such a public place, that’s it no big deal even if we were spotted together. I knew Kenneth many years ago from filming ‘Dreams of Colors.’ He was my boyfriend in the series. We have been friends for many years.”

Did Sharon have any pursuers currently? “I am not dating anyone. Even if there were pursuers, I am focusing on my career right now.”


Comments: This is one of Kenneth’s very few rumors…. It was actually a one day rumor lol. I use to love ShaKen together… before my conversion to BK. But they really seem to be very good friends and do look compatible physically! How many series have they been in together? hmm… DOC, SL, SH, and…? There was something else that I just cannot recall!

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Kenneth Ma: Too Old to Go Clubbing + Sing K Every Night

March 13, 2008 at 12:31 am (ella koon, news, survivor's law II)

Sammul Chan and Ella Chan have been reported to be not getting along because both a fighting for Ron Ng. But a group of Sammul fans left messages of support on their idol’s web page, telling him that they support him perusing Ron and that they wish them well.

While being rumoured to be fighting for Ron, Sammul has been angered by the discussion on his sexuality. This has caused his fans to act immediately, by showing their support for him. One Sammul fan called Alvin left a message on Sammul’s message board saying, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with Sammul liking Ron. I hope that you two will always be in love and together till the end.”

On the other hand, Ella and Kenneth Ma, who were filming a holding hands scene for ‘Survivor’s Law 2’, attracted many people to watch. Kenneth disclosed that as they will be filming a kissing scene, he is not nervous about holding hands. He then praised Ella for her soft hands. When asked if he liked girls like Ella, Kenneth replied, “I like girls who are straight forward but they must be mature. This is because I am old and unable to go sing k and clubbing with her every night.”


Comments:  Kenneth is so hilarious. I didn’t realize this at first, but I don’t think Kenneth was merely talking about singing karaoke. I think he was making a joke, that no one caught lol.. silly Kenneth and his quirky sense of humor. I think he brought up ‘singing K’ cuz of Ron’s nickname “Ng Cheung K” (not singing K). It does seem that Kenneth was very careful of what he says about Ella though or maybe the reporters just aren’t interested? They’d rather make up stuff about Ron and Sammul lol.

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Kate Tsui Sent Valentines Flowers To Girlfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:27 am (kate tsui, news)

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) took part in a pet show at a shopping mall yesterday and shared a new year greeting with several tens of doggie friends and their owners.

Kate revealed that the dog she brought along to the show actually belonged to a friend because she does not have time to look after a pet at the moment. However, she said that the dog was very obedient and did what she told it to. Asked what she is currently working on, she said that she has been preparing to film for TVB series Heart of Greed II <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, where she plays a character who has just come back from Portugal. As a result she has been busy learning some Portuguese and making sure that her accent is authentic.

When asked how she spent Valentines Day, Kate said: “I bought some flowers for a girlfriend because I wanted to make her happy. I sent it anonymously and she was very pleased to receive it. However, I was a bit of a failure and did not receive any flowers. Even last year I had a few.”

Asked to comment about the recent sex photo scandal, Kate said that she hopes it will draw to an end soon, because as an artiste herself, she finds it troubling when she reads the reports every day.

Kenneth said that he has kept many pets in the past, but does not have time now because of his work. He revealed that he spent Valentines Day alone at home, but he did speak to his first girlfriend on the phone because it was her birthday on 13 February and he called her to wish her a happy birthday. He clarified that she is now married so there is no chance of them getting back together again. He laughed that even his rumored girlfriend Margie Tsang (曾華倩) did not call him on that day.


Comments: It’s cute how Kenneth and his first gf are still friends. Those pictures of Kenneth and Kate make me think of the time when Bernice and Kenneth were at an event with dogs. They pretty much asked the same questions about whether he likes animals. haha…Kenneth is so logical, he always equates everything to money and how he should have enough time and money before he takes on a pet, family, wife, or child. He’s so responsible!

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Selena Li Says Look Out For Kiss Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (master of taichi, news, selena li)

Cast members of TVB series The Master Of Tai Chi <太極> took part in a promotional event yesterday, however the two leading male stars Raymond Lam (林峯) and Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) were noticeably absent.

Leading female Melissa Ng (吳美珩) is also currently on maternity leave, so the event was left to the other cast members including Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Selena Li (李詩韻), Power Chan (陳國邦), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and semi-retired TV veteran Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘), to hold the fort. However, everyone still had a good time as they played some games with the audience and introduced their roles in the series.

Selena revealed that her character fights against Melissa for the affections of Kenneth in the series and she tempted the viewers by saying that has many exciting kissing scenes, including her first screen wet kiss. However, Kenneth spoiled her plug by saying that the period in which the show is set was very conservative, so the level of their passion was strictly limited.

Talking of filming for the series in Yunnan province for four months, Selena said that she found the time between shoots extremely boring, so during the four months, she returned to Hong Kong eight times, spending around HK$20,000 on plane tickets. She laughed that people said that she was losing money on this job.

Asked what she did on Valentines Day, Selena said that she spent the evening at church, so she did not receive any gifts. She said that she is still single and when asked if she had split up with rumored boyfriend Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), she immediately denied that there was anything between them.


COMMENTS: These two are so cute. KenSelena are just so silly and flirty. Too bad Selena has Patrick, who I think she looks cute with as well. They seem like pretty good friends! That was Selena’s first onscreen kiss, of course she thinks/remembers it being a lot!

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Kenneth Ma Complains About Lack of Kissing Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (kate tsui, news, Sweet Talk)

Caption: Despite collaborating numerous times, Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui have never kissed.

Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Kate Tsui Tsi San were filming for new TVB series, “Sweet Talk” 《甜言蜜語》. Although this is their fifth collaboration together, they have never shared an on screen kissing scene.

In the series, Kenneth will be caught in a love triangle between Kate and Claire Yiu Ka Lei. Since the script does not include a kissing scene with either actress, Kenneth plans to request the Producer to add a kissing scene!

Often lacking intimate scenes on screen, Kenneth said, “Although I will be in a love triangle with Kate and Claire, I don’t even get to touch their hands! I always lacked intimate scenes with the ladies in past series. The only fortunate exception was with Ella Koon Yan Na in ‘Survivor’s Law 2.’ We kissed 3 to 4 times then!”

In real life, was Kenneth ever involved in a love triangle? He shook his head, “Never tried it! My love life has been very clean! I will only start a new relationship after ending the past one.”

“There is so much headache with one girlfriend already; how do you handle more? I would not know what to do for Valentine’s Day! Also, I am too cheap to watch a movie twice with two women!”

Regarding Kenneth’s request to add a kissing scene, Kate said, “He is only joking! If we were to share a kiss, he will be very embarrassed! A long time ago, I had to give him CPR on screen. Although this was not a love scene, our lips did touch! When Kenneth and I filmed ‘Hidden Master’ 《幕後大老爺》, we did not have any intimate scenes together despite playing a married couple. ”

In “Sweet Talk,” Kate will be playing a deaf character. Playing a character with a disability for the first time, she prepared for the role by learning how to read lips. Kate also went to a learning center to observe people with hearing challenges.


Comments: Haha….Kenneth’s got such a quirky sense of humor. He just loves pretending he’s a pervert…lol…which as Ella has clarified he is not. He’s so a good boy -wanna-be-bad. So Cute! Looks like he got his wish 😛 (somehow it was awkwardly funny? lol.)

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Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:15 am (master of taichi, myolie wu, news, raymond lam, selena li)

Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

New Series The Master of Tai Chi 《太極》 will broadcast soon. Yesterday the promotion was held at a mall in Macau. Cast members including Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were present at the event. Other cast members such as Myolie Wu and Vincent Zhao were unable to attend due to busy schedules. Myolie is currently in Malaysia doing some stage work, while Vincent currently is not in Hong Kong due to some personal problem. Producer Mr. Leung mentioned that Vincent has agreed to take part in the promotional event in March.

Kenneth Ma Welcomes Patrick Tang to come express Anger
Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were responsible for promoting the series to help ratings, at the event they were arranged to play games with audience members. Raymond had both of his arms in front of him and also shrugged his shoulders up for protection, he laughs and said that it is to avoid fans touching places that does not need to be touched, the event was extremely playful. Raymond expresses that he has confidence in “Tai Chi”‘s ratings. Also this is his first Pre-Modern series, the story talks a lot about the human nature. But in the series’s promotional clip, it showed a bed-kissing scene of him and Myolie and looked very intimate. He says that even though he’s very familiar with Myolie, but when filming that kind of scene the both of them had to do some preparations. Asked Raymond, if Myolie’s rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong would get jealous when he sees the scene? When Raymond heard the question, he laughed: “He will understand. We are all just acting. And also the series was already filmed 2 years ago, that time didn’t even know those two had rumors.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li also has a bed scene in the series. Kenneth expresses that its not bad, only showed down to her shoulders, when reporters asked him if he’s afraid that Selena’s boyfriend Patrick Tang would go express his anger towards him, Kenneth laughs that he welcomes him to come find him.

Translated by: aZnangel


COMMENTS: Wonder if Kenneth means it? haha.. He’s such a joker. I can’t wait to see him and Selena in TaiChi and The Four!

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3周刊馬明專訪 – face to face: 眾褢尋她千百度 馬國明

March 13, 2008 at 12:12 am (interviews)

Today is Feb. 14th and Kenneth just turned 34. He, in his strongest year, with his age in the HK entertainment industry, seems to be a bit over aged, only if he is very popular, or else he is only wasting time. He has been in the industry for 7 years, and nevertheless, he lacks 桃花. Along with those other male leading actors that became alot more famous than him (eg. Ron, Sammul, Bosco, etc..), Kenneth was accused to be in lack of style, good skin, and fame.

When people said he lacks the sense of fame in him, Kenneth has tried to change himself like wearing sunglasses or changing his style of clothing, wishing he could bring a bit of character to his appearance. However, he has failed to do so. Just like this interview, when Kenneth arrives, he wears a black jacket along with a cap; as typical as everyone on the streets. Not until the camera man turns the cameras to him, do people around start noticing his existence.
“Actually I was told that I lack character, I’ve tried to change, but in two or three months, I changed back to my old self. Why do actors need to have a sense of character? In my opinion, I realized if I carry a strong sense of character and style, it would affect my involvement in acting. Look at CHow Yun Fat, he can still walk around on the street and go to supermarkets to get groceries. ”
Kenneth claims that he is very typical. Although he is not good at dressing himself, he is for sure a very tidy, organized homemaker. He said his room is always the cleanest place in his house. “I went to an actor’s house. WAH! His house is as messy as a garbage room. So what if he has character and style? … I won’t tell who it is.. He is one of the main actors in TVB. ”

The entertainment industry is always the most realistic place. If you are handsome, in style, or has good oral skills, you are already partially successful. But Kenneth is in absence of the above descriptions, so he could only rely on his strengths (Acting). “The first time when I straightened up my thoughts was when I was filming for Scavenger’s Paradis. Before that time, I would only sit quietly by myself on the side and no one would notice me. But after we finished filming for that series, 安仔 (Roger Kwok) and 祥仔 (Wayne Lai) taught me a lot about how I should live my life outside of acting. Not until then I realized my problem: I overly disclose (closed up?) myself. So at last I tried to open up more. Actually I have already improved a lot since then. If you were interviewing me a fews years before, I would be answering with one word; for sure I will be making you so angry.”

However, the most troubling statement that caused Kenneth to wake up was stated by 許紹雄 (Benz Hui). ” I remember when I was filming for <怪俠一枝梅> (The Vigilante in a Mask) as a supporting role, he saw me being quiet all the time, so he started talking to me and to see what I’m doing. I was really afraid and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I even become afraid that I might over-act and overshadow the main role. And who knows why, he yelled at me and said, “What are you afraid of? You’ve never even over act yourself.” At that moment, I had a light bulb going on in my head. So I started to reflect on what I needed to do, so when I filmed for <同撈同煲> (Scavenger’s Paradise), I started to release my inner self. ”

After his self-release, Kenneth’s acting has been reassured and is starting to gradually gain popularity. In 2005, Kenneth was able to get good feedbacks from audience in 同撈同煲; also, he even achieved the award of “Best Improvement artist” in 2006. In 2008, Kenneth is for sure one of the leading male artists in TVB. Other than “the master of taichi” that is coming up soon, there are also <幕後大老爺> ,<少年四大名捕>, <甜言蜜語>, <古靈精探>. Seems like he is doing a lot better than Ron ng and 黎諾懿 (Lai Lok Yi?).

Although his career is starting to light up, his love life is still pretty plain. In his 7 years of acting, he has been on the cover once. It was about his relationship with Margie Tsang. At that time, Kenneth was claimed to be in love with watching her on <430穿梭機> and even claiming her as his “dream lover”. Even after all those years, when they met in TVB, Kenneth supposedly has transformed his admiration to love.

His one and only time on cover has become the main topic to talk about when interviewing Kenneth. ” I know I don’t have a lot of things to talk about, like one time when one of the reports asked me about Margie and our relationship, I asked back why even bother asking since this topic is so out-dated already. Then the reporter told me, “You don’t have much gossip and news to talk about, so if I don’t write about you and Margie then what is there to write about?” at that moment, I really didn’t know what to respond.”

It’s always better to have something to write about when being an artist. Entirely about this relationship, from going out, breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again, to even writing about Margie’s son not liking Kenneth, there isn’t much that this topic could expand into.

About fighting over Margie with her 8 year old son, Kenneth did not respond but only felt helpless. “I have known her for almost 2 years now, I’ve only seen her son’s picture once, how can we not get along with each other?” In “Survivor’s Law 2 and The Master of Tai Chi”, Kenneth plays the role of a father. This can show his popularity with the kids. “Actually, I m really good with kids. Just like my nephews. Everytime they see me, they don’t want to leave.”

The rumors between Kenneth and Kate Tsui going out seem to be more reasonable than the ones about Kenneth and Margie. The two of them were partnered up in La Femme Desperado a while ago. First, insiders said they did not get along, then we were told that Kate even took the initiative in chasing Kenneth. Now, the most recent version of the rumor is Kenneth accepted Kate. Now supposedly as they are filming for <甜言蜜語>(Sweet Talk), Kenneth took the lead of chasing Kate. “Actually Kate has mentioned before that I m not her cup of tea. It is impossible for both of us to be together.”

Although Kenneth seems very casual about this topic, after some research, we have found that he did once compliment Kate. And this was described as his implication of love towards Kate. “Yes, at that moment, there were reporters asking me what kind of feelings I have towards Kate. Well, I’m a man, I cannot say things like she’s not the one for me, or something like she is not good enough, not my cup of tea…. so I just said something along the line of ‘yah. she is pretty good, she is kind of pretty.’ Then it turns out that I claimed to have good feelings towards (like) her. I was totally innocent on that. ”

So now he has claimed that Kate and him are impossible, not even leaving a back door open.

Kenneth has mentioned he had two relationships before he started his career in the entertainment industry.
In real life, Kenneth is still searching for the love of his life. He even said he really wants love to come into his life. But because he was living without it for so long, he does not crave for it as much. “Actually, after all these years not being in a relationship, it feels very dry, but there is nothing I can do. Relationships and these kind of things, you cannot force it too much. When you like somebody, she might not like you back. People outside the entertainment industry might not understand the life-style of an artist. And people within the industry might not want to make their relationship public.”

“If I tell you that I have not fallen for any girls in the last few years, I would be lying to you; you wouldn’t even believe me either. But sometimes you cannot expect to have a girl work around your schedule; both of you have to care about each other’s feelings. When you want to start (a relationship), you will start to feel scared about getting photographed by reporters or the paparazzi. Actually, there is a lot of pressure on me.” And about his dream girl, Kenneth would not even say a word about her.

Translation: (credits to why_cow (wHy.牛牛) @
Editted (minor): by bbreak

COMMENTS: A nice article about Kenneth. I love how frank he is. It does sound like he was forced to praise Kate though lol. He feels so pressured into saying nice things. But since they are friends, it’s totally ok for him to admit it. I have no idea what Kenneth is talking about when he says he has no style. Unless ppl wake up to dress his ever day, I think he has a LOT of style (unlike someone we all know… coughsBoscocoughs…lol)! I love the way he dresses. Casual, sporty, and like a normal guy. Aww… he’s clean. It’s nice to know he’s neat…I wonder who the messy leading man is though…

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Myolie Speaking About Kenneth

March 13, 2008 at 12:09 am (interviews, myolie wu)

Simple-minded Kenneth has simple luck

By Myolie Wu

Myolie once tried to persuade Kenneth not be a ‘quail’, now he has changed to have a sweet tongue!

I just realized that both Kenneth and I entered the industry in 1999, but the first time we acted as lovers was in last year’s series To Grow With Love. He is the first partner that I really admire. Kenneth Ma keeps emphasizing that he is a very ordinary person, but to me, he is not one bit ordinary!

Ma Ming is the nickname that we all call him by. A fan’s website had a tabulation of the number of times I worked with all the siu sangs, and only when I saw this did I realize that I worked the most number of times with Kenneth. I remember many years ago when I just entered the industry, I bumped into a tanned, slightly skinny, long haired and very tall man who looked slightly ghostly at the corridor. Half his body was plastered to the wall as he walked, as if afraid of bumping into people or being bumped into. When he saw me looking at him, he immediately nodded his head shyly, and quickly walked away. Thus I have a special impression of this guy, and he is Kenneth.

Career: Discovered after acting as a pervert

Kenneth can be considered to be one of the lucky few. After 3 years of taking on minor parts, he got the first chance to be promoted. He acted as a pervert who was obsessed with torn stockings on Survivors Law and had to repeatedly stare at my legs! After this, many directors began to know of his existence, and he then took part in the filming of the anniversary show Triumph in the Skies.

Taking The Benz Hui Road

Opportunities kept coming, but Kenneth was extremely ‘quail-like’. I remember when I filmed Scavenger’s Paradise with him, K100 visited the set and asked him questions but he did not want to answer. Once when I talked to him, he honestly said that he only wanted to be like Benz Hui, and it was enough for him to be able to go to have dinner after work. Did you know that Benz Hui’s car is also a Benz? If you continue to be ‘quail-like’, perhaps even the smallest opportunities would be lost.

3 years later, Kenneth has changed to become a siu sang, becoming more glib and willing to be interviewed. He frankly says that this was because of what the veterans advised him, “In this industry, one has to observe the rules of the game, if one doesn’t observe them, one might as well not do it! As long as it does not go over one’s minimum point it is fine!” Actually the veteran who gave him this advice was one of his idols Benz Hui!

Love: Has never dated Margie Tsang

When one is popular rumours will ensue, and Kenneth is no exception. Actually the first actress who was rumoured with him was Kate Tsui. He said, “When filming La Femme Desperado, it was the first time I was on the cover of a magazine. That time, I was really unhappy, I didn’t understand why I had to undergo this torture!” Actually to an artiste, rumours are not necessarily a bad thing. As long as it is not written too negatively, it can become a good topic. Now, Kenneth will no long have meals with Margie Tsang alone, and even when they meet at the company’s canteen, he is still afraid of rumours to some extent. Kenneth last relationship was 7 years ago, and his ex-girlfriend is already married. When asked whether he wants to date, he joked and said, “When I entered the company I already started looking for on, it’s just I can’t find any!” He admitted that he once liked the characters played by Michelle Yip and Cherie Kong! As his friend, I hope that he will quickly find a girl who is slightly more mature, even if she does not like Donald Duck (note: because Kenneth likes Donald Duck a lot), its ok if she likes Mickey Mouse!

Family: The sweet Donald Duck family

Kenneth grew up in a very blissful family. When he was studying, his parents never gave him any pressure and allowed him to make his own decisions. Even when he wanted to give up his job as an engineer to join the acting class, his family did not say anything much and allowed him to do anything as long as he was happy. Kenneth is close to his mother, and the family watches television together. When his mother sees special Donald Duck collectibles, she will also buy them for him. His family even celebrated the birthday of a Donald Duck stuffed toy! I really envy him for having such a good mother, no wonder Kenneth keeps saying that he wants to earn more money to give to his mother!

Epilogue: Not competing for awards

Kenneth and I were both nominated for “Best Actress” and “Most Improved Actor” award respectively for To Grow With Love during last year’s anniversary. Before the award ceremony, I told him, “You will definitely win tonight!” Then, he said with his characteristically humble attitude, “You are the one who will win!” In the end, he really won and I got nothing! After the event, he suddenly walked towards me and looked at me apologetically, “I’m really sorry! Hang Yi,” as if he took away my award. Now that I recall the incident, I really feel that Kenneth is really innocent, and very silly. I hope that this self professed ordinary worker who takes the train and bus to work will continue to improve while retaining his innocence and silly vigour.

Myolie and Kenneth has worked together many times but there have been no rumours about them, looks like the both of them have no fate to be lovers

user posted image
Kenneth’s acting is becoming more mature, some people even say that he has Tony Leung’s qualities, no wonder Margie Tsang publicly expressed that she had good feelings towards him!

Kenneth is finally promoted, good friend Myolie naturally is happy for him.

user posted image
Not only can Kenneth act well as a pervert, but can also handle comedic roles well, looks like it is only a matter of time that he gets more popular.

*Credits: blotty @ asianfanatics

COMMENTS: I love what Myolie wrote about Kenneth. If anything makes me like Myolie a little, it would be that she and Kenneth are friends lol. I love her description of him and his family. Kenneth is adorkable…yes I didn’t mispell it!

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Kenneth Ma & Linda Chung Look Forward to Evil Roles

March 13, 2008 at 12:06 am (interviews, linda chung)

Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma put on “piggy” faces for the year of the fire pig.

Currently heavily promoted by TVB, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Linda chung Ka Yan hope to diversify their roles to polish their acting. In “Jewel’s Splendor,” Linda will be playing a bad girl character, while Kenneth Ma hopes to play more evil characters in the New Year.

Receiving the Most Improved Actor and Actress Awards, Kenneth and Linda posed for Appledaily yesterday. When Kenneth saw Linda, he said, “Wow, you’re really tall! I hope to work with you in the near future!” Isn’t Kenneth afraid that rumored girlfriend, Margie Tsang Wah Sin would be jealous?

Kenneth said, “I hope to act in theater productions because the quality of your performance can be easily measured by the audience’s immediate reaction. There is a great satisfaction in theater work as well. Also, I wish to take on more villian roles. Despite being well received by the audience when playing a good character, it is not as challenging.”

“I have always loved to act. Playing good characters all the time can be boring. On the other hand, villian roles are a lot of fun!”

Linda agreed with Kenneth’s comments. “Evil characters are good opportunities. In ‘Jewel’s Splendor,’ I play a rich girl. Due to my immense wealth, I do not regard men very highly and treat them as ‘play things.’ My character is a bad girl, which is an immense challenge!”

“I will also have the opportunity to work with seasoned artists such as Bowie Lam and Ada Choi Siu Fun in ‘Jewel’s Splendor,’ so I will gain a lot!”

What is Linda’s New Year wish? “I hope to have more catwalk jobs and earn more money, to help pay my home mortgage!”

Source: Appledaily


COMMENTS: After seeing this article, I got kinda freaked out that they’d pair Linda w/ Kenneth. I’m not worried about chemistry because Kenneth always manages to make it cute, but well, frankly I don’t like Linda lol. I would LOVE to see Kenneth as a villain again! A HOTT villain would be nice! haha… Theater? Well, as long as he still does series as much, then he can do theater productions lol. But that would be a lot of work and time!

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Kenneth Ma Speaks About His Career

March 13, 2008 at 12:06 am (interviews)

Among TVB’s promoted artists for 2006, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming’s name appears on the list. Approaching 32 years old, popularity and fame is within reach.

Kenneth entered the industry at 24 years old. At 30, he signed a management contract with TVB. Many steps were taken slower than most artists. Although Kenneth’s age is a bit older, but his advantage is maturity. “During training class, my classmates were mostly 17-18 years old, fresh out of high school. They were all very good looking, but after 1 year of playing extras, many have left the industry.”

Kenneth is willing to wait. He has played as an extra alongside Dayo Wong Tsi Wah. Kenneth has played corpses many times during shooting. “When I played those scenes until 4 AM in the morning, that was the most tiring.”

Since Kenneth is so honest and direct, to gain greater popularity, he must work a lot harder. Kenneth said his objective is Hui Siu Hung, who is still acting in his fifties. Since Kenneth is only in his thirties, maybe his objective is too…far into the future?

After graduating from University of British Columbia with an engineering degree, Kenneth’s first job was working in a glass manufacturing company for 9 months, in charge of quality surveillance.

“I had to wear a tie to work everyday. I had to wear goggles and inspect the site’s progress. I had to carry the building’s architectural plans and walk 10+ floors to oversee the progress. My first job was very dull and tiring.”

Kenneth is afraid of boredom, but he is a boring person. His father was a Mechanical Engineer and worked at a coal gas company. When Kenneth entered university, he chose to major in Mechanical Engineering because he saw that his father’s job presented a stable income. Kenneth said, “I am very good at solving math problems. I wanted to find a job where I can do computer design in an office. But at my first job, I had to manage a large number of construction workers.”

Kenneth graduated from University of British Columbia in 1998 and returned to Hong Kong to look for work. But at the time, HK was in financial crisis. Although Kenneth sent out 80 inquiry letters looking for a job, he did not hear back from most of them. “Most of the engineering work has moved to mainland China. So it was very hard to find an engineering job in Hong Kong. The large companies were not hiring. I sent inquiry letters to the train authorities, the airport, etc, but I did not even get any interviews.”

Kenneth did get response from TVB. Kenneth’s mother knew that he liked to act, so she signed him up for the training class. Although Kenneth is a shy person, but he will take on a different personality when acting. When he entered TVB, he sacrificed his engineering job with a monthly salary of $10,000+ (HKD). At TVB, his initial earnings were only one-third of his engineering job.

Standing at 6 feet tall, Kenneth said he does not have a girlfriend. “I don’t like to express myself. But I like to act.”

Kenneth played extras for 3 years, often playing corpses in battlefield scenes. When Dayo Wong had to shoot a music video for his theme song “War of the Genders,” Kenneth had to put on a roach suit to play “Siu Keung.” Kenneth said it was quite fun.

The first series that Kenneth had spoken lines was in “Loving You.” Kenneth played the part of a gigolo. Kenneth was very excited and spent a lot of time preparing for the role. In “At the Threshold of an Era,” he played one of Gallen Lo Ka Leung’s posse. In one scene, Kenneth had to report the stock prices and no matter how he tried, he could not remember the dialogue, resulting in 30 NG’s. “I saw that Gallen had many eyebags resulting from several nights of no rest due to continuous filming. I prevented the crew from wrapping up early; I was very anxious.”

S4 Days

After “Triumph In the Skies,” Kenneth was promoted as one of the members of S4 alongside Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, and Sammul Chan. But Kenneth said, “Actually TVB was really intending to promote Ron Ng; I was used to only make up the 4th member. S4 was a good way to promote some new actors. At the time, I was the only one without a management contract, so I had less opportunities.”

When Kenneth was filming “My Master Is Wong Fei Hung,” and “Lost In The Chamber of Love,” Kenneth only had a training contract under TVB. It wasn’t until “Scavenger’s Paradise” that Kenneth signed a management cotnract.

“It wasn’t until this year that my salary has gotten closer to what I was earning at my first job. I try very hard to save money, by taking the train, bus, etc. I only like to play soccer, so I don’t waste a lot of money.”

Although Kenneth is past 30, he is still living with his parents. Kenneth is grateful for the freedom his parents gave him, not forcing him to bring more money home. “Compared to my classmates, I have been very lucky. Many of them are still under a training contract.”

Ever since his early school days, Kenneth has been a big soccer fan and one of his greatest skills is playing soccer. “I didn’t stand out in school, but my gym teacher always remembered me.”

“During lunch time at the cafeteria in high school, there were often many pretty girls gathered together. They were all long-haired and classic beauties. I don’t know how it happened, but I started dating.” Kenneth’s first relationship only lasted 3 months. His ex-girlfriend had to attend college in Toronto, so they separated after a brief romance.

For college, Kenneth attended University of British Columbia and in his mechanical engineering classes, there were very few girls. He did not meet any suitable types and did not date anyone during college. A traditional personality like Kenneth’s, would women find him to be secure or boring? While in Canada during college, Kenneth joined the Chinatown soccer team and played games there.

Will Not Consider Dating Margie Tsang Wah Sin

After entering the entertainment industry, Kenneth’s sole interest is still soccer. “Each week I play about 6 games. I have joined many different teams, such as a team from my training class days, a soccer team made up of TVB production workers, HK Celebrity team etc.”

The TVB Artist Supervisor that came to the interview with Kenneth commented, “Of course Kenneth doesn’t have a girlfriend. Do you expect women to always attend your soccer games and watch you on the bench?”

Kenneth said, “I really want to date. I have wanted to do so for several years.” Earlier, Kenneth was in close contact with Margie Tsang Wah Sin, resulting in rumors of their 9-year-age-difference romance. “Margie and I are good friends that can talk about anything. Sometimes we talk about work, sometimes personal matters, sometimes gossip. We go out for dinner or drinks, it’s not a big deal.”

“Actually I get along quite well with other female actresses. Age differences and gender are not important in friendship. For example, I also get along with Halina Tam Siu Wan and Louisa So Yuk Wah. When I see Louisa at the studio, I will always chat with her.”

Will Kenneth consider dating Margie? “I will not consider it. Since the media has twisted our relationship in such ways, I don’t want the rumors to affect Margie negatively. Right now, our frequency in meeting has become less.”

Kenneth said he is not against dating a woman older than him. The most important thing is that they are compatible. But Kenneth doesn’t like women who are too young, as he doesn’t know how to sugar-coat his words to please them. His ideal girlfriend would be between the ages of 25-30.


Some people say that Kenneth is very wooden. But during our 3 hour interview, Kenneth showed his humorous side.

1. Kenneth was once a member of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing’s Fan Club. Since Kenneth’s mother is a loyal Leslie fan, both mother and son joined the club together. “Because my mother likes Leslie so much, her English name is ‘Monica.'”

2. Since he was 9 years old, Kenneth has liked Daffy Duck. In his bedroom, Kenneth still has his old toys of Daffy Duck. “I don’t like Mickey Mouse because I think he is very fake, always smiling at everyone. In real life, people are not like that. But Daffy Duck is more real, he likes money and is hot-blooded. If I were to act as Daffy, it would be much more interesting than playing Mickey.”

From cartoon characters, the conversation has turned back to acting again. Kenneth said his favorite series to date is “Scavenger’s Paradise.” Although Kenneth feels that his character in the series was a little boastful, but being boastful is better than being wooden, at least he will leave a lasting impression in the audience’s mind.

*Credits to:

COMMENTS: Oh wow. I didn’t know he was good friends w/ both Halina AND Louisa. I would’ve never though of… haha. he played corpses? makes me think of his role in SP! The reference to playing alongside Dayo – does he mean when he played the big cockaroach “Siu Keung”? It’s so funny how “siu keung” became so famous (it’s universally known to mean cockaroach now) and how Kenneth is just starting to find fame!  Since this article was from a few years back, I remember when I read it, I was like OMG his ideal gf is like Bernice’s age lol. Kenneth’s always so humble and speaks like he lacks confidence. Glad he’s able to gain some confidence in himself and still remain humble!

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Old Interview Of Michelle & Kenneth (2/1/05)

March 13, 2008 at 12:06 am (interviews, LITCOL, michelle ye)

Lost in the Chamber of Love Makes Wonderful Fate

With Hung Leung now paired w/ Cheung Kwan Sui, Chui Ung Ung is destined to be with someone else, the powerful emperor Tong Duk Chung. Regarding these two characters from LITCOL, the actor and actress were interviewed. Kenneth and Michelle act as a couple on-screen and are good friends off-screen, we wonder if they will be an ideal lover for one another?

LITCOL’s Tong Dak Chung

Harming the Common Good In Turn For Winning a Girl’s Heart

I am Tong Dak Chung! Because I am of age for marriage, I was forced into marriages by the Dowager Empress, but I wanted to find a girl that I truly liked, so I decided to go look for one in the common world. Going there, I used a fake name of Wong Man Bun and ended up meeting the beautiful Chui Ung Ung. I fell head over heels for her, so I tried my best to court her!

I’m an emperor, I could’ve ordered for her to enter the palace, but I felt that it’d be insincere for me to do that, so I decided to court her. I really knew how to use my mind to win the beauty’s heart; I used many methods to court Ung Ung that really meant harming the commonwealth. Using your heart will really get you repayment, in the end, Ung Ung really was touched by my sincerity and accepted me!

Real Life’s Kenneth Ma – Everything Simple

I’m actually very cold towards holidays, for the past Valentine’s Day, I’ve never thought about what I should do or how I should celebrate, adding to that is I haven’t had a date with me for the many years during Valentine’s Day.

I was in a male school during high school, I’ve never even received Valentine’s Day chocolate before during school years. I didn’t feel unhappy, though. Actually, when I saw some schoolmates running to girls after school with a big bunch of flowers, I would think that it’s really funny and that they’re kind of stupid. Valentine’s Day seems so artificial, everything seems so deliberate that there’s no sincerity. You don’t only have to give gifts on Valentine’s Day. In contrast, during normal days, just suddenly giving a present to your loved one, I think, would make her even happier.

I haven’t thought about what kind of presents to give on Valentine’s Day. If the girl really does like me, I will give my whole person to her. I’m actually not young anymore, so I don’t like the little flirting that goes on. Valentine’s Day is best spent quietly with your girlfriend. I think it’s most sweet when two people can go walk around together, buying ingredients then going back home to cook, you can fill your stomach as well as be happy.

Didn’t think about it either this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be home watching some DVDs and playing with my nephew!

An Ideal Lover

When asking the two about their ideal lovers, they kept complimenting each other. Michelle said she likes good looking guys, immediately looking at Kenneth, saying that he’s pretty good. Kenneth then says that Michelle is a nice girl and it’d be an honor to have her as a girlfriend.


Comments: From his interviews w/ Michelle and some other girls, it always seems like Kenneth feels pressured into saying that they are attractive and the such. He’s very gentlemanly!

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Kenneth Ma: Most Improved Actor Winner

March 13, 2008 at 12:04 am (interviews)

When Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming was announced the winner of the Most Improved Male Actor Award at TVB’s 39th Anniversary, audiences witnessed Kenneth’s complete shock. “I really didn’t know in advance that I would receive the award. I was busy mentally reviewing my dance routine, so when my name was announced, I was completely taken by surprise!”

Kenneth said that if he had known in advance about the award, he would definitely have worn a suit in honor of receiving his first acting award!

“I do not feel pressure after receiving the award, since I still have not fully led a series yet. I can still make mistakes and be brave in trying out different character roles.” In upcoming series, “Brink of Law,” Kenneth plays an astute police officer.

After receiving the Most Improved Actor Award, Kenneth received congratulations from many people, requesting him to treat for dinner. Did Kenneth also receive a text message from rumored girlfriend, Margie Tsang Wah Sin? “Nope! But at the costume fitting for ‘Curious Detective,’ she congratulated me.”

Regarding the media’s publication on Kenneth and Margie’s rumors, he was grateful that the media has been kind to him. “They did not write about me ‘eating soft rice’ so I was happy already! In the entertainment industry, rumors are inevitable.”

Will Kenneth and Margie advance in their relationship? Kenneth decided to keep a mysterious air and said, “I can not say it is impossible, it’s better not to block off future opportunities!”

Kenneth Self-Ranking on 2006’s Results:

+20 points for hard efforts
+30 points for the support of cast and crew members
+20 points for luck
Total: 70 points


COMMENTS: I was sooo happy when Kenneth won. But it’s really tough after winning this award. I think he’ll have to wait a LONG time before he gets another one… I loved his speech! He was so adorable and so many ppl were cheering for him!

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Kenneth Ma wants to be an Irresponsible “Siu Sang”

March 12, 2008 at 11:59 pm (interviews)

If you can choose, would you like to be like Bowie Lam or Moses Chan? They have important roles in a series, but these male leads are also burdened with the pressure of TV ratings. Or would you rather be like Wayne Lai or Ram Tseung? They are a supporting actor in almost every series. Recently, Kenneth Ma has attracted the attention of many viewers with his character Mak Ka Fai in “To Grow with Love”. He said frankly: “Actually, I am quite an irresponsible artist. When I have the opportunity to carry the ratings, they definitely have to hold you back. At the moment, I want to try out many different roles. Perhaps being a siu sang in one or two series, then it will be good for me.”

People have always seen the TVB acting classes as a kind of Shaolin temple that trains actors. However, not one graduate from the Shaolin temple skyrocketed into popularity in one go. They all had to work hard and climb up the ladder one step after the other. Without three, five or seven years, the viewers will definitely not remember your name. If you have a look at the current upcoming siu sangs like Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan, they all started out as kelefe. Even if some of them didn’t go through the acting classes. Can the TVB ratings guarantee today’s position of the artists to the ones who doesn’t work hard for a few years, even a dozen of years? It’s also the same for Kenneth, graduate of the 1999 TVB acting class. He started out as a kelefe as well, however he was more fortunate compared to others. He only needed three years before he had the opportunity to have a true role in a series. After five years he performed important characters in a series. Although the majority of these characters aren’t very pleasing, he believes that the most important thing is to satisfy himself.

Bad characters even more fun
“I think I can satisfy myself even more with bad characters. I have portrayed a character that was so bad that he even caused trouble for his own mother. I have also been a voyeur. These kind of characters are all bad, but just because of that it is fun to play them. You can be those kind of characters that you can’t be in reality. For example, I was a panty voyeur in “Survivor’s Law”. How can you keep on staring at women’s legs in reality? People would definitely say you are a pervert. In addition, I am quite an irresponsible actor. As long as I am not a leading actor, I will not feel the pressure of the TV ratings. This means that I can still take risks for a role and I don’t have to care too much about the opinions of others.”

Has Kenneth never thought about being the male lead? “When you get the opportunity to carry the ratings, the producer will hold you back a lot. I still feel that I should be able to take risks now. Moreover, I am not a very ambitious person.” Asked him whether he has strived for a male leading role, he said surprisingly: “At TVB, you can’t strive for it on your own initiative. If the company thinks that you are OK, then they will look for you. However, I believe I am a very lucky person. Many producers have thought that I was suitable for a specific characters and have thus asked for me. I am very grateful for them to give me so much space (to develop my character). For example, when producer Kwan Wing Chun asked me for “To Grow with Love”, he only said that he had a very cute character for me. As soon as I heard it, I accepted it. Initially, Mak Ka Fai was such a minor character that his personality wasn’t even described. When I understood this character, I told the producer how I wanted to portray him. I even had his appearance and speech in my mind. The producer also gave me a lot of freedom. In the end, if the viewers liked it then I am also happy.”

Grateful for seniors giving me advice
Besides obtaining the favour of the producers, many seniors also treat him very well and often give him advice. However, he wasn’t willing to say which seniors have praised. He only disclosed that Roger Kwok, Benz Hui and Wayne Lai has taught him a lot. Smilingly, he said: “Wayne has once said that being in this profession you have to count on thirty percent of talent and seventy percent of luck. No matter how good you are, if the viewers doesn’t like you then you are dead meat. Therefore it is very important to have a predestined relationship with the audience. Although it seems that I am currently only taking strange roles, I think it is a good thing. I don’t want to be a typical siu sang. I also don’t need to please beautiful girls. If I have to appeal to them, then it is enough to be good-looking. I think that I have already succeeded if I was publicly recognized as a gifted actor. Instead it isn’t important how much I earn. As for when I would be able to do that, I don’t dare to think about it. I will just take it one step at a time. Becoming an actor, you can’t go too fast. I’d rather you tell that I still have room to improve. If you told me that I have already reached the highest that I could get, then I would think it is a very bad situation.”

Having been with TVB for seven years, he has just won his first award. Was it fast or slow? Kenneth only expressed that he has never thought that it would come so fast, because he thought that the competition was very strong. That is why when they announced it, he just stayed motionless and didn’t understand the reaction. He also said that although his body lives in this entertainment industry, but many people has told him that he wasn’t ambitious. He continued to say that the reason he entered this industry is because he loved acting. Asked him about the senior who praised him, after some time he quietly said one sentence: “Won’t the person think that I used them to promote myself?” Asked him about the rumours with Margie Tsang, he wouldn’t care about what has been said as long as the female doesn’t mind it. Actually if others wrote that he was very unhappy after dinner, at that moment, Kenneth seems to resemble Ka Fai a lot.

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Kenneth Ma Chats About Love Life

March 12, 2008 at 11:36 pm (interviews, rain li, sharon chan)

Rain Li Choi Wah and Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming collaborated on 2 TVB series in the past, which helped them forge a close brother-sister relationship. In Rain’s heart, brother Kenneth is straight-forward and honest. But Kenneth revealed his humorous side in this interview.

Kenneth openly admitted that he gets along very well with Margie Tsang Wah Sin, whom he will be filming a new series with. [Other cast members include Roger Kwok Chun On and Sonija Kwok Sin Lei. Margie will play Roger’s elder sister in the series.]

R=Rain K=Kenneth

R= Kenneth, you exude a very straight-forward personality.

K= Of course I’m not straight-forward, otherwise, how would I be able to meet girls? R= When we were filming series together, you were often very quiet.

K= Since we didn’t know each other well, it was difficult to talk. I can only speak my dialogue with you during filming!

R= But you’re a nice guy! When it was my birthday, you gave me a Hello Kitty watch.

K= Actually I am very talkative with my sports friends. Since you are so talkative, I became more open with you. Both you and Sharon Chan Man Chi are both very talkative, so it is easy for me to converse with you girls. If I were to be with a very quiet girl, I will have nothing to say.

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Age and Gender Do Not Matter

R= Since entering the industry, you never attracted many rumors?

K= The paparazzi published once piece about Kate Tsui Tsi San and I. Also the press photographed Sharon Chan and I having dinner together.

R= It’s obvious these rumors are false. I also had dinner with you before. But the hottest rumor must be with Margie Tsang Wah Sin. What do you have to say about rumors with Margie?

K= I don’t have much to say. We just ate out together.

R= The press said you had dinner at a hotel together?

K= The tabloids will always embellish the story further. We only ate out twice together. One occasion was afternoon tea, which was a very busy time. But the press said we had a rendezvous. If it were really a rendezvous, why would we have picked such a busy time to meet? It would have been a quieter place instead. The second time, we had evening drinks at a hotel.

R= You have that much to talk about?

K= Margie is very talkative; we can chat about everything. I know a few girls who are very talkative as well.

R= Who else?

K= Helena Tam Siu Wan and Sharon Chan.

R= So are you still friends with Margie?

K= Yes, we have always been friends.

R= You once admitted that you don’t mind having a girlfriend older than you?

K= That’s right. If you like someone, then age and gender do not matter.

Emotional Attachment Will Increase Over Time

R= Do you have someone you are interested in right now?

K= Not right now. I like to get to know someone over a long period of time. It’s a matter of the right timing. It’s better to start off as friends and get to know each other better first. How is love at first sight possible? If this were the case, perhaps the sparks would wear off after a short time. She may appear to be very attractive at first, but once you get to know her better, you may want to slap her. If we were incompatible and I have such a busy schedule filming, her temper will gradually emerge.

R= How many times have you dated in the past?

K= Twice.

R= Have you thought about when you will get married?

K= When I make enough money, I will get married. When I meet the right person, I will get married. Having the financial means is very important, as you will have children afterwards. It’s impossible to raise kids without good savings.

R= You’re a very traditional man.

K= I think the best time to get married would be at 35-36 years old.

R= You’re pretty close to that age already! Only 2 more years left?!

K= I’m looking for someone right now! Otherwise, by the time I have kids, I may be too old to play soccer (football) with my son!

Willing to Play Supporting Characters For Love of Acting

R= I remember that you love playing cameo roles. A director once told you to stop taking cameo/minor roles, otherwise it will affect your career. Has your position changed?

K= I still love cameo roles. I love acting because in real life, there are many things I’m afraid of trying. But in acting, you can do anything. For example, if you see a beautiful girl on the train, you can not ravish her. But in acting, I can do so!

That’s why I don’t like to play good characters in series. During the filming of “Dreams of Colors,” I asked the scriptwriter whether my character was truly so kind-hearted without any faults. His wholesomeness almost made him inhuman; it is very hard to act as a character without any flaws.

R= Do you consider yourself having good opportunities at TVB?

K= Yes, many senior actors waited for 10+ plus and they still do not have good opportunities.

R= Have you thought about becoming #1 Brother at TVB?

K= No. Right now, I’m purely enjoying acting. And how do you truly define #1 Brother? It’s difficult to determine.

R= Then are you interested in attaining the position of #1 Brother?

K= I’m lacking a defining character. I need to wait for a breakthrough role. It’s important for me to continue filming in the meantime.

R= Will you fight for the role that you want?

K= I don’t mind whether I’m the male lead character or not. Rather I care more about whether the role is fun to play. For example, in “Lush Fields Happy Times,” Andy Hui Chi On and I both chase after “Fat Tin” Myolie Wu Hang Yee. The series tries to change people’s attitudes, that you can still be fat and have a fulfilling life.

R= In real life, do you like fat girls?

K= Preferrably she is not too overweight. Being healthy is more important. By the way Rain, when you were in “Dream of Colors,” you were very beautiful as you were a little chubbier back then.

R= I prefer how I look now.

Epilogue: Not Interested in Awards Because of Non-Interference Attitude

Kenneth had 6 series aired in Hong Kong this year. In TVB’s 39th Anniversary, Kenneth is nominated in 3 categories for “Best Actor Award,” “Best Supporting Actor Award,” and “Most Improved Male Actor Award.” Since Kenneth just returned from China due to work, he was unaware that he was nominated for these awards.

Rain noted that Kenneth is simple and straight-forward in this sense; he never thought about drumming up support for himself to win awards. But Kenneth explained, “What should I do? Take off my pants and run two laps to garner support? In the entertainment industry, it is not up to you what you want. It is dependent on many factors.”

“I am not pessimistic, but rather mature minded. I’m not the handsome type. You think if I [win an award], I will be happy?”

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COMMENTS: Nice to know that Kenneth and Rain are good friends. I know that on Rain’s blog she once posted a pic of her and Kenneth and noted “Brother” on it (cuz he was her bro in DOC). haha… Kenneth is so passive, he needs chatty girls to approach him for him to warm up! (that reminds me of what ppl say about Gallen Lo!)

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