Kenneth Ma Chats About Love Life

March 12, 2008 at 11:36 pm (interviews, rain li, sharon chan)

Rain Li Choi Wah and Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming collaborated on 2 TVB series in the past, which helped them forge a close brother-sister relationship. In Rain’s heart, brother Kenneth is straight-forward and honest. But Kenneth revealed his humorous side in this interview.

Kenneth openly admitted that he gets along very well with Margie Tsang Wah Sin, whom he will be filming a new series with. [Other cast members include Roger Kwok Chun On and Sonija Kwok Sin Lei. Margie will play Roger’s elder sister in the series.]

R=Rain K=Kenneth

R= Kenneth, you exude a very straight-forward personality.

K= Of course I’m not straight-forward, otherwise, how would I be able to meet girls? R= When we were filming series together, you were often very quiet.

K= Since we didn’t know each other well, it was difficult to talk. I can only speak my dialogue with you during filming!

R= But you’re a nice guy! When it was my birthday, you gave me a Hello Kitty watch.

K= Actually I am very talkative with my sports friends. Since you are so talkative, I became more open with you. Both you and Sharon Chan Man Chi are both very talkative, so it is easy for me to converse with you girls. If I were to be with a very quiet girl, I will have nothing to say.

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Age and Gender Do Not Matter

R= Since entering the industry, you never attracted many rumors?

K= The paparazzi published once piece about Kate Tsui Tsi San and I. Also the press photographed Sharon Chan and I having dinner together.

R= It’s obvious these rumors are false. I also had dinner with you before. But the hottest rumor must be with Margie Tsang Wah Sin. What do you have to say about rumors with Margie?

K= I don’t have much to say. We just ate out together.

R= The press said you had dinner at a hotel together?

K= The tabloids will always embellish the story further. We only ate out twice together. One occasion was afternoon tea, which was a very busy time. But the press said we had a rendezvous. If it were really a rendezvous, why would we have picked such a busy time to meet? It would have been a quieter place instead. The second time, we had evening drinks at a hotel.

R= You have that much to talk about?

K= Margie is very talkative; we can chat about everything. I know a few girls who are very talkative as well.

R= Who else?

K= Helena Tam Siu Wan and Sharon Chan.

R= So are you still friends with Margie?

K= Yes, we have always been friends.

R= You once admitted that you don’t mind having a girlfriend older than you?

K= That’s right. If you like someone, then age and gender do not matter.

Emotional Attachment Will Increase Over Time

R= Do you have someone you are interested in right now?

K= Not right now. I like to get to know someone over a long period of time. It’s a matter of the right timing. It’s better to start off as friends and get to know each other better first. How is love at first sight possible? If this were the case, perhaps the sparks would wear off after a short time. She may appear to be very attractive at first, but once you get to know her better, you may want to slap her. If we were incompatible and I have such a busy schedule filming, her temper will gradually emerge.

R= How many times have you dated in the past?

K= Twice.

R= Have you thought about when you will get married?

K= When I make enough money, I will get married. When I meet the right person, I will get married. Having the financial means is very important, as you will have children afterwards. It’s impossible to raise kids without good savings.

R= You’re a very traditional man.

K= I think the best time to get married would be at 35-36 years old.

R= You’re pretty close to that age already! Only 2 more years left?!

K= I’m looking for someone right now! Otherwise, by the time I have kids, I may be too old to play soccer (football) with my son!

Willing to Play Supporting Characters For Love of Acting

R= I remember that you love playing cameo roles. A director once told you to stop taking cameo/minor roles, otherwise it will affect your career. Has your position changed?

K= I still love cameo roles. I love acting because in real life, there are many things I’m afraid of trying. But in acting, you can do anything. For example, if you see a beautiful girl on the train, you can not ravish her. But in acting, I can do so!

That’s why I don’t like to play good characters in series. During the filming of “Dreams of Colors,” I asked the scriptwriter whether my character was truly so kind-hearted without any faults. His wholesomeness almost made him inhuman; it is very hard to act as a character without any flaws.

R= Do you consider yourself having good opportunities at TVB?

K= Yes, many senior actors waited for 10+ plus and they still do not have good opportunities.

R= Have you thought about becoming #1 Brother at TVB?

K= No. Right now, I’m purely enjoying acting. And how do you truly define #1 Brother? It’s difficult to determine.

R= Then are you interested in attaining the position of #1 Brother?

K= I’m lacking a defining character. I need to wait for a breakthrough role. It’s important for me to continue filming in the meantime.

R= Will you fight for the role that you want?

K= I don’t mind whether I’m the male lead character or not. Rather I care more about whether the role is fun to play. For example, in “Lush Fields Happy Times,” Andy Hui Chi On and I both chase after “Fat Tin” Myolie Wu Hang Yee. The series tries to change people’s attitudes, that you can still be fat and have a fulfilling life.

R= In real life, do you like fat girls?

K= Preferrably she is not too overweight. Being healthy is more important. By the way Rain, when you were in “Dream of Colors,” you were very beautiful as you were a little chubbier back then.

R= I prefer how I look now.

Epilogue: Not Interested in Awards Because of Non-Interference Attitude

Kenneth had 6 series aired in Hong Kong this year. In TVB’s 39th Anniversary, Kenneth is nominated in 3 categories for “Best Actor Award,” “Best Supporting Actor Award,” and “Most Improved Male Actor Award.” Since Kenneth just returned from China due to work, he was unaware that he was nominated for these awards.

Rain noted that Kenneth is simple and straight-forward in this sense; he never thought about drumming up support for himself to win awards. But Kenneth explained, “What should I do? Take off my pants and run two laps to garner support? In the entertainment industry, it is not up to you what you want. It is dependent on many factors.”

“I am not pessimistic, but rather mature minded. I’m not the handsome type. You think if I [win an award], I will be happy?”

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COMMENTS: Nice to know that Kenneth and Rain are good friends. I know that on Rain’s blog she once posted a pic of her and Kenneth and noted “Brother” on it (cuz he was her bro in DOC). haha… Kenneth is so passive, he needs chatty girls to approach him for him to warm up! (that reminds me of what ppl say about Gallen Lo!)


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