3周刊馬明專訪 – face to face: 眾褢尋她千百度 馬國明

March 13, 2008 at 12:12 am (interviews)

Today is Feb. 14th and Kenneth just turned 34. He, in his strongest year, with his age in the HK entertainment industry, seems to be a bit over aged, only if he is very popular, or else he is only wasting time. He has been in the industry for 7 years, and nevertheless, he lacks 桃花. Along with those other male leading actors that became alot more famous than him (eg. Ron, Sammul, Bosco, etc..), Kenneth was accused to be in lack of style, good skin, and fame.

When people said he lacks the sense of fame in him, Kenneth has tried to change himself like wearing sunglasses or changing his style of clothing, wishing he could bring a bit of character to his appearance. However, he has failed to do so. Just like this interview, when Kenneth arrives, he wears a black jacket along with a cap; as typical as everyone on the streets. Not until the camera man turns the cameras to him, do people around start noticing his existence.
“Actually I was told that I lack character, I’ve tried to change, but in two or three months, I changed back to my old self. Why do actors need to have a sense of character? In my opinion, I realized if I carry a strong sense of character and style, it would affect my involvement in acting. Look at CHow Yun Fat, he can still walk around on the street and go to supermarkets to get groceries. ”
Kenneth claims that he is very typical. Although he is not good at dressing himself, he is for sure a very tidy, organized homemaker. He said his room is always the cleanest place in his house. “I went to an actor’s house. WAH! His house is as messy as a garbage room. So what if he has character and style? … I won’t tell who it is.. He is one of the main actors in TVB. ”

The entertainment industry is always the most realistic place. If you are handsome, in style, or has good oral skills, you are already partially successful. But Kenneth is in absence of the above descriptions, so he could only rely on his strengths (Acting). “The first time when I straightened up my thoughts was when I was filming for Scavenger’s Paradis. Before that time, I would only sit quietly by myself on the side and no one would notice me. But after we finished filming for that series, 安仔 (Roger Kwok) and 祥仔 (Wayne Lai) taught me a lot about how I should live my life outside of acting. Not until then I realized my problem: I overly disclose (closed up?) myself. So at last I tried to open up more. Actually I have already improved a lot since then. If you were interviewing me a fews years before, I would be answering with one word; for sure I will be making you so angry.”

However, the most troubling statement that caused Kenneth to wake up was stated by 許紹雄 (Benz Hui). ” I remember when I was filming for <怪俠一枝梅> (The Vigilante in a Mask) as a supporting role, he saw me being quiet all the time, so he started talking to me and to see what I’m doing. I was really afraid and didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I even become afraid that I might over-act and overshadow the main role. And who knows why, he yelled at me and said, “What are you afraid of? You’ve never even over act yourself.” At that moment, I had a light bulb going on in my head. So I started to reflect on what I needed to do, so when I filmed for <同撈同煲> (Scavenger’s Paradise), I started to release my inner self. ”

After his self-release, Kenneth’s acting has been reassured and is starting to gradually gain popularity. In 2005, Kenneth was able to get good feedbacks from audience in 同撈同煲; also, he even achieved the award of “Best Improvement artist” in 2006. In 2008, Kenneth is for sure one of the leading male artists in TVB. Other than “the master of taichi” that is coming up soon, there are also <幕後大老爺> ,<少年四大名捕>, <甜言蜜語>, <古靈精探>. Seems like he is doing a lot better than Ron ng and 黎諾懿 (Lai Lok Yi?).

Although his career is starting to light up, his love life is still pretty plain. In his 7 years of acting, he has been on the cover once. It was about his relationship with Margie Tsang. At that time, Kenneth was claimed to be in love with watching her on <430穿梭機> and even claiming her as his “dream lover”. Even after all those years, when they met in TVB, Kenneth supposedly has transformed his admiration to love.

His one and only time on cover has become the main topic to talk about when interviewing Kenneth. ” I know I don’t have a lot of things to talk about, like one time when one of the reports asked me about Margie and our relationship, I asked back why even bother asking since this topic is so out-dated already. Then the reporter told me, “You don’t have much gossip and news to talk about, so if I don’t write about you and Margie then what is there to write about?” at that moment, I really didn’t know what to respond.”

It’s always better to have something to write about when being an artist. Entirely about this relationship, from going out, breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again, to even writing about Margie’s son not liking Kenneth, there isn’t much that this topic could expand into.

About fighting over Margie with her 8 year old son, Kenneth did not respond but only felt helpless. “I have known her for almost 2 years now, I’ve only seen her son’s picture once, how can we not get along with each other?” In “Survivor’s Law 2 and The Master of Tai Chi”, Kenneth plays the role of a father. This can show his popularity with the kids. “Actually, I m really good with kids. Just like my nephews. Everytime they see me, they don’t want to leave.”

The rumors between Kenneth and Kate Tsui going out seem to be more reasonable than the ones about Kenneth and Margie. The two of them were partnered up in La Femme Desperado a while ago. First, insiders said they did not get along, then we were told that Kate even took the initiative in chasing Kenneth. Now, the most recent version of the rumor is Kenneth accepted Kate. Now supposedly as they are filming for <甜言蜜語>(Sweet Talk), Kenneth took the lead of chasing Kate. “Actually Kate has mentioned before that I m not her cup of tea. It is impossible for both of us to be together.”

Although Kenneth seems very casual about this topic, after some research, we have found that he did once compliment Kate. And this was described as his implication of love towards Kate. “Yes, at that moment, there were reporters asking me what kind of feelings I have towards Kate. Well, I’m a man, I cannot say things like she’s not the one for me, or something like she is not good enough, not my cup of tea…. so I just said something along the line of ‘yah. she is pretty good, she is kind of pretty.’ Then it turns out that I claimed to have good feelings towards (like) her. I was totally innocent on that. ”

So now he has claimed that Kate and him are impossible, not even leaving a back door open.

Kenneth has mentioned he had two relationships before he started his career in the entertainment industry.
In real life, Kenneth is still searching for the love of his life. He even said he really wants love to come into his life. But because he was living without it for so long, he does not crave for it as much. “Actually, after all these years not being in a relationship, it feels very dry, but there is nothing I can do. Relationships and these kind of things, you cannot force it too much. When you like somebody, she might not like you back. People outside the entertainment industry might not understand the life-style of an artist. And people within the industry might not want to make their relationship public.”

“If I tell you that I have not fallen for any girls in the last few years, I would be lying to you; you wouldn’t even believe me either. But sometimes you cannot expect to have a girl work around your schedule; both of you have to care about each other’s feelings. When you want to start (a relationship), you will start to feel scared about getting photographed by reporters or the paparazzi. Actually, there is a lot of pressure on me.” And about his dream girl, Kenneth would not even say a word about her.

Translation: (credits to why_cow (wHy.牛牛) @ makwokming.a.frumable.net/tc)
Editted (minor): by bbreak

COMMENTS: A nice article about Kenneth. I love how frank he is. It does sound like he was forced to praise Kate though lol. He feels so pressured into saying nice things. But since they are friends, it’s totally ok for him to admit it. I have no idea what Kenneth is talking about when he says he has no style. Unless ppl wake up to dress his ever day, I think he has a LOT of style (unlike someone we all know… coughsBoscocoughs…lol)! I love the way he dresses. Casual, sporty, and like a normal guy. Aww… he’s clean. It’s nice to know he’s neat…I wonder who the messy leading man is though…


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  1. Lindi said,

    He likes Selena Li. After filming the FOUR. He admitted it on the interview LOL. She was like – Your funnii
    Kenneth is looking for a type of girl like selena. Fits the missing piece to his puzzle

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