Kenneth Ma Complains About Lack of Kissing Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (kate tsui, news, Sweet Talk)

Caption: Despite collaborating numerous times, Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui have never kissed.

Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Kate Tsui Tsi San were filming for new TVB series, “Sweet Talk” 《甜言蜜語》. Although this is their fifth collaboration together, they have never shared an on screen kissing scene.

In the series, Kenneth will be caught in a love triangle between Kate and Claire Yiu Ka Lei. Since the script does not include a kissing scene with either actress, Kenneth plans to request the Producer to add a kissing scene!

Often lacking intimate scenes on screen, Kenneth said, “Although I will be in a love triangle with Kate and Claire, I don’t even get to touch their hands! I always lacked intimate scenes with the ladies in past series. The only fortunate exception was with Ella Koon Yan Na in ‘Survivor’s Law 2.’ We kissed 3 to 4 times then!”

In real life, was Kenneth ever involved in a love triangle? He shook his head, “Never tried it! My love life has been very clean! I will only start a new relationship after ending the past one.”

“There is so much headache with one girlfriend already; how do you handle more? I would not know what to do for Valentine’s Day! Also, I am too cheap to watch a movie twice with two women!”

Regarding Kenneth’s request to add a kissing scene, Kate said, “He is only joking! If we were to share a kiss, he will be very embarrassed! A long time ago, I had to give him CPR on screen. Although this was not a love scene, our lips did touch! When Kenneth and I filmed ‘Hidden Master’ 《幕後大老爺》, we did not have any intimate scenes together despite playing a married couple. ”

In “Sweet Talk,” Kate will be playing a deaf character. Playing a character with a disability for the first time, she prepared for the role by learning how to read lips. Kate also went to a learning center to observe people with hearing challenges.


Comments: Haha….Kenneth’s got such a quirky sense of humor. He just loves pretending he’s a pervert…lol…which as Ella has clarified he is not. He’s so a good boy -wanna-be-bad. So Cute! Looks like he got his wish 😛 (somehow it was awkwardly funny? lol.)


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