Kenneth Ma & Linda Chung Look Forward to Evil Roles

March 13, 2008 at 12:06 am (interviews, linda chung)

Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma put on “piggy” faces for the year of the fire pig.

Currently heavily promoted by TVB, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming and Linda chung Ka Yan hope to diversify their roles to polish their acting. In “Jewel’s Splendor,” Linda will be playing a bad girl character, while Kenneth Ma hopes to play more evil characters in the New Year.

Receiving the Most Improved Actor and Actress Awards, Kenneth and Linda posed for Appledaily yesterday. When Kenneth saw Linda, he said, “Wow, you’re really tall! I hope to work with you in the near future!” Isn’t Kenneth afraid that rumored girlfriend, Margie Tsang Wah Sin would be jealous?

Kenneth said, “I hope to act in theater productions because the quality of your performance can be easily measured by the audience’s immediate reaction. There is a great satisfaction in theater work as well. Also, I wish to take on more villian roles. Despite being well received by the audience when playing a good character, it is not as challenging.”

“I have always loved to act. Playing good characters all the time can be boring. On the other hand, villian roles are a lot of fun!”

Linda agreed with Kenneth’s comments. “Evil characters are good opportunities. In ‘Jewel’s Splendor,’ I play a rich girl. Due to my immense wealth, I do not regard men very highly and treat them as ‘play things.’ My character is a bad girl, which is an immense challenge!”

“I will also have the opportunity to work with seasoned artists such as Bowie Lam and Ada Choi Siu Fun in ‘Jewel’s Splendor,’ so I will gain a lot!”

What is Linda’s New Year wish? “I hope to have more catwalk jobs and earn more money, to help pay my home mortgage!”

Source: Appledaily


COMMENTS: After seeing this article, I got kinda freaked out that they’d pair Linda w/ Kenneth. I’m not worried about chemistry because Kenneth always manages to make it cute, but well, frankly I don’t like Linda lol. I would LOVE to see Kenneth as a villain again! A HOTT villain would be nice! haha… Theater? Well, as long as he still does series as much, then he can do theater productions lol. But that would be a lot of work and time!



  1. 313N@+0R said,

    OMG!!! no offense but i don’t think Kenneth and Linda make a good couple. Linda and Raymond make a better couple and Kenneth and Ella make a better couple. xD

  2. bbfreak said,

    313N@+0R : hey…welccome to KMKMF! haha..yea..i dont like Kenneth & Linda together… im a BK & Fungyi fan though…

  3. Carmen said,

    they’ve only been paired up for this article because they both won the Improvement adward from TVB…so its not too surprising that they’ve done the interview together.

    I actually look forward for Kenneth to pair up with Bernice more!!! and any other girls that he hasn’t, because no matter how good he looks with the current girls that he’s pairing up with, the aduience will get bored of it…

  4. Carmen said,

    just a random thought…I wonder how often Kenneth gets the opportunity to say “Wow, you’re so tall!”

    With his height, I think a lot of people are just short. lol
    At least I am, haha, he would always bend over when taking pictures with me. haha~

  5. bbfreak said,

    lol…Kenneth is tall,but i guess there’s a different scale for girls and with heels…some are really tall…

    I’ll never get tired of BK tho haha….

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