Kenneth Ma: Most Improved Actor Winner

March 13, 2008 at 12:04 am (interviews)

When Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming was announced the winner of the Most Improved Male Actor Award at TVB’s 39th Anniversary, audiences witnessed Kenneth’s complete shock. “I really didn’t know in advance that I would receive the award. I was busy mentally reviewing my dance routine, so when my name was announced, I was completely taken by surprise!”

Kenneth said that if he had known in advance about the award, he would definitely have worn a suit in honor of receiving his first acting award!

“I do not feel pressure after receiving the award, since I still have not fully led a series yet. I can still make mistakes and be brave in trying out different character roles.” In upcoming series, “Brink of Law,” Kenneth plays an astute police officer.

After receiving the Most Improved Actor Award, Kenneth received congratulations from many people, requesting him to treat for dinner. Did Kenneth also receive a text message from rumored girlfriend, Margie Tsang Wah Sin? “Nope! But at the costume fitting for ‘Curious Detective,’ she congratulated me.”

Regarding the media’s publication on Kenneth and Margie’s rumors, he was grateful that the media has been kind to him. “They did not write about me ‘eating soft rice’ so I was happy already! In the entertainment industry, rumors are inevitable.”

Will Kenneth and Margie advance in their relationship? Kenneth decided to keep a mysterious air and said, “I can not say it is impossible, it’s better not to block off future opportunities!”

Kenneth Self-Ranking on 2006’s Results:

+20 points for hard efforts
+30 points for the support of cast and crew members
+20 points for luck
Total: 70 points


COMMENTS: I was sooo happy when Kenneth won. But it’s really tough after winning this award. I think he’ll have to wait a LONG time before he gets another one… I loved his speech! He was so adorable and so many ppl were cheering for him!


1 Comment

  1. Carmen said,

    funny! I was actually re-watching the 2006 TVB Awards ceremony last night.
    All the cheering was great! You were totally able to tell that the cheering that he received (and what Kenny Wong received) were much different thann the ones that others received, which were just the typical clapping. You should post that clip up…or have you already?

    If not…here it is…

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