Kenneth Ma: Too Old to Go Clubbing + Sing K Every Night

March 13, 2008 at 12:31 am (ella koon, news, survivor's law II)

Sammul Chan and Ella Chan have been reported to be not getting along because both a fighting for Ron Ng. But a group of Sammul fans left messages of support on their idol’s web page, telling him that they support him perusing Ron and that they wish them well.

While being rumoured to be fighting for Ron, Sammul has been angered by the discussion on his sexuality. This has caused his fans to act immediately, by showing their support for him. One Sammul fan called Alvin left a message on Sammul’s message board saying, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with Sammul liking Ron. I hope that you two will always be in love and together till the end.”

On the other hand, Ella and Kenneth Ma, who were filming a holding hands scene for ‘Survivor’s Law 2’, attracted many people to watch. Kenneth disclosed that as they will be filming a kissing scene, he is not nervous about holding hands. He then praised Ella for her soft hands. When asked if he liked girls like Ella, Kenneth replied, “I like girls who are straight forward but they must be mature. This is because I am old and unable to go sing k and clubbing with her every night.”


Comments:  Kenneth is so hilarious. I didn’t realize this at first, but I don’t think Kenneth was merely talking about singing karaoke. I think he was making a joke, that no one caught lol.. silly Kenneth and his quirky sense of humor. I think he brought up ‘singing K’ cuz of Ron’s nickname “Ng Cheung K” (not singing K). It does seem that Kenneth was very careful of what he says about Ella though or maybe the reporters just aren’t interested? They’d rather make up stuff about Ron and Sammul lol.


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