Old Interview Of Michelle & Kenneth (2/1/05)

March 13, 2008 at 12:06 am (interviews, LITCOL, michelle ye)

Lost in the Chamber of Love Makes Wonderful Fate

With Hung Leung now paired w/ Cheung Kwan Sui, Chui Ung Ung is destined to be with someone else, the powerful emperor Tong Duk Chung. Regarding these two characters from LITCOL, the actor and actress were interviewed. Kenneth and Michelle act as a couple on-screen and are good friends off-screen, we wonder if they will be an ideal lover for one another?

LITCOL’s Tong Dak Chung

Harming the Common Good In Turn For Winning a Girl’s Heart

I am Tong Dak Chung! Because I am of age for marriage, I was forced into marriages by the Dowager Empress, but I wanted to find a girl that I truly liked, so I decided to go look for one in the common world. Going there, I used a fake name of Wong Man Bun and ended up meeting the beautiful Chui Ung Ung. I fell head over heels for her, so I tried my best to court her!

I’m an emperor, I could’ve ordered for her to enter the palace, but I felt that it’d be insincere for me to do that, so I decided to court her. I really knew how to use my mind to win the beauty’s heart; I used many methods to court Ung Ung that really meant harming the commonwealth. Using your heart will really get you repayment, in the end, Ung Ung really was touched by my sincerity and accepted me!

Real Life’s Kenneth Ma – Everything Simple

I’m actually very cold towards holidays, for the past Valentine’s Day, I’ve never thought about what I should do or how I should celebrate, adding to that is I haven’t had a date with me for the many years during Valentine’s Day.

I was in a male school during high school, I’ve never even received Valentine’s Day chocolate before during school years. I didn’t feel unhappy, though. Actually, when I saw some schoolmates running to girls after school with a big bunch of flowers, I would think that it’s really funny and that they’re kind of stupid. Valentine’s Day seems so artificial, everything seems so deliberate that there’s no sincerity. You don’t only have to give gifts on Valentine’s Day. In contrast, during normal days, just suddenly giving a present to your loved one, I think, would make her even happier.

I haven’t thought about what kind of presents to give on Valentine’s Day. If the girl really does like me, I will give my whole person to her. I’m actually not young anymore, so I don’t like the little flirting that goes on. Valentine’s Day is best spent quietly with your girlfriend. I think it’s most sweet when two people can go walk around together, buying ingredients then going back home to cook, you can fill your stomach as well as be happy.

Didn’t think about it either this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be home watching some DVDs and playing with my nephew!

An Ideal Lover

When asking the two about their ideal lovers, they kept complimenting each other. Michelle said she likes good looking guys, immediately looking at Kenneth, saying that he’s pretty good. Kenneth then says that Michelle is a nice girl and it’d be an honor to have her as a girlfriend.

*Credits: asianfanatics.net

Comments: From his interviews w/ Michelle and some other girls, it always seems like Kenneth feels pressured into saying that they are attractive and the such. He’s very gentlemanly!


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