Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

March 13, 2008 at 12:15 am (master of taichi, myolie wu, news, raymond lam, selena li)

Raymond Lam bed scene with Myolie Wu, Not Afraid of Her Boyfriend

New Series The Master of Tai Chi 《太極》 will broadcast soon. Yesterday the promotion was held at a mall in Macau. Cast members including Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li were present at the event. Other cast members such as Myolie Wu and Vincent Zhao were unable to attend due to busy schedules. Myolie is currently in Malaysia doing some stage work, while Vincent currently is not in Hong Kong due to some personal problem. Producer Mr. Leung mentioned that Vincent has agreed to take part in the promotional event in March.

Kenneth Ma Welcomes Patrick Tang to come express Anger
Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were responsible for promoting the series to help ratings, at the event they were arranged to play games with audience members. Raymond had both of his arms in front of him and also shrugged his shoulders up for protection, he laughs and said that it is to avoid fans touching places that does not need to be touched, the event was extremely playful. Raymond expresses that he has confidence in “Tai Chi”‘s ratings. Also this is his first Pre-Modern series, the story talks a lot about the human nature. But in the series’s promotional clip, it showed a bed-kissing scene of him and Myolie and looked very intimate. He says that even though he’s very familiar with Myolie, but when filming that kind of scene the both of them had to do some preparations. Asked Raymond, if Myolie’s rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong would get jealous when he sees the scene? When Raymond heard the question, he laughed: “He will understand. We are all just acting. And also the series was already filmed 2 years ago, that time didn’t even know those two had rumors.” Kenneth Ma and Selena Li also has a bed scene in the series. Kenneth expresses that its not bad, only showed down to her shoulders, when reporters asked him if he’s afraid that Selena’s boyfriend Patrick Tang would go express his anger towards him, Kenneth laughs that he welcomes him to come find him.

Translated by: aZnangel

Credits: asianfanatics.net

COMMENTS: Wonder if Kenneth means it? haha.. He’s such a joker. I can’t wait to see him and Selena in TaiChi and The Four!


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  1. Carmen said,

    Again, a few more clips…

    Here’s a series of clips that I record at this Tai Chi function…
    This was the function where Kenneth couldn’t stop for pictures.

    Intro of people at the event

    Kenneth explains about the bed scene (hahaha)

    Kenneth and Raymond playing games

    Raymond playing a game with fans

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