Selena Li Says Look Out For Kiss Scenes

March 13, 2008 at 12:24 am (master of taichi, news, selena li)

Cast members of TVB series The Master Of Tai Chi <太極> took part in a promotional event yesterday, however the two leading male stars Raymond Lam (林峯) and Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) were noticeably absent.

Leading female Melissa Ng (吳美珩) is also currently on maternity leave, so the event was left to the other cast members including Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Selena Li (李詩韻), Power Chan (陳國邦), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and semi-retired TV veteran Lau Siu Ming (劉兆銘), to hold the fort. However, everyone still had a good time as they played some games with the audience and introduced their roles in the series.

Selena revealed that her character fights against Melissa for the affections of Kenneth in the series and she tempted the viewers by saying that has many exciting kissing scenes, including her first screen wet kiss. However, Kenneth spoiled her plug by saying that the period in which the show is set was very conservative, so the level of their passion was strictly limited.

Talking of filming for the series in Yunnan province for four months, Selena said that she found the time between shoots extremely boring, so during the four months, she returned to Hong Kong eight times, spending around HK$20,000 on plane tickets. She laughed that people said that she was losing money on this job.

Asked what she did on Valentines Day, Selena said that she spent the evening at church, so she did not receive any gifts. She said that she is still single and when asked if she had split up with rumored boyfriend Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), she immediately denied that there was anything between them.


COMMENTS: These two are so cute. KenSelena are just so silly and flirty. Too bad Selena has Patrick, who I think she looks cute with as well. They seem like pretty good friends! That was Selena’s first onscreen kiss, of course she thinks/remembers it being a lot!



  1. Carmen said,

    Can you believe this….Kenneth did this interview for TVB8, right NEXT to me!!!
    I was sitting at the very end, and the crew set up their cameras there, and I heard one of the guys telling another person to ask Selena and Kenneth to come over to do an interview…and I was thinking to myself….o wow…an opportunity to see Kenneth close up! But as Selena was finishing up with her interview, I heard that person coming back telling the guy that Kenneth was busy doing another interview…but that guy said, try to get Kenneth to come over…haha I was so excitied again!!!
    I prepared my camera so that I could ask him for a picture right after he was done his interview, but right when he was done and pretty much turned right around, I think it was because he was so happy that he was done with it, cuz he didn’t know how to speak Mandarin very well, he felt very pressured….so I started to “chase” after him, I felt that people were starring at me because I had to stop him right in front of the stage (the event hadn’t started yet…thank god!)! Anyways, it was a good memory. haha~

    Mandarin Interview about TaiChi

  2. bbfreak said,

    haha…omg…u chased him?! Did he look surprised. That’s funny…what an experience!

    Given the opportunity, I think I would chase him too! haha.

  3. Carmen said,

    lol. it really was more like walking right behind him…and kind of didn’t know what i should do to get his attention….tap him? or say his name loud enough for him to hear? i decided to say his name, haha
    yes he did look a little surprised, didn’t think someone would come up from behind him!

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