A Blast From the Past: The Driving Power – Ming Chu & Ko Wai Lei

March 14, 2008 at 7:12 pm (pictures)

*Credits: MKMC

*Credits to: Kenworld

COMMENTS: Ko Wai Lei was Kenneth’s first large role as the scam artist. I didn’t particularly like Kenneth back then, but I did find his role intriguing. I was neutral to him back then, but even though he was part ‘evil’ in the beginning, I actually never disliked him. It was funny how his hair changed w/ that weird curl in the front when he was bad lol. I loved how he felt bad about lying to Michelle and how she treated his so well.  While I really did not like Michelle, I did think they had a very sweet ending, how she said she’d wait for him. I remember Kenneth mentioning he once fell for one of Michelle’s and one of Cherie’s characters. If I were to take a wild guess, I ‘d think it was Ming Chu from DOP and Cherie’s Maggie from LG – because both these roles loved Kenneth’s, despite all his flaws, more and treated him so well. I’ve noticed that all Kenneth’s other roles always show him treating and loving the girl more. Though Kenneth looked younger and a little skinnier then, he basically looks the same….just as cute!


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