Kenneth Ma & Margie Tsang: No More Chemistry

March 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm (margie tsang, news)

TVB new series D.I.E <古靈精探> will begin airing next week and a promotional event was held today, attended by cast members including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Margie Tsang (曾華倩). Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Kitty Yuen (阮小儀).

Rumoured couple Margie and Kenneth seemed to be a little disconnected when they were on stage and as an MC, Margie was noticeably quite distracted. Asked about this later, she explained that it has been over a year since she filmed this series and it was also her first series after returning to TVB, so she was doing too much reminiscing and not concentrating.

Margie has been working as a host on a Fung Shui show for TVB Pay Vision recently and has gained a lot of insights into the art. Asked if she has bought in some plum blossom to encourage romance, she said that there are plenty of blossoms around, so there is no need. When she was then asked if Kenneth was one of her blossoms, she quickly changed the subject and pointed out that plum blossom can also signify popularity.

Kenneth explained that he did not communicate with Margie on the stage because they have not seen each other on a personal level since they finished filming for the series.

Roger’s wife Cindy Au (區倩怡) is due to give birth to their son in April and he was asked if this was a good omen to bring him good ratings for his series. He smiled that there was a chance of this, because there are a lot of factors that can lead to a pleasant surprise. Asked if he was worried about ratings being affected by Sonija’s recent drop in popularity, Roger replied that the birth of his son will bring good luck to everyone.

Roger revealed that the baby has already brought him an advertising job for a stem cell storage company and he will be putting the fee from this job towards a trust fund for the baby. He added that he has already prepared some luggage for his wife for when she is admitted to hospital and plans to join her in the birthing room.

Sonija said that the ratings are hard to predict, but she hoped that the audience will enjoy the series.


COMMENTS: Are they gonna stop dragging Margie into everything Kenneth now? It sad how every time you see one of them, the other is mentioned. They’re probably really tired of it now! I really wouldn’t mind if Kenneth were dating Margie since it’s his business and she pretty for her age. I mean if he were, he’d probably admit it. I don’t think they’re really dating and would prefer that he was with someone else (hehe….Bernice!).

Have you guys seen the gameshow “Heart Big, Heart Small” (I forgot the english name)? Margie was on it and was asked in a pretend psychologist scenario and was asked if she liked Kenneth and she didn’t answer/ was speechless and the psychologist said she’s trying to hide something, but it ended up with the women making fun of the psychologist himself. lol.

Part of me feels like Kenneth has now learned to play along w/ this rumor. Not that I particularly like that, but he’s playing by the rules of the game I guess. Every time he’s asked, he keeps being vague and jokingly saying that people have said they’ve broken up already or that when a series airs people are gonna write that they’re back together…while this may be his way of laughing it off due to his annoyance, I feel that Kenneth is aware that this may get him in the news more.



  1. cami said,

    Why can’t the Reporters just leave them alone, they’re probably tired from all the questions about each other, Oh yea i remember when margie got asked in “Heart Big, Heart Small” , margie just laughed and didn’t really anser.

    Personally i don’t think margie and kenneth are a great pair there just good friends out of the industry, it looks like the media ruined thier relationship.

  2. winnie vuong said,

    i like margie tsang and kenneth me movie.
    when we’re together movies.

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