Kenneth entering the China/Taiwan Market?

March 28, 2008 at 1:12 am (news)

COMMENTS: The article, i believe from the replies at MKMC, is about Ms. Lok is introducing Kenneth, Stephen Hyunh, Tracy Yip, & Suki Chui to the Taiwan/China market; lol… its Kenneth plus the pageant ppl haha…

Kenneth DOES carry that big bag EVERYWHERE. I really wonder what he keeps in there. Soccer close and sneakers so he can play anywhere anytime? haha.



  1. Carmen said,

    hahaha. good call. maybe he does bring all his soccer stuff with him, so he’s ready to hit the field whenever he feels like!

    but reality is, i bet he’s a very careful guy, and brings along anything that one would need…ie…tissue, umbrella, water bottle, map, planner, etc, etc, etc =D
    maybe his mom helps him pack his bag too!

  2. bbfreak said,

    aw… that’s a cute thought haha… yeah probably..he’s does look like a very careful guy…. didn’t he get a new bag recently? (heard it’s sponsored?)

    the little charms on his bag are so cute…it so reflects his cute personality…the simple brown bag (like Kenneth nice and casual) and the charms (cuteness)

  3. Carmen said,

    i’m not sure if his bag is sponsored or not…

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