Kenneth’s Blog – Appearance of Extra pictures?

April 30, 2008 at 9:48 pm (strictly come dancing)

It seems that Kenneth’s blog, tho not updated…miraculously appears with new pix under the same post haha ok maybe not miraculously. I believe it’s happened twice already with this post. Ah… Kenneth is still #8! I’m so happy. So guys… go click on his blog…whenever you have time haha….

So a few posts back I posted up a story from another blog about how Kenneth had fans waiting for him and the reporters took pix for them and Kenneth did a random pose… haha… so these pix from his blog so prove this incident was true! yay. He looked so good… I do wonder however, what took kenneth so long to come out. (Was he showering from his sweatyness haha? Practicing extra hard? Speaking with someone? Sleeping? Eating?…hm…. interesting…)

I LOVE Kenneth’s SMILE! aw…. He looks so good in his shirt! (I think I’ve seen that green bracelet before, I just can’t place it..but he doesn’t usu wear it w/ the… )

New VIDEOS up @ TVB!

Please visit. haha… they finally posted the full version of “Kenneth’s Nervous Nervous Video” (4/23) –

I think this is the most English he’s ever spoke in one sitting haha…  he said:

“Fifty Fifty” (how much confidence he has); “Full Dress Rehearsal” (what he did) haha…

and the other  video of him and later Derek was hilarious… he is Sooooo random! (From his eyes, I think someone totally put him up to doing it!) … He was like “WHAT DO WE DOOOOOOOooooo?!” (that was really funny and random..hahha he’s so adorable!

Note: just realized that a “non-fan” left a comment under the Mission & Me page. haha…wow … I’m oddly kinda proud that I was able to attract a non-fan to post… keke…


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Kenneth’s TVB Blog – Top 10! (Updates – more on Kenneth’s partner)

April 29, 2008 at 6:28 pm (myolie wu, nancy wu, niumengmeng, strictly come dancing)

I think this is the first time that it has happened for Kenneth! yay! He’s getting more popular!

He’s at number 8! yay!

Here are pix of the Horse-Cow team from his blog.

They look pretty good together… So I was rewatching the ending of epi 2. and realized Niu Meng Meng was one of the two lowest scores for the girls. However, I think she improved during the 4th epi or something.

Want to know more about Niu Meng Meng? Check out these links!

NMM’s Blog:

(old blog – she seems quite….)

Well Sehseh on commented that the whole pairings is rigged (which I too believe to be true) since if fans had their way Nancy would have been w/ YuHao Ming…. and that they were all paired based on a reason… like who would win…who’d stay in long enough…

If anything…I’m pretty sure TVB will Keep Kevin & Myolie around… and Grace & Nancy will end up in top 2. I’m worried about Kenneth though… I’m not sure where he’ll end up. I’m sure it’ll be very emotional (TVB would love that) if he leaves before the final four cuz the girls may cry or be upset. I’m not sure lol. Let’s wait and see.

Nancy sure has an interesting camera haha… Aw… Kenneth is taking a pic for Nancy & Myolie!

Here’s the result (what a good camerman!)


Another blogger that likes MaMing:!t8DJfteGEQX9mMPkP1HVxAfz

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KeNancy – Awwww….

April 28, 2008 at 5:19 pm (nancy wu, strictly come dancing)

Haha.. I know we all wanted KeNancy…so I’m gonna taunt everyone by putting this amazingly cute and compatible picture of them up… I don’t recall this outfit…does anyone remember it? What’s w/ Kenneth’s fake mic? and whose hand is that on his shoulder? Aww…they match and everything! While I think we all know Nancy would be dragged down by Kenneth (haha that sounded so mean), we can’t help but dream!

MORE inside!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Team Pairings

April 26, 2008 at 8:46 pm (Uncategorized)

So. While I’m quite upset about the pairings…what’s done is done. It’s kinda funny actually as someone on the other forum mentioned that Kenneth and his partner, whose name I’m not sure how it’s pronounced in cantonese have names of animals that both eat grass… lol. so its Ma (horse)-Niu(cow?) haha…that’s pretty cute..i guess…

So as i mentioned one of my fav blogs to surf just updated w/ the Team Pairings press con or something and here’s the link to it. Go HERE:

As I don’t have an account on Yahoo! blogs, I’ll just comment about it here.

It was sooooo ADORKable! Wa….Kenneth got chosen by TWO GIRLS! lol. ok. I was kinda hoping Myolie & Nancy would pick him as well, but they didn’t which was reasonable cuz it is a competition after all. They should’ve picked the strongest links! As for Christine picking Kenneth (aw…calling him a silly boy and Astrid calling him that also) that was really cute (kenneth was surprised!)… Since Christine is an underdog, it wouldn’t hurt her much to pick Kenneth, someone who she enjoys being w/ so that was reasonable.

What was supercute was that Chen Lu from the Mainland team chose him also! (She was the girl who asked him the question during epi3) aw… Timmy chose Chen Lu and Kenneth wanted to too, but Timmy wouldn’t let him…that’s so kute…. and how funny is it that Chen Lu chose Kenneth instead.. Haha… she was so not making sense when she said she chose Kenneth cuz he looked tall and strong (Timmy is comparably tall and has a LOT more meat on him) haha… we KNEW you chose him for other reasons..its ok to admit it… WAs she charmed away by Kenneth? Liked his silliness? Thinks he’s amazingly handsome? and so on…hahah… (Well, Chen Lu ended up being Timmy’s partner, but “ha timmy, it doesn’t matter if she’s actually ur partner nor if u got to write her name on ur card, all that matters is that SHE CHOSE KENNETH instead!” haha jkjk.. I ❤ timmy also…)

I just feel bad for whoever Kenneth was forced to pick on his card…haha he basically said that cuz Timmy didn’t let me pick Chen Lu, I randomly picked her… (haha. that’s how i interpret it anyways haha)

Well the TVB guys made a pact to choose Mainland girls…so that’s why Kenneth didn’t choose a TVB girl. I guess that’s a good idea cuz they don’t want rumors nor to upset their friends! I guess the voters did want diverse pairings.. haha its a win-win situation for them if any team wins! 1 Mainland – 1 TVB teams… only if Kevolie wins (which i kinda doubt) do TVB truly have the king and queen.

Haha…i know sum ppl didn’t like Kenneth’s outfit last time, but i really grew to like it. It was esp kute when he moved his lil antennae from side-to-side during judging… super adorable… some ppl say he’s overscored, but actually ALL of them are overscored lol… I’m ok w/ the biased as longest it helps Kenneth ahha…. i feel that the judges get to see a LOT more than we do and they are swayed by how hard the person I think that’s why some of the scores are so inflated! As Kenneth fans, I don’t think we expect him to win. Instead, we’re really proud of him for even going up on stage and doing what he’s done. Haha…we just want him to stay until the last night (final 4 i think?) and give us tons of videos, screencaps, awesome pictures and news to enjoy! (most of us LOVE the prep vids!)

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No KeNancy!

April 26, 2008 at 1:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Yet again, our hopes were high and are dropped. I thought that since it was up to the audience to vote, there would be a bigger chance of KeNancy. I was spot on for Kevolie…but :-(…not for KeNancy! … or at least Team Underdog/Awesomeness w/ Christine…. may I ask who in the world voted as they did?!

OH well…anyways I still very happy that Kenneth made it to the pairings!

Look inside for who Kenneth’s paired w/! Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth’s 2nd Performance!

April 25, 2008 at 2:44 am (Uncategorized)

Omg…Kenneth has improved! haha… both Teachers: YangYang and Chow Chi Kwan (they really like him) gave him 9’s and Jordan and the other guy gave him 8’s…ugh…lol…. !

I was very fierce. I love the contrast….the good boy last time and now the bad boy. Love his prep video…he is so hilarious! I believe Astrid really likes him as well.

Ok. So the pairings this time around are to be voted by the audience! So…. whoever ppl feel that Kenneth matches, they text in and the one w/ the most votes will be paired with him…omg… i wonder who’s gonna get to be paired w/ him…. i hoping ppl vote nancy… cuz i’m pretty sure they’d vote Kevolie… so…. unless they go w/ team underdog (which is cool as well)…as long as they don’t pair him w/ the other team haha… im fine! “Go Kenneth” u rock!

Credit: Sehseh @, MKMC forum

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Updates: SCDII – info from fans that went to Hunan inside, Kenneth’s blog update, Round 2 for the guys – Kenneth is #3!

April 24, 2008 at 6:32 pm (strictly come dancing, Uncategorized)

Have not watched it yet, but Kenneth, you’re NOT leaving anytime soon! Yet again, Kenneth comes back and gets a score of 8.5, which is pretty decent AND he placed third among the guys (Kevin got 2nd)! I’m so proud of MaMing!

Scores: 16.92 (judges: 8.5, audience: 8.42) – #3

Read the rest of this entry »

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Sharon’s Blog

April 24, 2008 at 6:32 pm (sharon chan)

Sharon put up some pix on her personal blog, not her TVB blog, of Kenneth and the others at the Megabox promotion filming. Here are the pix. Aw…I Kenneth and Sharon do look very compatible physically…glad to know they’re such good friends…I really wanna see them in a series together again!


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The Low-Profile New Age Actor (Siu Sang)- Kenneth Ma

April 22, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

The Low-Profile New Age Actor

Among the newcomers TVB is trying promote in the past few years, Kenneth Ma is considered the most low-key one and makes the least headlines in the news. He was introduced to the audience three years ago in Triumph In The Skies where Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and him were known as S4. In these three years, Ron and Bosco both had had an endless stream of rumoured romances and hence were often seen in the news. As for Sammul, he made rather good progress in his career as well. Although Kenneth never stopped participating in filming work and even showed a rather outstanding performance in the recently-aired Love Guaranteed, the level of audience exposure he had is still the least among the four.

Looking back at the past three years, Kenneth Ma had changed neither his personality nor his lifestyle after he joined the showbiz. He says “I joined the industry because I like acting. Hence, my job is to act and my goal is very clear and simple. Besides, there is nothing for me to compare with them three. We all have our own work and (career) advancements. I’ve been quite busy with filming these few years and don’t even have the time to sleep. Under such conditions, how can I generate any news?”

Kenneth also admits that his low-profile has something to do with his personality. He says, “My goal is to act. News reports and the frequency at which I appear in the news are by-products. Besides, a lot of veterans are also very low-profile, such as Liu Qing Yun and Su Yu Hua – they put their acting abilities in first place. I hope to learn from them, especially since I personally like to keep a low-profile. For example, I was very rational in my support for Leslie Cheung back then. I will only support him by watching his films or buying his albums. I won’t wait overnight for him to appear or chase after his car. Besides, I’m not trying to portray myself as an idol right now so it’s normal for me to keep a low-profile.”

Although TVB has been pushing the new generation of actors to an all-rounded career development, Kenneth’s work has been focused on filming. However, he does not mind this. He says, “Of course I do hope to develop in all areas but I’d like to focus solely on filming right now because I want the tv audience to accept me further. I will try out other areas of work when I’ve entered into the hearts of the audience.”

Easily Satisfied

His entrance into showbiz did not change Kenneth’s personality and his view towards spending. He says, “The lifestyle I aim for is one that is comfortable and simple. Although my father has already retired and I am responsible for the family’s finances, this has not changed my outlook on life. I live a rather thrifty lifestyle; I don’t have to spend too much money. Also, I still take the subway and eat at the neighbourhood teahouses as before. My hobby is soccer so like you can see, my lifestyle is very ordinary.”

Kenneth, who holds a degree, joined the showbiz because he likes acting. He feels it is hard to come across a good opponent. He says, “I worked quite well with Cherie Kong in Love Guaranteed because that was the second time I worked with her (They once collaborated in Scavenger’s Paradise). She is one who’s willing to go through the script together with her opponent for a scene. In addition to that, there is chemistry between us. Filming with Love Guaranteed’s cast was really enjoyable and many of the dialogue lines were added spontaneously on the set. They came out pretty good.”

Credit: karened @ AF (translation) and MKMC forums (scans); original source unknown

Comments: Thanks again to karened for the translation! We really appreciate it! Kenneth is just so awesome…so simple and low profile! Glad to hear that Kenneth has not changed his true personality! Aw… I think Kenneth and Cherie are really good friends… I knew it! Kenneth so totally liked Cherie’s Maggie in LG! I love LG also lol… hm… they have chemistry eh? I didn’t know some lines were spontaneous… i wonder which ones were.. haha… how creative is Kenneth..cuz his lines were really hilarious in LG!

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Team Awesomeness!

April 22, 2008 at 1:17 am (christine ng, strictly come dancing)

Haha. Kenneth updated his blog again yeah! lol. Though I guess its someone blogging for him, since I highly doubt TVB stars update these blogs themselves!

And guess who’s in his pictures? Fellow underdog Christine Ng! It’s so funny how wing834 and I were talking about how they would make a hilarious and funny team in the chatroom (and if you haven’t done so yet, come join us!). I guess they hit it off well! I personally think Christine is hilarious and am glad her and Kenneth are friends! Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes as I know they’ll be great! So officially these two are Team Awesomeness! haha…

Giving us a sexy star…aw….

This is definitely the ‘Team Awesomeness’ photo! haha… so full of power! woohoo!

Aw…Kenneth pretending to give Christine a rose! lol. I can tell Christine is really enjoying Kenneth’s company haha…

“Would you like to eat with me?”….

Miss Lok seems to really like Kenneth!

Aww…why is Kenneth speaking into a …waterbottle?! lol. Are they that short of mics?!

Any available out there…please translate Kenneth’s short blog entry and I will post it here and properly accredit you. (you can post it in the comments section here, email it to me: , or post it at AF) Thanks in advance!


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SCDII Videos & Pictures + NOTE TO ALL

April 19, 2008 at 11:08 pm (bernice liu, strictly come dancing, videos)

That’s the video of the closing/ending of episode 1. They were telling the guys, w/ the at-home audiences votes whether they were safe or one of the lowest scores. Kenneth was called first and he was told the judges opinions of him (i think..sorry i don’t know mandarin really) and he was so relieved when he was “safe” and the girls were screaming for him again! Kevin was called next and was one of the lowest scores. However, it was Derek who was the lowest of them all, sadly. He’ll have to come back and do the PK challenge!

Kenneth off to the side again…but i do love his outfit! omg… Is Myolie looking at kenneth or Teacher Chou? The team is so fun and happy…hope Kenneth gets to stay long enough to enjoy it!

This pic doesn’t have Kenneth but it was too kute for me to resist…. aw…the team is just so great! I imagine there will be lots of tears when someone leaves!

For more videos for SCDII search youtube:



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3Weekly: Frog Prince – Kenneth Ma

April 19, 2008 at 6:20 pm (interviews)

It is sometimes inevitable for artistes, who live under the shine of neon lights, have their true self masked by the bright lights. In order to understand them at a deeper level, one can only do so when they’re outside the studios and in the real world.

The gigantic time wheel will only continue to spin forward; this is an unchanging rule. As time passes, the contents of that book of recollections inside each of our heart will only get richer and more exciting. The image of Kenneth Ma seen by people through the television screens is ever-changing – sometimes a joker, sometimes a suave lawyer. However, he personally feels that he is still the same sloppy kid on the soccer field from twenty years ago. Having gone through the passage of time, having seen all kinds of bizarre happenings in showbiz, this sloppy kid is slowly evolving from a ‘wild horse’ into a ‘refined horse’. He even has the chance of being the unexpected ‘dark horse’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth’s Peformance – and Nancy’s!

April 19, 2008 at 3:24 pm (videos)

^That is one romantic picture…now if only we could replace the girl… hm… anyone out there good at manipulations? Fans would really appreciate it if you’d change the girl to Bernice…~smilez~ and I’ll love to post it on this blog… hehe… err…another girl would not be acceptable tho lol… I love the glittery things in his hair…so majestic!

So I finally found out that there were 200 ppl in the audience and Kenneth got like 183 supporters of the 200, that’s really good…! Congrats!

So considering that is not so reliable and someone was kind enough to upload this, here’s Kenneth’s Performance on Youtube!

Both are the same performance, EXCEPT the first one ^ has the part where the girls are describing him before he enters!

Credits: Caja @

^The Sina site appears to be better organized than the HunanTV site for Strictly Come Dancing II!

Found this on youtube – some one was lucky enough to see Kenneth on the streets, but caught only a video of his back… click on more to read the whole story on the youtube page!

Awesome video of Kenneth and Berniceand steven…hehe..that totally ruined the moment lol.


In the blog above, the owner has written something about “Our Dark Horse Prince” – I so mirror her feelings lol! seems like we wrote similar entries! yup…i couldn’t stop thinking about how charming our prince was and is haha!

*Nancy’s Performance for all those Interested!*

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Finally saw it! – Kenneth’s Performance

April 18, 2008 at 8:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I love how Dodo was asking the girls to describe the guy that would perform today! It was so cute. This is what they said.

Christine: His skin is tanned.

Myolie: His last name is ‘Ma’

Grace & Angela: Handsome guy

Nancy: He’s our “dark horse prince”

All the girls: Dark Horse Prince!

* I love the Black/dark Horse’s the perfect description. In cantonese Black Horse means underdog… and of course we all know Kenneth’s a prince… (love that reference… cuz Bernice is everyone’s Princess ~winks~)

haha…Kenneth kept saying he was so afraid of embarrassing himself in front of everyone! The TVB girls sure did cheer him on!

He was kinda stiff, but those moves… were pretty good… I consider it an accomplishment for him not dropping the girl! haha…Also, she started off kissing him on the cheek for real i believe and he kissed her back.. lol… really hott! haha…Kenneth’s Mandarin isn’t that good…but that’s ok. I wouldn’t be able to say all that he said lol. He was very polite to the judges and kept thanking them sincerely!

Audience votes: 183 supporters

The next guy round is not until 4/24 so we have some time to wait. OMG, the show doesn’t end til june? That means Kenneth will not be in HK when I get there! darn! haha..

*Credit: Wilson’s Blog

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Strictly Come Dancing Updates!

April 18, 2008 at 4:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Kenneth’s scores were: 8, 8, 9, 9 = average of 8.5

While he wasn’t the best dancer, apparently Kenneth wooed and wowed the judges!

According to Y! ID:hyn5:

Kenneth impressed the judges with his smile and courageous effort. He was also praised by Teacher Chou on his professionalism. Kenneth also has many supporters from the audience.

I can’t seem to watch it online, but heard that all the TVB girls were screaming like crazy for Kenneth!

Here’s what someone posted on his forum:

It was a successful night for Ma Ming. He was nervous, and somewhat stiff, but he did it! He looked soooooooo HOT!
If you have watched his performance online (if not, you SHOULD), you probably realize that all the girls (TVB) cheered soooooo hard for him! He was really really really charming (like a white horse prince…seriously). Myolie couldn’t stop screaming, she was really excited for him, and so as Nancy and Grace Wong. hahaha. Nancy kept shouting “Ma Ming” haha…
Ma Ming, you did it!!!!

This is suppose to be the clip of Kenneth dancing, but somehow I can’t see it. It stops at the host passing it on to Dodo Cheng, but doesn’t show the performance? Maybe there’s something wrong w/ my browser. You guys can try your luck! (Apparently Kenneth & his partner had a lot of pretend ready to get jealous lol!)

Screencaps are up on Wilson’s blog so it worked for him!

So Kenneth is “An Officer and A Gentleman” lol. He’s so serious looking! He should just pretend he’s acting, cuz we all know anything is possible when Kenneth’s acting!

Kenneth’s blog updates:

*Is this the same girl, the one w/ the blonde wig? If so, how is she gonna keep the wig on doing those moves? haha… this looks really good…

haha I LOVE this picture! Kenneth looks like he’s in such pain! Myolie is trying to help him loosen up! The expression is priceless!

Scores for the girls: Nancy is in the lead! Go Nancy and she had a perfect score from the judges!!! woohoo!

Credits: joyce_20176 @

Kenneth fans in Hunan…What a beautiful banner they made! Where’d that picture come from? It’s so kute!

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Scores for the guys are out!!!

April 17, 2008 at 8:51 pm (strictly come dancing)


Eddie Kwan – 8.0 average
Kevin Cheng – 8.0 average
Timmy Hung – 8.5 average
Kenneth Ma – 8.5 average
Derek Kwok – 7.25 average

Not Including votes from the audience yet!

Li Cheng Xuan [korea] – 8.5 average
Zhang Jun Ning – 8.5 average
Yu Hao Minh – 8.0 average
Gao Zi Qi – 8.25 average
Dong Fang [thai] – 8.5 average

Without the audience’s votes, it seems like Kenneth is definitely not the bottom two. ~crosses fingers~ hope the audience’s votes don’t hurt him!

This is supposedly the clip for the show…but I can’t see anything…you guys can try ur luck!

Here’s a link to a clip of Kenneth for D.I.E. It’s funny how Kenneth feels that Sonija should choose Roger instead of himself!

Also: On the SCDII site, there’s a link to Kenneth’s blog, but it’s a different one from the TVB one. The content is the same I believe, but it’s a sina blog and has a soccer background. haha… a better fit for Kenneth… lots of fans are leaving comments there it seems. I wonder if the comments are different from the TVB blog as well cuz it seems like there are lots of Kenneth fans!

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Did the show already air?

April 17, 2008 at 7:50 pm (strictly come dancing)

The Entrance

Wow! How Prince-like!

The two lowest scores?!

From the looks of the pictures, it seems like the first episode has already aired. The guys were dancing. It seems out of all the guys, Kenneth’s got the slow dance. I would’ve loved a faster dance, but it doesn’t quite fit Kenneth I guess. Hm…the above picture… I’m not sure, but is Kenneth one of the two w/ the lowest judged scores? If so and it’s any thing like last season, he’d have to perform first in the next epi (for guys) in the PK (Player Killing) competition against the other guy in order to see if he can make it on. There’s still hope! (Remember Carlo Ng from last season, he was in the lowest two every week and ended up being in top 4!) Haha…i really like Kenneth’s shirt… very patriotic! Love his smile….

Know anyone who lives in HK or China? Tell them to text in and vote for Kenneth Ma – 03 or don’t tell them who they’re voting for lol, just tell them to go w/ number three!!

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Practicing for Tonight’s Performance – Kenneth’s Blog Updated!

April 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm (kevin cheng, strictly come dancing)

Here’s a clip of the artists practicing for tonight’s performance. I’m not quite sure whether it’s the guys or the girls first, but seems like everyone is practicing already! (In the clip below, while Timmy is dancing, Kenneth is watching in the back. He’s sitting next to a girl in white)

Kenneth looks so good in white! What is he? “An Officer and A Gentleman” ? haha. What’s with the girl w/ the blonde wig? (Marylin Monroe?) He has a really odd expression on his face lol.

More Official pix are up. Kenneth is paired w/ Grace while Nancy is with Timmy. (I was so happy to see that Derek was with Angela…getting my hopes high for KenNancy but I just knew it’d turn out this way lol) Either way Kenneth looks so sexy in these haha!

If I must say so myself, I prefer this picture to the official pic! lol. aw… two hott guys… yum! Kenneth just loves puckering his lips doesn’t he? He must know they’re sexy..haha… Ppl call Bosco-Kevin lets come up with a name for Kevin & Kenneth…. KeKe?! lol.

Aw…what a cute team! I remember when Kevin first came into TVB how he mentioned his best friend was Timmy, and I was surprised since they seemed like such an odd couple lol. (I liked both of course) they’re reunited! haha! Where are they? On the shuttle at the airport?

Well, Good Luck to the “Disabled Youths” and the girls! We know they’ll make us proud….or at least make us laugh?! lol.

hm..i wonder who this is? Is this one of Kenneth’s sisters or family or his coworkers?

Kenneth Fans showing him support! Looks like everyone is on the verge of screaming “Ma Ming!” lol. Wonder if these are fans from HK or mainland or both? Happy to see all the support for Kenneth!

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Official Pictures up!

April 16, 2008 at 9:42 pm (strictly come dancing)

The pictures are finally up on the main website. I’m a little disappointed in them though. Not as good as I expected. I love Kenneth’s outfit, but his expression is way too serious lol. You get this picture when you click into the smaller picture. Somehow, I feel that if the smaller picture were used instead, it might look better (since he smiles in that one)!

* It seems to be confirmed that Ron and Raymond will be singing the themesong instead? I’m not sure….but someone in the forums has mentioned it, but what about the confirmation from Sammul’s manager Ivy? The conflicting info just leaves me confused. Hopefully, it’s all 4 guys singing or at least give Kenneth a subtheme!

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TVB guys dub themselves as “The Disabled Youths”

April 16, 2008 at 12:52 am (myolie wu, nancy wu, news, strictly come dancing)

Kevin Cheng jokes and Proclaims He’s Disabled as He can’t Dance.
Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Angela Tong, Nancy Wu, Derek Kwok, Timmy Hung, Grace Wong, Eddie Kwan and Christine Ng headed off to Wu Nan yesterday to represent TVB for the collaboration show (Strictly Come Dancing 2). Numerous people have expressed that they favour Nancy Wu and Grace Wong as they both have dancing experience. But Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung, Kenneth Ma and the other guys proclaimed themselves as (The Disabled Youth’s.) They joked that they would use their secret weapons to cause chaos for the China Female representatives. Last time Dancing King Michael Tse had won the competition, but this time only Nancy Wu and Grace Wong had dancing experience in the past.

Eliminated in the First Round

Kenneth Ma joked “Christine Ng and me have already planned to be eliminated in the first round”. Also Myolie stated that she thought Timmy Hung was pretty good but he later expressed “As for the male’s particpants there’s only 5 disabled youths. When I did a cowboy dance I looked like a rebel. The male’s are weaker this year but that’s why we have to create chaos for the China female particpants.

Sexy Outfits
In addition, Myolie Wu and Angela Tong will dance Latin and Tango. They will both wear sexy outfits such as the one’s Shirley Yeung wore last year. Myolie immediately laughed “ I’m not as sexy as Shirley”. She also explained that she had a lot of pressure during rehearsals. “ The dance routine is focused on feel, not only do you have to dance but you have to act too. “
Angela Tong claimed that the outfits were very tight and sexy therefore she would need to exercise regularly.

Grace Wong used to dance Hip hop at her university. While Nancy Wu has 8 years experience in Chinese Dance. Nancy found it difficult to adapt to Latin. “It’s my first time learning Latin dance. At first it was very hard to adapt to and I found it difficult to learn. I also had a lot of minor injuries. But the most important thing is that I don’t injure my waist.

Credits: kingkongit27 @

Contestant numbers: (for sms voting in future rounds)

01 Junning Zhang
02 Eddie Kwan
03 Kenneth Ma
04 Li Cheng Xuan
05 Dong Fang
06 Gao Zi Qi
07 Kevin Cheng
08 Derek Kwok
09 Yu Hao Ming
10 Timmy Hung
11 Preaw Sha Li
12 Nancy Wu
13 Christine Ng
14 Ruoxi Yang
15 Angela Tong
16 Niu Meng Meng
17 Laetitia Zeppellini
18 Myolie Wu
19 Chen Lu
20 Grace Wong

Credits: Sehseh @

Comments: Haha. why in the world can’t the team captain dance??! lol. haha. I like that, the 5 disabled youths! that’s cute. Nice that Kenneth’s bonding w/ Christine over something! Well the point of the show is to show ppl who can’t dance in the first place learning how to…hence the “miracle” part of the name…. it was kinda like cheating to put Michael in last time, but then again, some of the mainlanders had experience as well. I just can’t wait to see the show! Hopefully, they’ll let us see more behind the scenes stuff and some awesome friendships! I really really really want Kenneth to stay past the first night! I hope he was kidding about his plan w/ Christine haha..he can’t be that bad…can he? Well, if anything, like he says, he can just come back and film more series…. which would be awesome too!

*The girls look so nice in this picture. Wonder where Christine was? In another interview, Myolie mentioned that she’s pressured to do better since “Grace, Nancy, Timmy and Derek were all doing so well.” hm… no mentioned of Kenneth lol…so I guess he’s not doing so well lol….

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