What’s Up With Kenneth?

April 1, 2008 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Upcoming Series: Just Love II


Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Patrick Tang, Selena Li (guest star), Joyce Tang, Kenneth Ma

Comments: Seems like Kenneth has been added onto the sequel. haha… Kenneth has luck w/ sequels i guess. I wonder what kinda role this is; maybe he’s gonna be a lawyer again? I have no idea how they’re gonna make the sequel lol. But TVB always manages! too bad selena’s only a guess star. I was hoping for sum KenSelena…I don’t really want it to be Joyce & Kenneth cuz it would be weird. I’m use to seeing Kenneth w/ younger girls (lol. cuz he looks so youthful!)

Strictly Come Dancing

After the phenomenon of Season I where Michael Tse took the crown, TVB intends come back for a second season and is determined to take the crown once more. While it is not confirmed the tentative list of stars to be shipped off to Hunan include: Bernice Liu, Matthew Ko, Myolie Wu, Christine Ng, Angela Tong and Kenneth Ma, etc. TVB has high hopes & confidence in Bernice to take the crown and Bernice, herself, expresses that she would love to participate!

Comments: OMG. BK moment! wootwoot! haha. Ok. honestly I don’t have my hopes up. Knowing TVB it’ll all of a sudden turn out that one of them can’t make it. It always happen. I’m always rite…but i really hope this time I’m WRONG! I was soooo Happy to hear their names mentioned in an article TOGETHER lol. Unfortunately, if TVB is so determined to win, they’d probably pair Bernice up w/ Matthew (who she’ s worked with b4 in Steps) or someone from Mainland (the girl paired w/ Michael was from Mainland) because it seems that the Mainland artists dance better or have better choreographers. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want them to be dance partners! (ok. It’s supposedly random, but I feel that TVB probably rigs it. so i hope they rig it in our favor!) Just like i said b4, if they do go and its HK artists paired up, I have a weird feeling it’s gonna be Kenolie & BerMatt… haha since Kenneth isn’t exactly the best dancer; I know he’s improved from his performances on stage (the few that is), but from what I remember in the S4 days, he was pretty stiff & confused lol!

Well anyways, a few months away together in Hunan away from the paparazzi could do miracles…~winks~ ok I’m dreaming lol. (I could so imagine Christine Ng making fun of them for secretly dating or sumping!) I would be nice to at least see them hang out together (ugh..myolie and matthew will surely be in the way w/ them!) and post pix up on their blogs to satisfy the BK fanbase!

<= Btw, does anyone have a bigger version of this picf? It’s from an ITA function! Look Bernice is leaning toward Kenneth! yay!



  1. cami said,

    Kenneth better be with selena in just love 2. Joyce seems way too old for kenneth, and kenneth looks like her lil brother, hopefully kenneth will share lead with sunny instead of him takeng on 2ed lead.
    Thanks for the bk pictures<3 love them, hahhh you totally covered michelle’s face with bernice, but i loved it && the one where bernice is leaning on kenneth…so hot, lol plus he was sleveless, i can just smell the chemistry

  2. bbfreak said,

    haha… yes I DID totally stick bernice’s head over michelle’s! haha… it was a manip i made for the BK forum. lol. it’s not good…but oh well haha… yea..hope Kenneth gets 2nd lead.

    Selena has confirmed she’ll be reprising her role as Patrick’s gf (the first time they’ve worked together again after the rumors)..and i highly doubt they’d stick Kenneth in b/t them! and plus she’s just a guest star (but then again…ray was a guest star in HOG lol)

    haha yesh the CHEMISTRY! BK!! lol.

    I can just imagine Kenneth hanging out w/ Myolie tho in Hunan since they’re better friends… i hope im wrong!

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