D.I.E. Promotions + Updates

April 3, 2008 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

UPDATE: Kevin Cheng has been confirmed to participate in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – hm..so obviously Kevin’s gonna make it to the end lol. (like last time how they kept Sonija to the end due to her popularity).. Hopefully Kenneth’s still in and he makes it far! (maybe Kevin’s gonna pair up w/ Myolie…as long as Kenneth gets Bernice..i’m ok.lol)

*All I have to say is Thank goodness this was NOT Kenneth haha. It was Stephen Hyuhn & Queenie! We never see pix of Kenneth @ promos. Where does he hide? He’s not even mentioned in the article!

Another Ending for “D.I.E” Where Roger Kwok Comes Back to Life

Yesterday Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and others attended a promotional function for the series “D.I.E”. Originally the organizers planned a “water battle” promotion. All the artistes prepared swimwear underneath their clothing but the event was cancelled due to the rainy weather. The promotion event was held indoors instead. They played some “Super Trio” games. They used their mouths to transfer playing cards. Sonija showed off her strength and carried Roger. The producer 張乾文 expressed that the series is popular. He is planning to film an alternative ending so Roger doesn’t need to die.

*Credits: http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com/

COMMENTS: Is Kenneth having some difficulty carrying Rain Lau Yuk Chui? haha… gosh..first he can’t carry Queenie (btw. I heard she literally jumped on his back during the promo – is this true?)…and now Rain? lol. That spells trouble! How is he gonna carry Bernice when they dance together huh? ~crosses fingers~ haha…i find it hard to believe that Kenneth can’t carry them as he could lift up Myolie in TGWL.. the press so exaggerate lol!

Extra: Bella Poster

– Funny how Amigo won Next Awards this year and Kenneth won last year (same as the Most Improved “Artist”for TVB)

– haha. Kenneth’s uneven tan while filming for “Man In Charge”

If interested: Pix of Kenneth & Margie (caught eating together along w/ the DIE crew while press was in same restaurant for Ten Brothers promo – Kenneth quickly claimed Roger was coming… wonder where the rest of the cast was?): http://www.starphotohk.com/20070307-TsangWahSei&MaKwokMingLunch/page_01.htm

*Credits: MKMC Forum

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