TVB Did It Again!

April 5, 2008 at 4:52 pm (news)


Strictly Come Dancing – There will be NO BK! I’m so sad right now! Bernice apparently is not listed as one of the 10 stars taking part in the show. However, Kenneth is definitely confirmed. Nancy Wu will also take part so hopefully we can have some KenNancy! ~crosses fingers~ (hopefully they don’t decide to make it Derek-Nancy) I just knew the BK thing was too good to be true! grrr… TVB! Why must you always lie to us and get our hopes up?? huh?! lol.

Participants: Eddie Kwan, Christine Ng, Angela Tong, Myolie Wu, Timmy Hung, Derek Kwok, Grace Wong, Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, & Nancy Wu….

Here’s a link to THE LIST:

On the bright side, since Kenneth’s participating, maybe we’ll get a nice pic of him? So here’s the website for the show. The new season stuff is, of course, not up yet, but keep an eye out for it!

“Strictly Come Dancing season 2 starts from April 7 till June 6th, 2008. HunanTV will be broadcasting live [@ 8 pm], while TVB will air the show on weekend’s prime time. In addition, the show will be aired in US, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan by TVBI.

The format for 2nd season is a little different as normal people get to participate as well. Like previous season, TVB and HunanTV each will send 10 celebrities participants. Meanwhile normal contestants from 7 states in China will contest against each another to have a chance to dance with the celeb finalists in the last 2 weeks.”

Credits: sehseh @

Season 2 Trailer:

*Press Conference for Season 2 will be on 4/10/08!

Kenneth’s Blog Update (Finally haha!)


My Heart’s Very Nervous (The Mood is very Intense – Rough Translation)

“After finding out that I will be taking part in “Strictly Come Dancing 2″, I’m really nervous.
I’ve never learned how to dance before, and rarely did any dance performances in the past.
In the coming days we’ll start to practice dancing, I’m hoping I could handle this.”

*Credits: mv_288 @

Side Note: Seems like Kenneth’s been on a VERY LONG vacation from filming series. I know he still has a few series that haven’t aired yet, but it’s not good to not be filming! I heard he went on a family vacation during this ‘vacation’ period, which is very good for him (Did he really go to England? He’s so low key, it’s hard to even keep track of him!). We don’t want him overworked! Since he’s going to Hunan now, we might not get a Kenneth feed in a while after all his series are aired. Hope he resumes filming soon! (Hopefully, he still gets to lead series despite the other guys being freed up from the big productions!)


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