Updates: Strictly Come Dancing…

April 6, 2008 at 9:41 pm (myolie wu, nancy wu, updates)

The “SCD” video of all 20 stars, 10 from HK and 10 from Mainland, that will be participating in the show is now up. The video is comprised of old pix. Hopefully, they’ll shoot new ones for the show itself! ~crosses fingers~ (haha, we know how well that works!)

Here is the link and screen shots of the HK stars.


Comments: Hopefully they totally reshoot the pix for the show & give it a more dance feeling. hm… im surprised Kenneth’s pic if in the front and bigger than Kevin’s (who is popular in mainland). However, I’m upset that Grace Wong’s pic is in front of Nancy’s and that Eddie’s is larger than Derek’s. Hope this is not a sign of anything based on ranking lol. So the show’ll be airing starting 4/17/08. I cannot wait!

BTW, Hope Nancy dyes her hair back darker and gets some extensions. lol. I really do not like her current hair style ….the bold blonde lol. She’s such a pretty girl, but that hairstyle would look so out of place with the dancing gowns…maybe at least dye it darker brown and sweep it up to look like she put her hair back?

Hopefully we’ll get some KenNancy!

*haha. isn’t it cute how Kenneth is carrying Nancy!

Credits: Kenworld

*From Sonija’s Blog – Kenneth standing to the two girls he “should’ve” been paired with in DIE!


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