Sharon, Myolie, & Selena – Thoughts on Kenneth

April 7, 2008 at 2:18 am (myolie wu, selena li, sharon chan, Uncategorized)

Host: Speaking of male artists, who have you all collaborated with the most?

Myolie: My fans counted this for me online, it is Kenneth Ma.

Sharon: I have hosted two shows with him in Hong Kong. [I believe the translation should be “two series”]

Selena: It’s always him during magazine photoshoots.

Sharon: He is very popular!

Myolie: Haha!

Host: Please tell us about the deepest impression you had on him?

Sharon: He is very obedient and filial.

Selena: He is very real, but there are times he pretends to be naughty.

Sharon: And he doesn’t smoke.

Myolie: Why don’t you marry him then?

Sharon: I like guys with a big tummy!

Myolie: Haha!

Comments: Aww… three of Kenneth’s good friends. I guess this was an interview done in Mainland? Way to go Kenneth! Hopefully he’ll get to spread his name all over China! haha. About the comment made by Sharon – they’ve so been in more series together than 2! Lemme see: Dreams of Colours, Summer Heat, Survivor’s Law…and was there anymore? lol. OH well, she probably totally forgot SH cuz it was such a small role. I’m surprised Myolie didn’t get to compliment Kenneth lol. Haha, yeah sharon why DOn’t you marry Kenneth. jkjk. It always makes me wonder why the girls have so many great things to say about Kenneth and none of them date him! I wonder which one of the three Kenneth’s closest with? What’s your guess?

*Credits: Aspire @


The full translation of the entire interview w/ the three ladies. It seems that Kenneth fits almost all there requirements for an ideal bf…except for the tummy that Sharon wants haha!


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