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April 8, 2008 at 1:21 am (kate tsui, Leila Tong, Man In Charge, Matthew Ko, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, selena li, Sweet Talk, The Four, The Speech of Silence, updates)

The Four

* Sources indicate that The Four will be released around Mid-May or June of this year, targeting the younger generation who are off during the summer. Sammul’s manager Ivy has confirmed that the themesong is going to be sang by the four leads, so Kenneth will take part in the themesong! There will be 25 episodes.

Cast: Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Ron Ng, Cilla Kung, Sammul Chan, Vivi Li, Crystal Tin, Dominic Lam

Man In Charge aka Hidden Master

* Rumor has it that Man In Charge will be airing soon, possibly before The Four. It is believed that the series may be released after Catch Me Now. There will be 20 Episodes.

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong, Mathew Ko

Credits: Ronng.net & asianfanatics.net

COMMENTS: Glad to hear that two more Kenneth series will be coming out this year and they’re ANCIENT! I haven’t seen a Kenneth ancient series in a while. I just can’t wait! I’m sorta surprised that the theme’s going to be sang by all four guys. Although it makes sense, I just thought super-biased TVB would let Raymond sing the theme or maybe even Ray and Ron. At first I thought it would be awesome if all four guys got to sing the song, but now that I think about it, it would just be weird. Can you imagine all four of them getting up on stage and lipsynching singing together? lol. What are they, F4? That would be majorly weird. Well, I’m guessing Raymond will probably get to sing the subtheme. Haha, I was hoping that Kenneth would be able to get a song himself, a pretty far fetched idea. He’s standing in a pretty good position in the tentative poster though…hehe…

As for Man In Charge, I’m really hoping that Kenneth gets his own themesong. For some odd reason though, I have a feeling that they’ll let Kate sing or at least make it a duet. Hopefully, it won’t be a funny song like the one in SP or the songs from WOIL! I want it to be a serious nice song lol. (If I were given a choice, however, as to which theme Kenneth were to sing, the one for Man in Charge or The Speech of Silence, I would totally vote for TSOS since modern songs tend to be more serious & better.)

I have a feeling The Speech of Silence will probably air at the beginning of next year, probably around the same time as SLII was aired or in February in time for Valentine’s Day. While the beginning of the year timeslots pose as a disadvantage for ratings and people tend to forget it by the Anniversary, I think Kenneth will be able to pull it off once again. Afterall, he prove he could in SLII. I just cannot wait for all three series. It scares me though that there’s no news of any new Kenneth series where he is leading coming out. Hopefully, he’ll continue to lead series and that more than 2 series of his, TSOS and Just Love II will come out next year!

* Kenneth getting made-up for The Speech of Silence.

Aw..he’s reading his script intently! He’s wearing that silver bracelet, his necklace, his watch, his favorite dress style – the tank and drinking his fav drink lemon ice tea! haha… he is so consistent with what he wears and his likes. Haha, what’s with the computerized autograph? – Are those cute donald duck gifts or does he actually carry that around?

Credits: MKMC Forum


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