Kenneth at an Events with Sharon

April 9, 2008 at 12:24 am (sharon chan)

2008-03-28 清遠廣播電視台20周年台慶

I just wandered upon Sharon’s site today and found these recent pix of ShaKen at an event together. I have now idea what this event is, appears to be some 20th Anniversary for TV or something. Hm… never heard about this even at all. Nothing about it on Wilson’s Blog yet? Is this in China or HK? Btw, haven’t seen them together in ages! They’re such good friends and look pretty compatible physically. Wish TVB would let them lead a series together; it’ll be fresh w/ both of them w/ more screen time together! Looks like they took pix together before the event as well from the clothes change. Has anyone notice how almost every year, well for at least 2 yrs anyways, Sharon gets to walk w/ Kenneth when they enter the stage at the Anniversary? (You hardly see them, but I noticed it lol. expect for last year of course when S4 walked w/ Liza Wang)

Here are the pix.

The Below is a pic from another event. haha. They’re all pretending to be wax figures! Aww… look Kenneth’s taunting Patrick!

Kenneth: haha…so are you gonna come on over and fight for Selena?

Patrick: grrr….


pix also found @:


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  1. cami said,

    Kenneth and Sharron looks really compatible, their physical look really match each other. And i agree with you, tvb should really let them lead a series=]
    Omg i realized that they walked annversaires together, tvb probably put them together because, their not any guy thats taller than Sharron in tvb except for

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