Kenneth Heading for Hunan – 4/14/08

April 14, 2008 at 11:47 pm (strictly come dancing)

* Kenneth sure likes this shirt! He’s worn it so many times! It’s a very bright nice color haha! I love yellow! Aw…he’s wearing glasses…wonder if those are his real glasses or is it just for fashion?

*Aw…Kenneth and Kevin in the background! So cute!

Other related functions:

For all those who have not seen the video on Kenneth’s blog, please check it out…it’s very cute!…adance1104.flv

Kenneth is sure loved by the ladies (aw..I knew Myolie & Nancy were his friends, but sumhow I just KNEW he’d hit it off w/ wacky Christine as well lol!) ! While it seems that he doesn’t have high hopes, I really want to see Kenneth at least make it to the pairings! From what is seen in the video, I think Kenneth will be able to pull it off…hopefully the mainlanders will like him enough to keep him around! According to

The format is the same as last year, 10 male contestant and 10 female contestant battle in their category. Each week 2 person from each catergory with lowest score will be eliminated. After 8 people have been eliminated, the remaining 12 will be paired up with one another via voting. Every week onwards 2 more pair will be eliminated until the final 3 pair.

* Side note: Kevin Cheng is team captain this year and hopes to repeat Michael’s success…. well, I’ve never seen Kevin dance before and just can’t imagine him as a dancer lol. I know this is a little late, but I was too busy over the weekend to update.


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