TVB guys dub themselves as “The Disabled Youths”

April 16, 2008 at 12:52 am (myolie wu, nancy wu, news, strictly come dancing)

Kevin Cheng jokes and Proclaims He’s Disabled as He can’t Dance.
Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Angela Tong, Nancy Wu, Derek Kwok, Timmy Hung, Grace Wong, Eddie Kwan and Christine Ng headed off to Wu Nan yesterday to represent TVB for the collaboration show (Strictly Come Dancing 2). Numerous people have expressed that they favour Nancy Wu and Grace Wong as they both have dancing experience. But Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung, Kenneth Ma and the other guys proclaimed themselves as (The Disabled Youth’s.) They joked that they would use their secret weapons to cause chaos for the China Female representatives. Last time Dancing King Michael Tse had won the competition, but this time only Nancy Wu and Grace Wong had dancing experience in the past.

Eliminated in the First Round

Kenneth Ma joked “Christine Ng and me have already planned to be eliminated in the first round”. Also Myolie stated that she thought Timmy Hung was pretty good but he later expressed “As for the male’s particpants there’s only 5 disabled youths. When I did a cowboy dance I looked like a rebel. The male’s are weaker this year but that’s why we have to create chaos for the China female particpants.

Sexy Outfits
In addition, Myolie Wu and Angela Tong will dance Latin and Tango. They will both wear sexy outfits such as the one’s Shirley Yeung wore last year. Myolie immediately laughed “ I’m not as sexy as Shirley”. She also explained that she had a lot of pressure during rehearsals. “ The dance routine is focused on feel, not only do you have to dance but you have to act too. “
Angela Tong claimed that the outfits were very tight and sexy therefore she would need to exercise regularly.

Grace Wong used to dance Hip hop at her university. While Nancy Wu has 8 years experience in Chinese Dance. Nancy found it difficult to adapt to Latin. “It’s my first time learning Latin dance. At first it was very hard to adapt to and I found it difficult to learn. I also had a lot of minor injuries. But the most important thing is that I don’t injure my waist.

Credits: kingkongit27 @

Contestant numbers: (for sms voting in future rounds)

01 Junning Zhang
02 Eddie Kwan
03 Kenneth Ma
04 Li Cheng Xuan
05 Dong Fang
06 Gao Zi Qi
07 Kevin Cheng
08 Derek Kwok
09 Yu Hao Ming
10 Timmy Hung
11 Preaw Sha Li
12 Nancy Wu
13 Christine Ng
14 Ruoxi Yang
15 Angela Tong
16 Niu Meng Meng
17 Laetitia Zeppellini
18 Myolie Wu
19 Chen Lu
20 Grace Wong

Credits: Sehseh @

Comments: Haha. why in the world can’t the team captain dance??! lol. haha. I like that, the 5 disabled youths! that’s cute. Nice that Kenneth’s bonding w/ Christine over something! Well the point of the show is to show ppl who can’t dance in the first place learning how to…hence the “miracle” part of the name…. it was kinda like cheating to put Michael in last time, but then again, some of the mainlanders had experience as well. I just can’t wait to see the show! Hopefully, they’ll let us see more behind the scenes stuff and some awesome friendships! I really really really want Kenneth to stay past the first night! I hope he was kidding about his plan w/ Christine haha..he can’t be that bad…can he? Well, if anything, like he says, he can just come back and film more series…. which would be awesome too!

*The girls look so nice in this picture. Wonder where Christine was? In another interview, Myolie mentioned that she’s pressured to do better since “Grace, Nancy, Timmy and Derek were all doing so well.” hm… no mentioned of Kenneth lol…so I guess he’s not doing so well lol….


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