Did the show already air?

April 17, 2008 at 7:50 pm (strictly come dancing)

The Entrance

Wow! How Prince-like!

The two lowest scores?!

From the looks of the pictures, it seems like the first episode has already aired. The guys were dancing. It seems out of all the guys, Kenneth’s got the slow dance. I would’ve loved a faster dance, but it doesn’t quite fit Kenneth I guess. Hm…the above picture… I’m not sure, but is Kenneth one of the two w/ the lowest judged scores? If so and it’s any thing like last season, he’d have to perform first in the next epi (for guys) in the PK (Player Killing) competition against the other guy in order to see if he can make it on. There’s still hope! (Remember Carlo Ng from last season, he was in the lowest two every week and ended up being in top 4!) Haha…i really like Kenneth’s shirt… very patriotic! Love his smile….

Know anyone who lives in HK or China? Tell them to text in and vote for Kenneth Ma – 03 or don’t tell them who they’re voting for lol, just tell them to go w/ number three!!


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