Scores for the guys are out!!!

April 17, 2008 at 8:51 pm (strictly come dancing)


Eddie Kwan – 8.0 average
Kevin Cheng – 8.0 average
Timmy Hung – 8.5 average
Kenneth Ma – 8.5 average
Derek Kwok – 7.25 average

Not Including votes from the audience yet!

Li Cheng Xuan [korea] – 8.5 average
Zhang Jun Ning – 8.5 average
Yu Hao Minh – 8.0 average
Gao Zi Qi – 8.25 average
Dong Fang [thai] – 8.5 average

Without the audience’s votes, it seems like Kenneth is definitely not the bottom two. ~crosses fingers~ hope the audience’s votes don’t hurt him!

This is supposedly the clip for the show…but I can’t see anything…you guys can try ur luck!

Here’s a link to a clip of Kenneth for D.I.E. It’s funny how Kenneth feels that Sonija should choose Roger instead of himself!

Also: On the SCDII site, there’s a link to Kenneth’s blog, but it’s a different one from the TVB one. The content is the same I believe, but it’s a sina blog and has a soccer background. haha… a better fit for Kenneth… lots of fans are leaving comments there it seems. I wonder if the comments are different from the TVB blog as well cuz it seems like there are lots of Kenneth fans!


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