Strictly Come Dancing Updates!

April 18, 2008 at 4:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Kenneth’s scores were: 8, 8, 9, 9 = average of 8.5

While he wasn’t the best dancer, apparently Kenneth wooed and wowed the judges!

According to Y! ID:hyn5:

Kenneth impressed the judges with his smile and courageous effort. He was also praised by Teacher Chou on his professionalism. Kenneth also has many supporters from the audience.

I can’t seem to watch it online, but heard that all the TVB girls were screaming like crazy for Kenneth!

Here’s what someone posted on his forum:

It was a successful night for Ma Ming. He was nervous, and somewhat stiff, but he did it! He looked soooooooo HOT!
If you have watched his performance online (if not, you SHOULD), you probably realize that all the girls (TVB) cheered soooooo hard for him! He was really really really charming (like a white horse prince…seriously). Myolie couldn’t stop screaming, she was really excited for him, and so as Nancy and Grace Wong. hahaha. Nancy kept shouting “Ma Ming” haha…
Ma Ming, you did it!!!!

This is suppose to be the clip of Kenneth dancing, but somehow I can’t see it. It stops at the host passing it on to Dodo Cheng, but doesn’t show the performance? Maybe there’s something wrong w/ my browser. You guys can try your luck! (Apparently Kenneth & his partner had a lot of pretend ready to get jealous lol!)

Screencaps are up on Wilson’s blog so it worked for him!

So Kenneth is “An Officer and A Gentleman” lol. He’s so serious looking! He should just pretend he’s acting, cuz we all know anything is possible when Kenneth’s acting!

Kenneth’s blog updates:

*Is this the same girl, the one w/ the blonde wig? If so, how is she gonna keep the wig on doing those moves? haha… this looks really good…

haha I LOVE this picture! Kenneth looks like he’s in such pain! Myolie is trying to help him loosen up! The expression is priceless!

Scores for the girls: Nancy is in the lead! Go Nancy and she had a perfect score from the judges!!! woohoo!

Credits: joyce_20176 @

Kenneth fans in Hunan…What a beautiful banner they made! Where’d that picture come from? It’s so kute!



  1. Carmen said,

    OMG! I love and totally agree with this comment you’ve made, its so true!!!!!
    “He should just pretend he’s acting, cuz we all know anything is possible when Kenneth’s acting!”

    Looking at the picture where Kenneth and all the dancers lined up…OMG….Kenneth is so much taller than the rest of them!!!!
    Now thinking back, those dancers must have taken part in at least 5 out of the 10 dances that all 10 of the artists had to do… did they manage the practice schedules! A big thumbs up for the dancers!!!

  2. bbfreak said,

    the dancers are hard core haha…

    one of the dancers Joey Law was the winner of Mr. HK 2008 youth group…

    he also voted for Kenneth in the best supporting actor category during a mag survey of who voted for who…

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