3Weekly: Frog Prince – Kenneth Ma

April 19, 2008 at 6:20 pm (interviews)

It is sometimes inevitable for artistes, who live under the shine of neon lights, have their true self masked by the bright lights. In order to understand them at a deeper level, one can only do so when they’re outside the studios and in the real world.

The gigantic time wheel will only continue to spin forward; this is an unchanging rule. As time passes, the contents of that book of recollections inside each of our heart will only get richer and more exciting. The image of Kenneth Ma seen by people through the television screens is ever-changing – sometimes a joker, sometimes a suave lawyer. However, he personally feels that he is still the same sloppy kid on the soccer field from twenty years ago. Having gone through the passage of time, having seen all kinds of bizarre happenings in showbiz, this sloppy kid is slowly evolving from a ‘wild horse’ into a ‘refined horse’. He even has the chance of being the unexpected ‘dark horse’.

Kenneth, who had entered the showbiz for ten years, had always taken up supporting roles which did not draw much attention. It was only until his role as MK 1 in ‘Survivor’s Law II’ that he begun to make the audience’s eyes light up. Although he has an attractive appearance, his image was not striking enough. “I never knew how to dress up and don’t bother much about my appearance. But I know that being in the showbiz, this will make me lose out. However, what’s most ironic is that MK, who doesn’t care much about his appearance, is actually just like me. But he managed to win praises; this was totally unexpected,” Kenneth commented.

Acting as himself
Recalling the time when he applied for the training class, Kenneth described himself as “Fat and having pimple marks all over his face. The skin complexion was really bad.” He said, “I used to dress really sloppily. My wardrobe was filled with mostly T-shirts, jeans and a few pieces of jackets. Actually there isn’t much a change even now.” He never buys branded stuff because he doesn’t see the need to, even now. He is not particular about his clothes and even his hairstyle is as natural looking. Don’t think that Kenneth is a trendy person just because he looks so smart in photoshoots. He says that if he were to do it himself, he’d rather just put on a cap. “I never gelled my hair; it was only after entering showbiz that there was a need to. I tried to gel it myself a couple of times but it all failed. Although I stirred up a storm trying to work at it with my own hands, it only made it worse. It always ends up with me having to put on a cap. Not only does it waste my time, it makes me feel silly and dumb.”

Regardless of whether one’s gender, slapping on makeup is part of an artiste’s job so that they’ll look good onscreen. Recalling the first time he put on makeup, Kenneth says, “Since young, I’ve never thought that a man will have anything to do with makeup, especially myself! I was very reluctant initially and dare not show myself to others after putting on makeup because I felt uncomfortable. But I’m already used to it by now, of course!” Ever since he became the spokesperson for a brand of skincare products for males, Kenneth begun to understand that an artiste’s complexion is extremely important to him and developed the right attitude towards skincare.

Soccer Player

The reason behind why Kenneth gives off a sense of masculinity both externally and internally is because of the ‘training’ he had. “When I was young, I used to ice-skate with the other kids after school.” He always went home with marks of his latest conquest all over his arms and legs. After watching the cartoon ‘足球小將’ 2, which won over all the primary school children in Hong Kong, Kenneth, like all other kids, became a fan of the two characters in the show.

“At that time, my after-school routine for almost the entire week was to go play a game of soccer. We often bruised our knees while playing. Even so, the whole group of friends still enjoyed the game a lot. There was so much feel to it,” Kenneth blabbered on. It was as though time had gone back to twenty years ago. His eyes seemed to flash with his recollections of that time and his face, which had had a tensed expression, started to relax as he became increasingly excited as he spoke.

The epitome of enjoyment

Childhood times are always that difficult to forget. Even up till today, even though he is now a public figure, so long as he has got no work on hand, he will appear at the soccer field for a game. If one day, you were to see someone resembling Kenneth at that unknown soccer field, don’t be surprised – that person may well by Kenneth.

Other than soccer, Kenneth feels that going for 菠蘿油 3 and milk tea at a teahouse is the best form of enjoyment there is. Kenneth had never forgotten these two great loves of his. Occasionally, he will hear a child from the table besides his crying out “MK!” That is already sufficient to make him delighted for the entire day. He says, “At least this shows that I’ve taken the first step towards success.” With his steady performance being recognized, he will surely take his second step very soon…and then the third…

1 MK Sun from Survivor’s Law II (Note: If you didn’t watch it, you better go watch it now! haha)
2 A Japanese anime revolving around soccer.
3 A popular HK tea snack: a bun with pineapple fillings.

Credits: karened @ AF (for translation), 3 Weekly (original article) & MKMC (scans)

Comments: I wholeheartedly thank karened for translating this article. I’ve put it up for translation for so long and no one has done it. Thanks lots karened! Kenneth fans love u! haha. (I made some minor edits..hope that’s ok)

Omg. Kenneth is so adorable and down to earth! It sounds more like a fan writing about him than a reporter haha. I love how he felt “dumb” for gelling his hair and how he was “fat” ? (i always thought he was skinny when he entered the acting class lol) Go Kenneth…no brandnames! thank goodness he’s not a blind worshipper of brand names, which are alot of times a waster of money! Hm… maybe we should scout the soccer fields when we go to HK or check out the local teahouse! Glad to hear he knows that MK Sun is popular. Now we all know why Kenneth always has a cap on…not cuz he’s lazy to comb his hair (of course not since he’s so neat) – but because he can’t gel his hair haha! Does this mean Kenneth doesn’t wear or know how to apply makeup on his own either? At least we know that stars aren’t all appearance-gurus! When the interviewer said Kenneth all of a sudden relaxed his face, I could totally imagine it. He’s so tense and serious about doing anything! (that sounds like me, maybe that’s why I like him so much haha) Love the dark horse comments…. and where in the world does the ‘frog prince’ come from? …maybe we’ll find out if we give him a kiss? ~winks~ (that’s what that dancing girl was trying to do…to see if he could become anymore princely!) – btw Kenneth’s really true to his word when he says he doesn’t have much of a wardrobe (tho i love the way he dresses) since we do see some repeats in clothes -which is rare for celebs- and that bracelet, watch and necklace he ALWAYS wears…but then again, Kenneth is a rarity himself!



  1. karened said,

    LOL..true, I have no idea where the title came from. Frog Prince? O.O Oh wells..haha! Yep, I like him simple nature…it’s hard to find someone in the showbiz who’s still as down to earth as he is…usually those who enters morph into something else. Kenneth’s unique! And haha I will TRY to watch SL2…I just…..I’m a fan of SL1 and them taking away Bernice and Raymond from SL2 (and myolie of course but I don’t care that much) made me sick to the stomach…Plus Sammul HAD TO turn bad again….*faints* One Kenneth is not enough to cure it, but hmm…seeing that he is so popular in that show maybe I’ll try it out. =D

  2. bbfreak said,

    OMG…Kenneth IS enough to save the show haha..lol… Well, SL2 has a VERY different flavor to it…it’s less intense…more laidback… it feels like two different series except for Sammul’s Vincent. It actually worked out I think for a sequel…i guess it’s cuz SLI was so long ago, it didn’t feel like they “took away” Ray, Myo, or Bernice. It just feels like a different stage in Sammul’s life and that all along MK was living a life in another part of HK while SL1 was going on..haha did that even make sense?
    I honestly prefer SL2, not just cuz of kenneth, but cuz it had a more warm and fuzzy feeling… i love the little family dramas so it was more for me… it had more family elements as opposed to SL1 which was more love-concentrated
    I don’t feel taht sammul turned bad..i actually like sammul in SL2 more so than in SL1…i couldn’t stand him in the prequel! I really pitied sammul in SL2 and actually could understand most of the time where he’s coming from…

    yup… give it a try.. really recommend Kenneth/MK-Bobo scenes!

  3. Carmen said,

    few comments about your comments…haha

    yea, i was laughing when i read that Kenneth can’t gel his hair properly. and now that I think of it, there has been times that i felt Kenneth’s hair looks a little “un-cool” like not as sharp compared to what you might have seen a few days ago with the same hair style. and since he explained that he can’t do his hair properly, it makes sense to me. haha

    about SL1 and SL2, in accordance to the title of the series. to me it only made sense that there was “new blood” to the series, because its the “new laywers” that they are trying to tell a story about. if they kept all the actors from SL1, then i think they would need to change the title a bit….kind of like “Heat Beat” (I think i might have got the title wrong) but the drama with Ron Ng, Sammul Chan acting as police in training and then on the job.
    your comment that MK Sun was probably living in another part on HK minding his own business totally fits, now that you’ve suggested, i think that would have been a nice little storyline to add in. haha, link it into the series as flashbacks that Vincent. anyways, getting a bit carried away here…haha….

  4. Carmen said,

    about the watch…
    although I can’t say he’s always wearing the same watch, he did say once in an interview or something that there’s a certain watch he always wears because it was from his dad or something. And he would only buy mechanical watches, because he believes only thoses watches are the good ones (please don’t quote me on this though, very shady memory of his exact words)

  5. bbfreak said,

    oh wow, I never heard the interview about the watch…really…if you ever find it let me know lol…

    yesh… sometimes my imagination gets carried away too… you know at: http://virtuesofharmony.net/forum

    there are still fans tlaking about SLII…there are a few fans continuing the story of Lily and MK Sun (i tink they may have stopped by now but they held up for a very long time)…maybe u’d like to check it out haha…

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