Kenneth’s Peformance – and Nancy’s!

April 19, 2008 at 3:24 pm (videos)

^That is one romantic picture…now if only we could replace the girl… hm… anyone out there good at manipulations? Fans would really appreciate it if you’d change the girl to Bernice…~smilez~ and I’ll love to post it on this blog… hehe… err…another girl would not be acceptable tho lol… I love the glittery things in his hair…so majestic!

So I finally found out that there were 200 ppl in the audience and Kenneth got like 183 supporters of the 200, that’s really good…! Congrats!

So considering that is not so reliable and someone was kind enough to upload this, here’s Kenneth’s Performance on Youtube!

Both are the same performance, EXCEPT the first one ^ has the part where the girls are describing him before he enters!

Credits: Caja @

^The Sina site appears to be better organized than the HunanTV site for Strictly Come Dancing II!

Found this on youtube – some one was lucky enough to see Kenneth on the streets, but caught only a video of his back… click on more to read the whole story on the youtube page!

Awesome video of Kenneth and Berniceand steven…hehe..that totally ruined the moment lol.


In the blog above, the owner has written something about “Our Dark Horse Prince” – I so mirror her feelings lol! seems like we wrote similar entries! yup…i couldn’t stop thinking about how charming our prince was and is haha!

*Nancy’s Performance for all those Interested!*


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