Team Awesomeness!

April 22, 2008 at 1:17 am (christine ng, strictly come dancing)

Haha. Kenneth updated his blog again yeah! lol. Though I guess its someone blogging for him, since I highly doubt TVB stars update these blogs themselves!

And guess who’s in his pictures? Fellow underdog Christine Ng! It’s so funny how wing834 and I were talking about how they would make a hilarious and funny team in the chatroom (and if you haven’t done so yet, come join us!). I guess they hit it off well! I personally think Christine is hilarious and am glad her and Kenneth are friends! Can’t wait to see the behind the scenes as I know they’ll be great! So officially these two are Team Awesomeness! haha…

Giving us a sexy star…aw….

This is definitely the ‘Team Awesomeness’ photo! haha… so full of power! woohoo!

Aw…Kenneth pretending to give Christine a rose! lol. I can tell Christine is really enjoying Kenneth’s company haha…

“Would you like to eat with me?”….

Miss Lok seems to really like Kenneth!

Aww…why is Kenneth speaking into a …waterbottle?! lol. Are they that short of mics?!

Any available out there…please translate Kenneth’s short blog entry and I will post it here and properly accredit you. (you can post it in the comments section here, email it to me: , or post it at AF) Thanks in advance!




  1. Carmen said,


    Its been a while, I’m not sure if you still want the translation or not…but here it is…

    During the first round, because of luck I was able to achieve a pretty good score, but I will not be conceited.
    I know the dances later will be harder and difficult, hence I will continue to work hard, and I will not slack off about it.

  2. bbfreak said,

    thanks for the translation

    just a thought, does his manager update his blog? I wonder how the tvb blogs actually work…

  3. Carmen said,

    from what I know. there actually a crew of TVB ppl, I think they call themselves the “” crew that goes out and asks the artists questions and stuff, and then the crew will update the blogs for the artists. in other cases the artists would update their blogs themselves.

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