The Low-Profile New Age Actor (Siu Sang)- Kenneth Ma

April 22, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

The Low-Profile New Age Actor

Among the newcomers TVB is trying promote in the past few years, Kenneth Ma is considered the most low-key one and makes the least headlines in the news. He was introduced to the audience three years ago in Triumph In The Skies where Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and him were known as S4. In these three years, Ron and Bosco both had had an endless stream of rumoured romances and hence were often seen in the news. As for Sammul, he made rather good progress in his career as well. Although Kenneth never stopped participating in filming work and even showed a rather outstanding performance in the recently-aired Love Guaranteed, the level of audience exposure he had is still the least among the four.

Looking back at the past three years, Kenneth Ma had changed neither his personality nor his lifestyle after he joined the showbiz. He says “I joined the industry because I like acting. Hence, my job is to act and my goal is very clear and simple. Besides, there is nothing for me to compare with them three. We all have our own work and (career) advancements. I’ve been quite busy with filming these few years and don’t even have the time to sleep. Under such conditions, how can I generate any news?”

Kenneth also admits that his low-profile has something to do with his personality. He says, “My goal is to act. News reports and the frequency at which I appear in the news are by-products. Besides, a lot of veterans are also very low-profile, such as Liu Qing Yun and Su Yu Hua – they put their acting abilities in first place. I hope to learn from them, especially since I personally like to keep a low-profile. For example, I was very rational in my support for Leslie Cheung back then. I will only support him by watching his films or buying his albums. I won’t wait overnight for him to appear or chase after his car. Besides, I’m not trying to portray myself as an idol right now so it’s normal for me to keep a low-profile.”

Although TVB has been pushing the new generation of actors to an all-rounded career development, Kenneth’s work has been focused on filming. However, he does not mind this. He says, “Of course I do hope to develop in all areas but I’d like to focus solely on filming right now because I want the tv audience to accept me further. I will try out other areas of work when I’ve entered into the hearts of the audience.”

Easily Satisfied

His entrance into showbiz did not change Kenneth’s personality and his view towards spending. He says, “The lifestyle I aim for is one that is comfortable and simple. Although my father has already retired and I am responsible for the family’s finances, this has not changed my outlook on life. I live a rather thrifty lifestyle; I don’t have to spend too much money. Also, I still take the subway and eat at the neighbourhood teahouses as before. My hobby is soccer so like you can see, my lifestyle is very ordinary.”

Kenneth, who holds a degree, joined the showbiz because he likes acting. He feels it is hard to come across a good opponent. He says, “I worked quite well with Cherie Kong in Love Guaranteed because that was the second time I worked with her (They once collaborated in Scavenger’s Paradise). She is one who’s willing to go through the script together with her opponent for a scene. In addition to that, there is chemistry between us. Filming with Love Guaranteed’s cast was really enjoyable and many of the dialogue lines were added spontaneously on the set. They came out pretty good.”

Credit: karened @ AF (translation) and MKMC forums (scans); original source unknown

Comments: Thanks again to karened for the translation! We really appreciate it! Kenneth is just so awesome…so simple and low profile! Glad to hear that Kenneth has not changed his true personality! Aw… I think Kenneth and Cherie are really good friends… I knew it! Kenneth so totally liked Cherie’s Maggie in LG! I love LG also lol… hm… they have chemistry eh? I didn’t know some lines were spontaneous… i wonder which ones were.. haha… how creative is Kenneth..cuz his lines were really hilarious in LG!


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