Updates: SCDII – info from fans that went to Hunan inside, Kenneth’s blog update, Round 2 for the guys – Kenneth is #3!

April 24, 2008 at 6:32 pm (strictly come dancing, Uncategorized)

Have not watched it yet, but Kenneth, you’re NOT leaving anytime soon! Yet again, Kenneth comes back and gets a score of 8.5, which is pretty decent AND he placed third among the guys (Kevin got 2nd)! I’m so proud of MaMing!

Scores: 16.92 (judges: 8.5, audience: 8.42) – #3

OMG. Kenneth looks so intense! Look at his eyes. This feels like a traditional chinese dance mixed w/ bull fighter! I can’t wait to see it! Look at his eyes! The fire in them…that’s so different from our gentle Kenneth! Too bad Derek is gone tho… I wonder what color MaMing will wear next?

Other pictures from the show:

Kenneth’s in the back!’

I love the Black Outfit Kenneth had on that night…too bad he didn’t get to perform w/ it on. He looked so hott!

Kenneth looks so cute…like a little boy!

According to < Y! ID:hyn5>’s blog (which is an awesome blog you must visit!)

Interesting note from fans who visited Kenneth in Hunan:

At the blessing of “Strictly Come Dancing II,” a group of Kenneth’s fans were waiting for him outside of the studio. TVB crew members saw them holding his signs, but the crew members told the fans that Kenneth will not be coming to this blessing ceremony (possibly the blessing for the girls’ night). The fans asked the crew member if they can ask Kenneth to come out. So, the crew member told another crew member to tell Kenneth that a lot of fans were waiting for him.

They waited for awhile, but Kenneth didn’t come out yet. Myolie Wu was the first artiste to come out, and when she saw all the Kenneth signs, she ran to them and said, “I want to take a group picture with Kenneth’s fans!” She asked her assistant to take the picture. Myolie held one of Kenneth’s signs and said, “Add oil, Kenneth!” Kenneth’s fans responded by saying, “Add oil, Myolie!”

A while later, Christine Ng came out and said, “Wow, there are a lot of Kenneth fans!” Kenneth’s fans talked to Christine for awhile and later asked, “How come it’s taking Kenneth so long to come out?” Christine responded, “I’ll go call him.”

When Kenneth came out, there was a bunch of reporters there who saw his fans, and they even offered to help him take the group picture. The reporters then asked Kenneth to pose in a dancing stance. Although Kenneth did a rather stiff pose, he was very adorable.

*Aw…Kenneth had lots of fans! that’s so kute! and the girls are such good friends w/ him!

Kenneth’s blog has been updated. Please visit it! I’m too lazy to post up his pictures… it’s all of him practicing and he looks so tired and in pain haha….It’s ok MaMing it’ll all pay off in the end!!!

Visit this site for more info and videos on SCDII: http://ent.tvb.com/strictlycomedancing/index.html

Credits: baidu, < Y! ID:hyn5>’s blog

Aw…look at this… MaMing’s one lucky guy…I know what Christine’s doing, but what is Nancy doing? haha…



  1. cami said,

    Omg the picture where nancy was leaning on kenneth just made me go, aaawhhhhh, they seem so compatible, nancy looks so cute with kenneth she it looks like she’s really comfortable with him.

    lol christine is helping kenneth stretch, lol myolie was helping kenneth too, awh all the girls seem to have this bond with kenneth!!

  2. Carmen said,

    Hey, I think the note from the fans that went to Hunan is worth posting at MKMC, if you’re okay about that. Show’s how popular Kenneth is in China, and that all the girls loves him!!! haha

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