Kenneth’s 2nd Performance!

April 25, 2008 at 2:44 am (Uncategorized)

Omg…Kenneth has improved! haha… both Teachers: YangYang and Chow Chi Kwan (they really like him) gave him 9’s and Jordan and the other guy gave him 8’s…ugh…lol…. !

I was very fierce. I love the contrast….the good boy last time and now the bad boy. Love his prep video…he is so hilarious! I believe Astrid really likes him as well.

Ok. So the pairings this time around are to be voted by the audience! So…. whoever ppl feel that Kenneth matches, they text in and the one w/ the most votes will be paired with him…omg… i wonder who’s gonna get to be paired w/ him…. i hoping ppl vote nancy… cuz i’m pretty sure they’d vote Kevolie… so…. unless they go w/ team underdog (which is cool as well)…as long as they don’t pair him w/ the other team haha… im fine! “Go Kenneth” u rock!

Credit: Sehseh @, MKMC forum


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