No KeNancy!

April 26, 2008 at 1:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Yet again, our hopes were high and are dropped. I thought that since it was up to the audience to vote, there would be a bigger chance of KeNancy. I was spot on for Kevolie…but :-(…not for KeNancy! … or at least Team Underdog/Awesomeness w/ Christine…. may I ask who in the world voted as they did?!

OH well…anyways I still very happy that Kenneth made it to the pairings!

Look inside for who Kenneth’s paired w/!

Kenneth Ma & Niu Meng Meng

The pairings were so early this yr…i don’t like it at all..but Kenneth will surely make it cute… hope they stay until the final four! (like Sonija & Carlo)

Does anyone know anything abt Niu Meng Meng? Is she popular…an actress/singer? I mean if she’s popular than its a good sign…lol…more votes for the team! lol. Is she good at dancing? I haven’t watched the Mainland performances…

I think this is her…not sure…

Credit: SehSeh @



  1. cami said,

    omg, tell me your kidding. I wantted kenancy so bad, i was look forward to that, now they him this girl, eh i dun even know her =[

  2. bbfreak said,’s kinda sad..and i’m unfortunately NOT kidding…it’s not even april fools’ lol.
    h/e…on another blog, the team pairings situation was posted up and it was described and Kenneth is so kute…! i’ll post that up’s on hifly which doesn’t really work for me..hope some one can put it on youtube! lol.

  3. Tien said,

    This girl I dunno where is she from..but she dances quite wwll so hopefully Kenneth will fare well with her…

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