Team Pairings

April 26, 2008 at 8:46 pm (Uncategorized)

So. While I’m quite upset about the pairings…what’s done is done. It’s kinda funny actually as someone on the other forum mentioned that Kenneth and his partner, whose name I’m not sure how it’s pronounced in cantonese have names of animals that both eat grass… lol. so its Ma (horse)-Niu(cow?) haha…that’s pretty cute..i guess…

So as i mentioned one of my fav blogs to surf just updated w/ the Team Pairings press con or something and here’s the link to it. Go HERE:

As I don’t have an account on Yahoo! blogs, I’ll just comment about it here.

It was sooooo ADORKable! Wa….Kenneth got chosen by TWO GIRLS! lol. ok. I was kinda hoping Myolie & Nancy would pick him as well, but they didn’t which was reasonable cuz it is a competition after all. They should’ve picked the strongest links! As for Christine picking Kenneth (aw…calling him a silly boy and Astrid calling him that also) that was really cute (kenneth was surprised!)… Since Christine is an underdog, it wouldn’t hurt her much to pick Kenneth, someone who she enjoys being w/ so that was reasonable.

What was supercute was that Chen Lu from the Mainland team chose him also! (She was the girl who asked him the question during epi3) aw… Timmy chose Chen Lu and Kenneth wanted to too, but Timmy wouldn’t let him…that’s so kute…. and how funny is it that Chen Lu chose Kenneth instead.. Haha… she was so not making sense when she said she chose Kenneth cuz he looked tall and strong (Timmy is comparably tall and has a LOT more meat on him) haha… we KNEW you chose him for other reasons..its ok to admit it… WAs she charmed away by Kenneth? Liked his silliness? Thinks he’s amazingly handsome? and so on…hahah… (Well, Chen Lu ended up being Timmy’s partner, but “ha timmy, it doesn’t matter if she’s actually ur partner nor if u got to write her name on ur card, all that matters is that SHE CHOSE KENNETH instead!” haha jkjk.. I ❤ timmy also…)

I just feel bad for whoever Kenneth was forced to pick on his card…haha he basically said that cuz Timmy didn’t let me pick Chen Lu, I randomly picked her… (haha. that’s how i interpret it anyways haha)

Well the TVB guys made a pact to choose Mainland girls…so that’s why Kenneth didn’t choose a TVB girl. I guess that’s a good idea cuz they don’t want rumors nor to upset their friends! I guess the voters did want diverse pairings.. haha its a win-win situation for them if any team wins! 1 Mainland – 1 TVB teams… only if Kevolie wins (which i kinda doubt) do TVB truly have the king and queen.

Haha…i know sum ppl didn’t like Kenneth’s outfit last time, but i really grew to like it. It was esp kute when he moved his lil antennae from side-to-side during judging… super adorable… some ppl say he’s overscored, but actually ALL of them are overscored lol… I’m ok w/ the biased as longest it helps Kenneth ahha…. i feel that the judges get to see a LOT more than we do and they are swayed by how hard the person I think that’s why some of the scores are so inflated! As Kenneth fans, I don’t think we expect him to win. Instead, we’re really proud of him for even going up on stage and doing what he’s done. Haha…we just want him to stay until the last night (final 4 i think?) and give us tons of videos, screencaps, awesome pictures and news to enjoy! (most of us LOVE the prep vids!)



  1. Carmen said,

    Although the show/competition has been long over with…I still want to make some comments….

    You’re right, as fans we know Kenneth will most unlikely win (nevermind about the rigged stuff)…but we were here to see his hard work, and improvements. And he showed us that he was capable of doing something as challenaging as dancing! Just as long as he’s willing to put his efforts in!

  2. bbfreak said,

    Haha. not only did he prove he could do it…he also charmed away a lot of women w/ his Prince look…. earning lots of fans!

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