Kenneth’s TVB Blog – Top 10! (Updates – more on Kenneth’s partner)

April 29, 2008 at 6:28 pm (myolie wu, nancy wu, niumengmeng, strictly come dancing)

I think this is the first time that it has happened for Kenneth! yay! He’s getting more popular!

He’s at number 8! yay!

Here are pix of the Horse-Cow team from his blog.

They look pretty good together… So I was rewatching the ending of epi 2. and realized Niu Meng Meng was one of the two lowest scores for the girls. However, I think she improved during the 4th epi or something.

Want to know more about Niu Meng Meng? Check out these links!

NMM’s Blog:

(old blog – she seems quite….)

Well Sehseh on commented that the whole pairings is rigged (which I too believe to be true) since if fans had their way Nancy would have been w/ YuHao Ming…. and that they were all paired based on a reason… like who would win…who’d stay in long enough…

If anything…I’m pretty sure TVB will Keep Kevin & Myolie around… and Grace & Nancy will end up in top 2. I’m worried about Kenneth though… I’m not sure where he’ll end up. I’m sure it’ll be very emotional (TVB would love that) if he leaves before the final four cuz the girls may cry or be upset. I’m not sure lol. Let’s wait and see.

Nancy sure has an interesting camera haha… Aw… Kenneth is taking a pic for Nancy & Myolie!

Here’s the result (what a good camerman!)


Another blogger that likes MaMing:!t8DJfteGEQX9mMPkP1HVxAfz



  1. Carmen said,

    I’ve always been curious about Kenneth and his English…and I thought I’m the only one like that…looks like you’ve been looking out for his English as well…lol

  2. bbfreak said,

    yup…I’m very curious about his english… glad to know I’m not the only one… we shall find out someday hahah!

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