Kenneth’s Blog – Appearance of Extra pictures?

April 30, 2008 at 9:48 pm (strictly come dancing)

It seems that Kenneth’s blog, tho not updated…miraculously appears with new pix under the same post haha ok maybe not miraculously. I believe it’s happened twice already with this post. Ah… Kenneth is still #8! I’m so happy. So guys… go click on his blog…whenever you have time haha….

So a few posts back I posted up a story from another blog about how Kenneth had fans waiting for him and the reporters took pix for them and Kenneth did a random pose… haha… so these pix from his blog so prove this incident was true! yay. He looked so good… I do wonder however, what took kenneth so long to come out. (Was he showering from his sweatyness haha? Practicing extra hard? Speaking with someone? Sleeping? Eating?…hm…. interesting…)

I LOVE Kenneth’s SMILE! aw…. He looks so good in his shirt! (I think I’ve seen that green bracelet before, I just can’t place it..but he doesn’t usu wear it w/ the… )

New VIDEOS up @ TVB!

Please visit. haha… they finally posted the full version of “Kenneth’s Nervous Nervous Video” (4/23) –

I think this is the most English he’s ever spoke in one sitting haha…  he said:

“Fifty Fifty” (how much confidence he has); “Full Dress Rehearsal” (what he did) haha…

and the other  video of him and later Derek was hilarious… he is Sooooo random! (From his eyes, I think someone totally put him up to doing it!) … He was like “WHAT DO WE DOOOOOOOooooo?!” (that was really funny and random..hahha he’s so adorable!

Note: just realized that a “non-fan” left a comment under the Mission & Me page. haha…wow … I’m oddly kinda proud that I was able to attract a non-fan to post… keke…


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  1. Emily Wan said,

    Keep up the good effort and hope you do better every time when you dance with your partner in Strictly come dancing, I’ll be watching out for you!

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