KMKMF will be on Hiatus until Mid June….

May 11, 2008 at 6:17 pm (words from me)

Dear Kenneth fans and everyone who’s stopped by,

I will be going on vacation for the summer to HK so I’ll be away for a month and will not be able to update. Please do stop by if you like to chat w/ others in the near empty chatroom lol. and to read up on whatever posts you didn’t have time to read before. I will be back so please stop by during Mid June!

As requested by Cami, a gallery will be set up soon. But seems like I won’t get to that until after I return. All the while, Cami is kind enough to work on it and is officially the first Staff Member for this site! So guys, have a wonderful summer and Mother’s Day (Tell your mom you love her!)!

Keep up on SCDII…I’ll be watching it on TVB in HK hopefully! And continue to support MaMing!

Thanks for reading!

The Weirdo-Webmistress,

bbfreak aka. Valli

Update: Done packing. Here’s a treat for all!


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Three’s A Team! – Sticking together….

May 11, 2008 at 5:46 pm (christine ng, kevin cheng, myolie wu, nancy wu, pictures, strictly come dancing)

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Thoughts About Episode 6 – 2nd Pairings Round

May 11, 2008 at 5:28 pm (niumengmeng, pictures, strictly come dancing)

“Support Us, Niu Tau (Cow Head), Ma Mein (Horse Face)!”

Where to Watch it:

Better Quality but longer to load:


IMHO, Kenneth was sent here to sweep us all, and literally his partner, of our feet! He’s so good at romancing us, and I disagree w/ Teacher Zhou when he says that Kevolie are the most romantic team. I definitely like the young fresh love I see w/ MengMa better!

First of all, their VCR was just too cute for words. The music really helped too haha… so young and cute! Team Cow-Horse / MengMa were dancing Jazz-Rumba this week. They were, yes again, so romantic! It really reminded me of Kenneth’s 2nd dance due to the ancient feeling. I love it! Coco Lee’s “Myself” (aka Reflections – the Disney Mulan Song) was so amazing & powerful. They were acting out the story of Mulan (I loved that story!)

When MengMeng’s hair blew out, it was just so beautiful! I’m really growing to like her now cuz of Kenneth. Haha…there were more dance moves this time around, mostly like pretend-fighting until he realized she was a girl. (very reminiscent of Kenneth’s shirt-unbuttoning performance for the TVB anniversary..the dance..not the unbuttoning! gosh… I don’t think we’ll see Kenneth ripping any buttons on this show haha..darn…)

(I love the look on her face!)

The dance itself was very romantic…I can’t think of another word! Yes, Kenneth did what he’s best at… LIFTING his partner! After this show, they should name him “Lifting Prince”! He’s so good at it and does make it look so easy! The weird thing is, whenever it gets to these difficult maneuvers, Kenneth’s get very smooth! It flows so well, much better than the rest of the dance! haha..i wonder why? Ah..he’s so strong! (hehe… i saw the video of Kevin lifting Myolie and he was under so much pain!)

Glad that the judge from last time, Xu, who was kinda harsh appreciated their efforts this time! Paul Chun was really cute as well.

Paul: During rehearsal I saw no coordination (eye contact) b/t the two. But right now I see it all, all the eyecontact and chemistry. Did you guys go out and have dinner and stare into each others eyes all night?

Kenneth: (smiles) Because MengMeng’s…(they didn’t let him speak really and the hosts were talking but I think I heard this…) really pretty…

The host made fun of how Paul is really interested in these things about the younger generation!

Wow. They ranked #3! (Kenneth has been very consistent!) All the judges say he’s the most improved of all the stars (I definitely think that they gave more points cuz of him and his improvement…cuz they hardly ever mention MengMeng, who’s always been good).

Sadly, on the Popularity Chart, they are the lowest! I wonder why? How is it possible that Angela (Is her partner popular) or Timmy (Isn’t Chen Lu an she that popular) or even Christine & Eddie have more popularity, when just a few weeks ago, Kenneth and NMM had the 3rd highest votes for pairing?!

The whole show is, IMHO kinda rigged, well at least not very objective. lol. I don’t wanna say that, but the scoring is eh…. But important thing is we get to see them all perform!

Wow Kenneth LOVES hugging! Hehe… I love guys that hug alot…well cute guys that is…. It’s very sweet…He’s so considerate, always asking NMM if she’s hurt/OK. I love how she mentioned that she felt touched that he cared so much! And she was lonely the 1st day cuz she didn’t understand Canto… wow… that’s kinda sad…

I LOVE how they called themselves Cowhead and Horse Face and how they did the motions! I totally think that they put them together just so they can say that! haha… what a catchy name! They are so funny together… Kenneth laughs alot, and I think that brings MengMeng to laughter too! Kenneth always has an accessory on his head…I wonder what it’ll be next time?

Um…they sure love fusion for Kenneth don’t they? First they give us “An Officer & A Gentleman” w/ a blonde, we get Bullfighter/Chinese Opera, then Bambi (haha..not exactly, but fairytale like), and now Mulan cross the song from the Disney cartoon?! Wow. They sure like Kenneth and Western stuff…. (~coughs Bernice~..I had to do that~!)

Ugh. I’m really upset that next epi., It’s either Nancy or Christine that leaves. I love both! It’s so sad…. I don’t see how Kevolie could have possible outscored Nancy-Nathan by a mere 0.1. That is so messed up! I’m sad that one of those teams has to go…I’d rather Kevolie leave haha…lol. that was mean…I’m sry.

KENNETH’s Back In HK on Saturday: Wonder why…work or for Mother’s Day? some saw him at the airport and took pix of him and here’s a cute pix of what is clipped on his bag! omg… he is so adorable… I see a smiley, a donald duck, a frog, and …a pig? I bet he got those from girls… ~smilez~

See the rest at:

Click in for Rehearsal pix and more of my ranting & all the scores!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth No Longer in JLII & Song for Next SCDII Epi Out

May 7, 2008 at 7:07 pm (niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, updates)

  • Sadly, Kenneth is not a part of the JLII cast. The costume fitting has been held, and it seems to confirm that Kenneth is not part of the cast. Officially, Kenneth has not a single project lined up. Is this his break? Oh well. We can wait for his 3 series to air. I wonder when Kenneth will film again?

Maybe he’ll get a chance to lead another series, which I would love, or participate in a big project.

  • What will Kenneth and NMM dancing to next episode…this Thursday?

马国明、牛萌萌 《自己》(COCO LEE/李玫) – apparently it’s JAZZ! woohoo.. but it’s slow… I can’t wait to see how this goes!

* NOTE: I just realized this is the chinese version of the Mulan song “Reflection” – I LOVE THIS SONG! omg. but it’s really slow…..

Note: Kenneth also injured his back due to lifting his partner too much and is getting acupuncture for the first time! He’s afraid it’ll hurt cuz he’s never tried it before! aw… Hope he gets better soon!

Kenneth’s blog has been updated w/ pix of him and NMM practicing! Also check out the TVB site for behind the scenes videos!


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Old Article: Kenneth Ma wholeheartedly gets star’s manual

May 5, 2008 at 1:45 am (interviews)

Caption: The Thousand Mile Horse (“Chin Lei Ma”)

Crazy/Silly Ming

“I’ll start from when I was small, shall I?” Kenneth smiles, “I have a nickname called ‘Crazy/Silly Ming’, really naughty. Once I banged my head into the television and my mum and dad both were really angry at me and treated me to ‘stick beaten pork’ (expression to say that they hit him with a stick). When they finished, I chucked the stick into the bin so I wouldn’t have to be beaten again…” Tall and handsome Kenneth laughs as he reminisces. As he grew older, his relationship with his family became very good and he slowly became influenced by his mother’s favourite idol. This led to his entering the entertainment industry.

Mrs. Ma’s idol is someone everyone knows, Leslie Chueng (famous hk actor/singer from 80s). The Ma family always had his voice in the background and Mrs Ma even said “I want to have an English name called Monica(name of one of his most famous songs)!” After that, Kenneth began to like Leslie also; his favourite song is [not written here] and his most unforgettable moment is “when Leslie made that soft drink commercial, in the moment when everyone held up a bottle of soft drink, i love that bit!”

Coming into the industry in 1999, he became a part of the 14th TVB Acting academy. This was his first test story before officially entering the industry, where he met stars such as Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Sean Lau Ching Wan. All of these encounters made his heart beat fast. He, however, is not a fanatic, but when faced with an idol with mesmerising screen presence, as well as a friendly easygoing attitude, he would be moved completely.

Artists getting close to fans, things have changed.

Kenneth says, “They all are cultured and have manners. Anyone that greets them, they will respond with a nod and smile. When the waiter brings them food, they will say thank you! Getting close to their fans with no arrogance. Look, a successful artist must do well in other areas as well. If they treat others with respect, then obviously only good things can be said about them.”

When Kenneth first entered television industry, his kind personality and manners naturally showed his honesty and friendliness. He says, “I only wanted to be an artist, but sometimes friends tease you about having fans, people asking you for photos/autographs, you’re famous! Inside, I really don’t feel all those things they described. I tell myself, now is only the beginning, the support fans give me is very important, but truthfully, I don’t have a bit of that feeling of fame.” He says it in one breath, and one can see that his words are filled with truth and honesty.

Don’t choose roles, do your homework!

I told him, “Others have told me in ‘Scavengers Paradise’, Kenneth’s character is a bit fake, but they’ve also said that you’re very open. How do you feel?” Kenneth listens intently, and then replies, “I know that the pressure is there. A compliment is always followed by a complaint. When I’m lost, i will tell myself, listen to the director, cooperate with the other artists, with all my power, bring to the character all the traits it should have. Then I will have done my homework for every series!”

His previous roles have included a murderer, pervert, cameos and in ‘Loving You’, a gigilo. In all honesty, “Are you happy to portray those roles?” A quick reply, “As an artist, no matter what character I am given to play by the company, I am very willing. This is because its what’s required in the job. Besides, I see it as an opportunity to improve!”

Take in skills, its a neverending battle.

“I hope that one day, I can act in various different roles. For example, homosexual, romances with large age gaps, mentally disabled people. As long as the role comes to me, I will give it my best to portray.” Kenneth has a positive outlook and sees the upcoming future as an opportunity. When I directly asked him “So have you thought about being a siu sang (famous respected male actor)?” He looked me in the eye and replied, “Even with when I have that chance, I hope it will be due to my hard work, to become in the audience and other’s minds, a siu sang with experience!” Up til this point, the writer thinks of those artists that are classified as siu sang and fa dans (famous respected female artist), who are actually just relying on outside appearances. Taking a closer look, they’re just ornaments, perhaps, in Kenneth’s heart, the acting industry is an neverending battle. Those artists that reside in his heart: Tony Leung Ka Fai, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Sean Lau Ching Wan and so on, are the most experienced and seasoned actors. Their common point is the fact that they are not arrogant and are willing to be “Fan friendly”.

Do your best, it will have returns.
Recently watching him in ‘Into Thin Air’, even though he is not the lead,he has improved his performance. He says, “Every time I walk into the studio, I tell myself to keep focus, I am an artist. In my opinion, each scene is an opportunity. If you can’t do it right, even with a second or third chance, would there be a fourth chance?” At this moment, I thought of Andy Lau Tak Wah and what he said to a reporter, “Today you get an A, and you hear endless applause, but it doesn’t mean your next product will be an A+. There are ups and downs in life, but by being diligent, your results won’t change too much.”

Last entry: Using soccer’s team spirit to kill the entertainment industry
Kenneth loves soccer with a passion, no matter forward, centre or goalkeeper position, he can prove himself as a pro. “Soccer is about team cooperation, no matter how you kick or pass, there needs to be team synergy. This can be said about anything as they all require team spirit. If each person keeps to their position, the chance of another team kicking the ball in the goal is lessened.” He didn’t mention the topic of entertainment industry in this conversation. A swimming upstream Kenneth, under pressure, he tells himself, diligence is the most precious object.

Credit: meteorstar @ AF

Editted by bbfreak

Pictures are not from this article. I just felt like adding some pictures to the post!

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Old Article: Kenneth Ma believes people of different personalities can be in the same environment, 8/24/07

May 5, 2008 at 1:43 am (interviews, Uncategorized)

Kenneth Ma believes that people of different personalities can be in the same environment; no fear of being compared with others

Sun Post Aug 24 2007

One of TVB’s heavily promoted sui sangs (actors) has always been an introvert and modest kind of person. The reason behind how this kind of personality developed was probably because he was always the “little/baby boy” at home, Kenneth responds, “At home, it’s where the women are in power, my dad and I don’t really say much and won’t argue with the females, I have a lot of older sisters, so the ratio of females to males are definitely higher. However, the one who is the most powerful of all has to be my mom, all decisions – no matter of great importance or not, is made by her, she takes care of everything that goes on at home basically.

When asked whether he would worry that his personality would become a disadvantage for him in the workplace, he shook his head and said, “There’s got to be a lot of comparison between people, every company out there will have people that possess difference characteristics and personalities. Having all the different kinds of people will ensure ‘a chance for all the different kinds of flowers to bloom’ (a Chinese saying 百花齊放). The one thing I look forward to most is being able to portray a character that will be able to leave a deep impression in the audiences’ hearts.

Credit: meteorstar and Tiramiisue @ AF

Pictures are unrelated.

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Sammul Chan and his opinions of his fellow TVB siusangs

May 3, 2008 at 6:19 pm (bosco wong, news, raymond lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, The Four)

Ron Ng in the eyes of Sammul
‘After entering this industry for so long, Ron can be considered as the most playful artist friend. Filming with him is very joyful because he has many mischievous ideas and very energetic! During filming, when there is time out period, he might not necessarily rest. Instead, he will think of some nonsense games for everyone to play together. He’s quite a big kid, so he will always bring happiness to people around him!’

Raymond Lam in the eyes of Sammul
Raymond Lam looks very cool, but in actual fact he likes to joke. Filming ‘Survivor’s Law’ and ‘The Four’ with him, I find him to be a hardworking person who takes his work very seriously.’

Kenneth Ma in the eyes of Sammul
While filming ‘The Four’, there were rumours that I was one of the people who boycotted him. There was no such thing! I have quite a lot of things to chat with him. He looks proper, but in reality, he’s the opposite. He looks quiet, but can actually talks a lot. A lot of crew members also like to interact with him. He has good interpersonal relationships.

Bosco Wong in the eyes of Sammul
‘Bosco is a very nice person. He might not be a person who is always playing gag (I think he means always joking), but talking with him is very confortable. He has a great sense of humor. Although I don’t work with him a lot, I have watched his series. He is a very versatile actor.’

Credits: reiyi and ling gan @ AF

Comments: Nice to know Sammul has good things to say about all of them. Shows that most likely the rumors b4 were nonsense. The whole thing about the guys not talking to Kenneth during “The Four” is ridiculous. The tabloids just found a few pix of Kenneth sitting by himself and quiet…which is probably how Kenneth is a lot cuz he’s tired and memorizing his script…. and published all this stuff…. haha… no one believes it anyways cuz Kenneth is so well-liked. Also, in all the other pix, he’s getting along fine w/ the guys! (Kenneth is one of those more self-conscious shy ppl, so it isn’t a shocker that he’d sit to the side while other ppl r having fun. Ppl with such personalities, I know cuz I’m kinda one of those ppl, need personal space and don’t want to force themselves into a conversation just to be ignored or awkward!) I get a feeling that Kenneth has a LOT of friends, but no DEEP friends, cuz he protects himself. haha… i love the “he looks proper, but he’s the opposite”- what are u trying to say sammul??? haha.. I guess when Kenneth opens up, he can be tons of fun…and that’s why ppl like him when they get to know him! Cute article!

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SCDII pictures, The Four Updates, & What type of dance do u wanna see next?!

May 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm (niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, The Four, updates)

  • The themesong of “The Four” will be sang by ALL 4 guys. Sammul has gone to record his part as seen thru pix posted on his blog. I’m not sure when Kenneth will go, considering he is still in Hunan.

What type of dance do u wanna see next from MaMing & MengMeng?! – Leave a comment about what kinda dance u wanna see them try next time!

While it may be really hard for them, I would LOVE to see they dance HipHop. haha… if they pull it off, I’m sure everyone will see them in a new light. Since Kenneth’s dances are Slow, Faster, Slow…I’m expecting the next dance to be Fast. Hope they show us some power. We know Kenneth’s not all that flexible and fluid, but if anything, he could try breakdancing/robot like dancing…(i mean if Leo Ku can do it, Kenneth sure can!) while MengMeng crosses over with HipHop (I can imagine her in HipHop clothing…)…. Hopefully, MengMa Team shows that other judge that they CAN dance!
I seriously can’t wait ’til May 9!!!! Woohoo…

The Last dance felt very much like a performing arts performance… while I enjoyed it, I agree that it wasn’t really a “dance”. It’s OK though, it wasn’t their fault cuz they probably don’t get to pick the dance. Can’t wait to watch them improve! They are a joy to watch either way! (Well, I heard he left Hunan as well for something like Nancy & Angela did…. so there wasn’t enough time to practice this dance? Not sure…. I wonder what he had to do in HK tho…)

Other pix from SCDII – Click in to Check them out! Read the rest of this entry »

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Kenneth & Meng Meng – Team MengMa (Dream Horse)

May 3, 2008 at 12:04 am (nancy wu, niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, Uncategorized)

Practicing…w/out makeup….

They were amazingly cute! It was, as YangYang put it, not a lot of dancing, but it conveyed the story and feelings. Very cute dance and very romantic! Also very magical! I was surprised that Wu Fung, after saying he liked the dance, gave them an 8 only. haha.. even Chou gave them a 9, calling Kenneth a 2nd miracle. The other unsatisfied judge gave them an 8 as well. YangYang surprised me by giving them a 10! wow. first 10! I guess women do tend to have a soft spot..esp. to charming MaMing! They were top 4 teams. Hope they continue! Some of those moves were quite difficult!

Here’s the link:

More Kenancy: so cute!

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D.I.E. – To Film A Sequel!

May 1, 2008 at 1:43 am (Uncategorized)

Roger Kwok Afraid Of Filming With Kids

30 April 2008
Emma Lam

TVB series D.I.E <古靈精探> achieved some great ratings for its grand finale, so a champagne celebration was held yesterday evening for the show’s cast and crew members, including Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮), Margie Tsang (曾華倩), Derek Kok (郭政鴻) and producer Cheung Kin Man (張乾文).

TVB General Manager Stephen Chen (陳志雲) also attended the event and announced proudly that a sequel for the successful series has been planned. He also thanked the birth of Roger’s son for helping to promote the show even more.

The series finale was aired last week and reached a ratings average of 41 points (2.6 million viewers), peaking at 44 points (2.8 million viewers).


Comments: Kenneth was unable to attend the function since he is still in Hunan practicing for SCDII. (haha. obviously Derek’s back in time for the function lol.) I have no idea if Kenneth will be included for the sequel. Wonder if it’ll be a continuation of the first? Hopefully, HOTT Hugo will reprise his role and find true love… maybe even in Momoko (Nancy)?!

Side note: Jessica Hsuan has confirmed that JLII will be a continuation of the first… (with so many of the original actors/actresses gone…I’m not sure how it’ll turn out…. and what is the point of the sequel?)

I’m kinda hoping..this is weird… that Kenneth will have a Cougar relationship w/ Jessica haha…i usually don’t like those, but Jessica is still very good looking for her age…and it’ll be interesting….since Kenneth’s never paired up w/ a LEADING lady before (Sonija is leading, but she’s not “awarded-recognized” nor loved by TVB)… since u know, Bosco has paired w/ Jessica before (LMS) and Raymond has paired w/ Charmaine…. so it’ll be interesting… or I would also LOVE it…if he gets to be Sunny’s friend or long lost brother or something! I loved their chemistry in LG!

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