Kenneth & Meng Meng – Team MengMa (Dream Horse)

May 3, 2008 at 12:04 am (nancy wu, niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, Uncategorized)

Practicing…w/out makeup….

They were amazingly cute! It was, as YangYang put it, not a lot of dancing, but it conveyed the story and feelings. Very cute dance and very romantic! Also very magical! I was surprised that Wu Fung, after saying he liked the dance, gave them an 8 only. haha.. even Chou gave them a 9, calling Kenneth a 2nd miracle. The other unsatisfied judge gave them an 8 as well. YangYang surprised me by giving them a 10! wow. first 10! I guess women do tend to have a soft spot..esp. to charming MaMing! They were top 4 teams. Hope they continue! Some of those moves were quite difficult!

Here’s the link:

More Kenancy: so cute!

SPOILERS – results and scores!


Thanks to Gily4eva for the creations


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