SCDII pictures, The Four Updates, & What type of dance do u wanna see next?!

May 3, 2008 at 5:47 pm (niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, The Four, updates)

  • The themesong of “The Four” will be sang by ALL 4 guys. Sammul has gone to record his part as seen thru pix posted on his blog. I’m not sure when Kenneth will go, considering he is still in Hunan.

What type of dance do u wanna see next from MaMing & MengMeng?! – Leave a comment about what kinda dance u wanna see them try next time!

While it may be really hard for them, I would LOVE to see they dance HipHop. haha… if they pull it off, I’m sure everyone will see them in a new light. Since Kenneth’s dances are Slow, Faster, Slow…I’m expecting the next dance to be Fast. Hope they show us some power. We know Kenneth’s not all that flexible and fluid, but if anything, he could try breakdancing/robot like dancing…(i mean if Leo Ku can do it, Kenneth sure can!) while MengMeng crosses over with HipHop (I can imagine her in HipHop clothing…)…. Hopefully, MengMa Team shows that other judge that they CAN dance!
I seriously can’t wait ’til May 9!!!! Woohoo…

The Last dance felt very much like a performing arts performance… while I enjoyed it, I agree that it wasn’t really a “dance”. It’s OK though, it wasn’t their fault cuz they probably don’t get to pick the dance. Can’t wait to watch them improve! They are a joy to watch either way! (Well, I heard he left Hunan as well for something like Nancy & Angela did…. so there wasn’t enough time to practice this dance? Not sure…. I wonder what he had to do in HK tho…)

Other pix from SCDII – Click in to Check them out!

Wow. Both of them w/out makeup! Dodo seems to be enjoying Kenneth’s company. She’s very picky and seems to like Kenneth alright. That’s cool!


1 Comment

  1. cami said,

    I wanna see hip hop<3
    kenneth will look so hot

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