KMKMF will be on Hiatus until Mid June….

May 11, 2008 at 6:17 pm (words from me)

Dear Kenneth fans and everyone who’s stopped by,

I will be going on vacation for the summer to HK so I’ll be away for a month and will not be able to update. Please do stop by if you like to chat w/ others in the near empty chatroom lol. and to read up on whatever posts you didn’t have time to read before. I will be back so please stop by during Mid June!

As requested by Cami, a gallery will be set up soon. But seems like I won’t get to that until after I return. All the while, Cami is kind enough to work on it and is officially the first Staff Member for this site! So guys, have a wonderful summer and Mother’s Day (Tell your mom you love her!)!

Keep up on SCDII…I’ll be watching it on TVB in HK hopefully! And continue to support MaMing!

Thanks for reading!

The Weirdo-Webmistress,

bbfreak aka. Valli

Update: Done packing. Here’s a treat for all!



  1. cami said,

    have fun at hk Valli

  2. kimberly said,

    hey how are u? I have a few question.. Do you know if kenneth ma go to nightclub or bars if it is do you know the name because I really want to see him in person. Am planning to to go Hong kong. thanks alot

    • bbfreak said,

      Hey kimberly…haha sorry i don’t know about that, but from interviews and stuff, it doesn’t seem like Kenneth goes out to bars or stuff …You’d probably have a better chance to see him at functions, at tvb studios, or at some random soccer field…sry i couldn’t help, if anyone one else here knows, I’m sure they’ll speak up! Goodluck ….hope u get to see him!

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