Thoughts About Episode 6 – 2nd Pairings Round

May 11, 2008 at 5:28 pm (niumengmeng, pictures, strictly come dancing)

“Support Us, Niu Tau (Cow Head), Ma Mein (Horse Face)!”

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IMHO, Kenneth was sent here to sweep us all, and literally his partner, of our feet! He’s so good at romancing us, and I disagree w/ Teacher Zhou when he says that Kevolie are the most romantic team. I definitely like the young fresh love I see w/ MengMa better!

First of all, their VCR was just too cute for words. The music really helped too haha… so young and cute! Team Cow-Horse / MengMa were dancing Jazz-Rumba this week. They were, yes again, so romantic! It really reminded me of Kenneth’s 2nd dance due to the ancient feeling. I love it! Coco Lee’s “Myself” (aka Reflections – the Disney Mulan Song) was so amazing & powerful. They were acting out the story of Mulan (I loved that story!)

When MengMeng’s hair blew out, it was just so beautiful! I’m really growing to like her now cuz of Kenneth. Haha…there were more dance moves this time around, mostly like pretend-fighting until he realized she was a girl. (very reminiscent of Kenneth’s shirt-unbuttoning performance for the TVB anniversary..the dance..not the unbuttoning! gosh… I don’t think we’ll see Kenneth ripping any buttons on this show haha..darn…)

(I love the look on her face!)

The dance itself was very romantic…I can’t think of another word! Yes, Kenneth did what he’s best at… LIFTING his partner! After this show, they should name him “Lifting Prince”! He’s so good at it and does make it look so easy! The weird thing is, whenever it gets to these difficult maneuvers, Kenneth’s get very smooth! It flows so well, much better than the rest of the dance! haha..i wonder why? Ah..he’s so strong! (hehe… i saw the video of Kevin lifting Myolie and he was under so much pain!)

Glad that the judge from last time, Xu, who was kinda harsh appreciated their efforts this time! Paul Chun was really cute as well.

Paul: During rehearsal I saw no coordination (eye contact) b/t the two. But right now I see it all, all the eyecontact and chemistry. Did you guys go out and have dinner and stare into each others eyes all night?

Kenneth: (smiles) Because MengMeng’s…(they didn’t let him speak really and the hosts were talking but I think I heard this…) really pretty…

The host made fun of how Paul is really interested in these things about the younger generation!

Wow. They ranked #3! (Kenneth has been very consistent!) All the judges say he’s the most improved of all the stars (I definitely think that they gave more points cuz of him and his improvement…cuz they hardly ever mention MengMeng, who’s always been good).

Sadly, on the Popularity Chart, they are the lowest! I wonder why? How is it possible that Angela (Is her partner popular) or Timmy (Isn’t Chen Lu an she that popular) or even Christine & Eddie have more popularity, when just a few weeks ago, Kenneth and NMM had the 3rd highest votes for pairing?!

The whole show is, IMHO kinda rigged, well at least not very objective. lol. I don’t wanna say that, but the scoring is eh…. But important thing is we get to see them all perform!

Wow Kenneth LOVES hugging! Hehe… I love guys that hug alot…well cute guys that is…. It’s very sweet…He’s so considerate, always asking NMM if she’s hurt/OK. I love how she mentioned that she felt touched that he cared so much! And she was lonely the 1st day cuz she didn’t understand Canto… wow… that’s kinda sad…

I LOVE how they called themselves Cowhead and Horse Face and how they did the motions! I totally think that they put them together just so they can say that! haha… what a catchy name! They are so funny together… Kenneth laughs alot, and I think that brings MengMeng to laughter too! Kenneth always has an accessory on his head…I wonder what it’ll be next time?

Um…they sure love fusion for Kenneth don’t they? First they give us “An Officer & A Gentleman” w/ a blonde, we get Bullfighter/Chinese Opera, then Bambi (haha..not exactly, but fairytale like), and now Mulan cross the song from the Disney cartoon?! Wow. They sure like Kenneth and Western stuff…. (~coughs Bernice~..I had to do that~!)

Ugh. I’m really upset that next epi., It’s either Nancy or Christine that leaves. I love both! It’s so sad…. I don’t see how Kevolie could have possible outscored Nancy-Nathan by a mere 0.1. That is so messed up! I’m sad that one of those teams has to go…I’d rather Kevolie leave haha…lol. that was mean…I’m sry.

KENNETH’s Back In HK on Saturday: Wonder why…work or for Mother’s Day? some saw him at the airport and took pix of him and here’s a cute pix of what is clipped on his bag! omg… he is so adorable… I see a smiley, a donald duck, a frog, and …a pig? I bet he got those from girls… ~smilez~

See the rest at:

Click in for Rehearsal pix and more of my ranting & all the scores!!



  1. Carmen said,

    o man! I really regret not knowing about your blog sooner! I really like the comments you’ve made! haha
    Especially the one about the Chinese and western match, then you had to link it with Bernice! haha, exactly what I had in mind =P

  2. bbfreak said,

    haha…i thot I was the only crazy BK fan out there….thanks for making me not feel lonely anymore haha!

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