Three’s A Team! – Sticking together….

May 11, 2008 at 5:46 pm (christine ng, kevin cheng, myolie wu, nancy wu, pictures, strictly come dancing)

No Matter where you look….when there’s extra time… the Three are always together! haha… aw…

At Practice…..

Even eating together!

The guys…look at Nancy doing bunny ears in the back of Kenneth & Eddie..and Myolie right behind Kenneth making a face…and yes…that’s Christine behind Timmy…but it looks like she’s pretend-kissing Kenneth’s hand..! Wow the team is so good looking! haha…yum!

Other pictures:

I love how Kenneth doesn’t capitalize off his injuries. Some ppl…not mentioning names…focus the whole VCR on how they got hurt lol…hehe… I don’t think anyone’s mentioned that Kenneth’s hurt his back along w/ NMM…. Good that htey don’t need pity points to stay up there!


1 Comment

  1. Carmen said,

    I was a little worried about their injury, but was very glad that they pull through!

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