New Series in August

June 27, 2008 at 5:38 pm (niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, toby leung)

Kenneth will be filming a new series in August. Other casts include: Damian Lau, Kathy Chow, and Toby Leung. So I guess He’ll be paired w/ Toby?

It’ll be a semi-ancient series aka ManChor.

Glad to hear Kenneth’s filming… wish it were Bernice or Nancy instead of Toby though (but I like Toby as well).

Strictly Come Dancing II – Episode 7 is up on the TVB site. I can’t wait til Hunan airs their version! I saw it and MengMa weren’t as amazing as I expected but good enough. There were glitches in the dance, but they looked really cute together. Based solely on Kenneth though, he definitely got a LOT more flexible!

Good job!


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Kate Tsui & Kenneth Ma Promote New Series

June 20, 2008 at 11:47 am (kate tsui)

A promotional event was held today for TVB new series Speech Of Silence <甜言蜜語>, which will begin airing next week.

Cast members in attendance included Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Claire Yiu (姚嘉妮), Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹), Matthew Ko (高鈞賢) and Stephen Wong (黃長興).

In the series, Kate plays a character who becomes partially deaf after an accident, so the stars were arranged to meet with some disabled people and play sign language games.

Kingdom played some tricks on Kenneth and Kate, trying to get them to share a kiss. Asked afterwards if she preferred rumours of her dating Kenneth to rumours of them falling out, she laughed that she could get more work if they were a rumoured couple, so that would be better.

This is the fifth collaboration between Kenneth and Kate and in the past, they have played brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend and even husband and wife. As a result, they seemed very familiar with each other. Kate laughed that she and Kenneth know each other so well that they are like brothers.

Asked what her expectations were for the show’s ratings, Kate said that she will not put too much pressure on herself, because this can cause mental health problems.

Kenneth revealed that he had to learn some sign language for his role in the show and even learned how to sign a song to cheer Kate’s character up. Asked if he is such a romantic in real life, he said that he is not because he can be quite insensitive and such romance only happens in dramas.

This is the fifth collaboration between Kenneth and Kate and in the past, they have played brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend and even husband and wife. As a result, they seemed very familiar with each other.

When Kenneth was asked about his thoughts on ratings, he said that he never things about these things because it is beyond his control. As for the rumours of romance between him and Kate, he laughed that no-one is bothering to write about them any more now and Kate is not interested in him because she is too intelligent and beautiful.


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Back & Congrats to Kenneth!

June 18, 2008 at 3:04 pm (kate tsui, niumengmeng, strictly come dancing, Sweet Talk, The Speech of Silence)


I’m back! haha. Finally. So I’ve been watching SCDII on TVB during my stay and now it’s playing here on Jadeworld. I was so disappointed by the TVB version. It sucks. Not only do they cut down the Hunan team, but they cut down the performances and judging times of their own artists as well. The only thing they have is the small interview of their artists right after their dance. It so doesn’t show the whole picture (how cute Kenneth is).

(Love how Nancy plays w/ Kenneth and how Timmy tapped his cap! They all seem to be so close!)

I’m really proud that Kenneth & MengMeng came in 4th! They made it to the final night…and that’s beyond all our hopes… He even got three 10’s! I’m so proud of them. Too bad we don’t get to see those episodes yet. I Cannot wait til Hunan airs it…they better do that SOON! (It looks so good. I wonder how Kenenth did in his solo in the last episode!)

I’m really upset that Nancy & Nathan didn’t win and came in Third! Ugh. I thought if not first, they’d be 2nd. But How in the world did Team Success come in third? I like Timmy & Chen Lu as well, but they’ve been doing only average, and have been getting only average scores. I expected them to be a stronger team, but they’ve haven’t really shone. I actually thought, after the first 2 partner episodes that Kenneth & MengMeng, if they had any chance of being in top 4, could possibly come in 3rd by beating TinLo Team. But I guess that didn’t happen lol. No offense, but I’m really happy that Kevolie was eliminated. The Top 4 teams totally deserved to be in Top 4. (I didn’t watch the Hunan reps performances so I can’t judge, but I heard they were good too. But from those teams w/ TVB ppl in it, I felt they were deserving) While a lot of ppl felt that Kevolie were eliminated due to their need to film BF3 and that if not for the Earthquake, the original schedule of the show would’ve allowed them to stay. Well, it’s fate, I guess that they couldn’t make it. I didn’t feel that they were as good as the press made them out to be, but at least they made it pretty far. A lot of ppl kept saying that changing the rules was “Hunan’s cheap way” of eliminating Kevolie. But seriously, if BF3 was why they were eliminated, it’s probably all TVB’s plan. Also, it’s actually good for them since ppl will say that they did lose because of dancing but because they had to be eliminated, so ppl shouldn’t complain. They actually gave them a good way out instead of making the judges and media say that they made mistakes.

Has anyone seen the video on …I think it’s video 18 or 19 where Kenneth and Timmy were upset/sad after the 2nd Couple’s competition. And Ho Siu Wai aka the producer was saying how Kenneth scared her. And he was like “I got a girl cheering me up, I’m ok.” (haha he was trying to be manly and telling Siu Wai to go on to Timmy instead) He had his had on Myolie’s shoulder. This is what happened:

Myolie: I promised I’d be Kenneth’s girlfriend tonight so he’d be happy again.

Kenneth turns around and looks at Myolie w/ a smile on his face. She does a kissy face to him and he does one in return.

Kenneth: (laughing) Haha. What do I do now?

Myolie: Well say you’re happy of course.

Kenneth: I AM happy, but (awkward and pointing to the camera) …I don’t want someone to see it…

Myolie: Well, the whole world is witnessing this…

Kenneth: If that’s the case then, I won’t miss out. (Hugs Myolie and rubs her shoulder… laughing and leaning closer to her)

Myolie: (laughing and pretends to hit his shoulder and jokingly says) “Say Jai” (aka Dead Boy in direct translation..something like Jerk in meaning) I only did this to cheer you up and you do this (something like that..meaning he’s taking advantage of the situation.)

That was supercute. Kenneth really does hide his emotions. During the same clip, while Paul Chun & everyone was cheering Timmy up, Kenneth can be seen in the back chatting w/ Nancy secretly, cuz you see him leaning in and speaking into her ear. He sure does have good friends and he was definitely sad that night, I wonder why? Later on, the clip shows how he said he was really scared that night, because they changed their dance routine during the last minute, having only an hour to change everything. I guess that really shook him up, but I’m really proud of Kenneth! (The practice clips also show how much pain he was going thru when Dancer chief (? haha) Herbert was like forcing him to stretch lol. it looked really painful…

Omg. So excited I’ve been seeing the promo’s for “The Speech of Silence” in HK. Too bad I had to leave before it aired. If only I could participate in giving it ratings lol!


Pictures & Promo Videos:

I watched the themevideo and it looks so good! Kenneth looks so hot! I watched the previews and they look so good as well. Finally Kenneth gets to play a young guy again, who’s the heir ( i think) to a noodle business! (Gosh, usually Raymond hogs all those roles lol. jk.) I love warm fuzzy small productions!

I love how Kenneth was playing w/ Claire’s son in the Themevid (We know he loves kids) and how the recurring theme of putting his hands over his ears and closing his eyes. It looked so romantic in a weird way hahha. Also, love the head bumping w/ Lau Dan – I guess he plays Kenneth’s dad. Finally, Kenneth has a father! He’s never really had touching scenes w/ a father figure, can’t wait.

I’m kinda sad that Joyce Cheng sings the themesong. I don’t really like her. I really wanted Kenneth to sing the themesong, but I thought Kate would sing it since she has a record company now. Maybe Kenneth will get a sub or at least a duet w/ Kate?

TVB is loving Kenneth… Not only is TSOS airing on June 23 in C9’s time slot, but SCDII is currently airing on Monday nights. Also, TVB is reairing Love Guaranteed in the mornings at a little before 12 am (somewhere around there) and Triumphs In the Skies at midnight! Kenneth also guest starred in “Money Maker’s Recipe” aka C9 episode 3 as MK Sun which is airing right now.

I was so surprised to see him in this 3 second guest star role. I was eating and literally pointed to the TV and screamed, “It’s MK Sun!!” w/ rice in my mouth lol.

Credits: MKMC

I’m tired now. and sick…. will update later haha….

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