Kate Tsui and Kenneth Ma Deny Dating – They are just good friends

July 7, 2008 at 1:43 pm (kate tsui)

(Picture Top,Kate and Kenneth attended the promotional event of speech of slience yesterday)

Recently there was a rumour saying that Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui are dating together. They both were seen wearing the same design and colour of shoes. Kenneth Ma was also seen driving a white car which is a similiar model to Kate Tsui’s.

Kate rejected Kenneth’s kiss

(Picture Top,Lai Lok Yi went to kiss kenneth after kenneth was rejected by Kate)

Both Kenneth and Kate attended the promotional event of “Speech of Slience” yesterday and was asked by the MC to re-act the kissing scene in the drama. Kenneth then went near Kate awkwardly and almost kissed her, but he was rejected by Kate. Kenneth felt very embarrassed afterwards. Lai Lok Yi beside Kenneth at that time volunteered to be Kate’s substitute, both men performed french kiss on the air and caused an outburst of noise and excitement in the crowds. When they were playing games, Kate was again being requested to hit Kenneth on the buttocks, she was shy and didn’t dare to use real strength to hit him. The awkward scene was again being saved by the other actors.
Denied buying the same car model as Kate

(Picture Top,Kate and Kenneth are just normal friends)

After the event, Kenneth Ma accepted an interview with the reporters. He said the MC was very thoughtful to give him the advantage of kissing Kate on stage. He said “Girls are very shy, I didn’t mind being embarrassed just now when I was rejected by her.”
(Have you recently bought a new car that is the same model as Kate’s?) Kenneth stated that he had not bought a new car recently. He also says that even if he buys he will not get a car that is white in colour as he prefers black.
(We have also found out that you and Kate have a common hobby of collecting cartoon figures,are you two really together?) “The cartoon figures were actually given to us by our fans. We are not dating.”
(You stated that you are not dating, are you worried that you are affecting Kate from finding her real love?) “We are just couples in the drama, we are best friends in reality. I hope that I had not affected her and her pursuers.”

Kate Tsui – I rejected him because I am shy

As for Kate, she expressed that the rumours will gain alot of attention. She considers the rumours as free promotion for their new series. Asked why did she reject Kenneth on stage making him feel embarrassed. Kate says “There are too many people in the audience. I am very shy and I am also worried that Kenneth’s fans will be jealous and angry of me.”

More about the rumour of them dating

It is the fifth time that Kate Tsui and Kenneth Ma appeared as couples in TV dramas. Although there are many rumours about them, they both stated that they are not dating. It just seems they have attracted alot of attention appearing as an on screen couple.

Kate admires Kenneth

Kate had aknowledged that Kenneth Ma is her “half cup of tea”. She admitted that they looked like a real couple. “I admire Kenneth very much. He is filial, upright, big size and handsome. He has the requirements that fit to be my boyfriend. I hope to use this advantage to let the audience recognise and leave a deep impression on them as their favourite on screen couple.”

No fate together

Kenneth also praised Kate saying that she is very understanding towards him. “Although she is my good partner, we will only be an couple on screen. I have no feel for her, we have the chance of working together but fate is not with us. Kate is a good girl, I don’t mind pairing up with her again in future projects.”

Credit: Source : Mingpao, Oriental daily, Wenweipo
Translated By: Edward @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

and mv_288 @ AF

Kenneth Denies Vying For Kate’s Affections

5 July 2008
Emma Lam

Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) were among the cast members taking part in a promotional event for TVB series Speech Of Silence <甜言蜜語> today.

During the event, the MC asked Kenneth and Kate to re-enact their kissing scene from the show, but they refused and Kenneth explained that he did not want to embarrass Kate. Instead, Kenneth and Lok Yi acted the kissing scene instead, with Kate and Claire Yiu (姚嘉妮) providing the comical dubbing.

Asked about rumours that he has been trying to win Kate’s affections in real life by buying her a car, Kenneth explained that the car was for himself. He also expressed a wish for the gossip to subside because he does not want it to affect Kate’s career progression.

Kate laughed that the rumours have probably surfaced because they are so compatible on the screen.

Lok Yi has finally finished filming for Heart Of Greed II <溏心風暴II之家好月圓> recently and was asked if he had noticed anything different about his co-star Moses Chan (陳豪) that might support the reports that he has split from rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu (廖碧兒). Lok Yi said that he did not notice anything different about Moses during filming.

Credit: batgwa.com


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