D.I.E. II rescheduled to filming in November

July 18, 2008 at 2:43 pm (nancy wu, toby leung, updates)

Since D.I.E. II has moved its filming schedule to November, it is most likely Kenneth will be able to participate in it now. I glad to hear, hopefully he’ll play a prominent role!

It is no longer in conflict w/ Kenneth’s ManChor series, so hopefully Kenneth will be memorable in both!

I recently watched Starry Kitchen, a show that airs on TVB’s Lifestyle Channel.

Kenneth and Nancy have been featured in 3 episodes, at least from what I’ve seen. I’ll do a write-up on them soon. They are really cute together!



  1. guest said,

    what is ManChor ?

  2. Jenny said,

    Can u tell us where is the link that we can watch

  3. bbfreak said,

    Guest: Man Chor is not exactly ancient but no modern times, it’s like Square Pegs time period….

    Jenny: I watched it on Jadeworld US…it’s currently airing here… Nancy & Kenneth’s epis aren’t up online…all i could find were Selena’s, Linda’s etc… thru google…. waiting for someone to post it! sry. i couldn’t help!

    Thanks Guest & Jenny for visiting! Hope u return and leave comments! THANKS!

  4. Jenny said,

    Thanks for letting me know that, but if you see the link, please tell me. Can you tell me what is the video name again?

  5. Jenny said,

    What is the day for that episode, I meant each episode has a day. Did you watch that from the computer, can you give me the website?

  6. bbfreak said,

    Jenny: I will definitely let u know if I ever find it… I’m hoping someone from the Kenneth forums will post it, so maybe you should try asking around.
    The show’s name is “Starry Kitchen” – it invites stars on to cook and stuff… I’m sry but i saw it on TV (jadeworld – chinese cable satellite)….

    I watched like 3 epis of them last week. It airs here evry weekday…and i usually don’t watch it cuz. i didn’t tink anyone i liked would be on it…. Then one day i just skipped onto the channel and I see KeNancy ! lol… and then i expected them to only be there for one epi,cuzl watched it the day after…there were not there but i took another try and saw them again the third day….

    it’s so random and they don’t tell u who’s on…or else i would’ve been prepared to record or something!

    haha Jenny, lets go on a quest to search for the show….

    btw… are u a KeNancy fan or just a Kenneth or Nancy fan?

  7. LilyBeeBee said,

    somehow, I actually don’t want Kenneth to be in D.I.E. II ‘coz his role will have no more development. Hugo’s major function in the first D.I.E is to be part of the love triangle (and that was completely resolved already), and what else could they talk about his character? ….Eve Stephen Chan Chi Wan (in an interview on radio) said that Kenneth needs to be more selective (Stephen Chan said Kenneth is the kind of actor who doesn’t care about screen time, even if it is just for one scene, Kenneth is willing to do it…but Stephen said that’s why TVB wants to “protect” him ‘coz he can’t just keep doing cameo or playing small roles now). I would rather him guest star for a few episodes and participate in that 40-episode long series instead. Hugo is surely hot in D.I.E., but I want to see Kenneth play some other roles and work with other people instead (and D.I.E…honestly, is only a so-so series, entertaining, but not memorable). But we will have to see what’s going to happen.

  8. LilyBeeBee said,

    oh BTW,

    new forums for Kenneth:


    New forum set up by Wilson:

    please join us!

  9. jj said,

    anyone still have the link to starry kitchen?

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