The Four Updates & More

August 31, 2008 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Nice to see that there’s a LOT of Kenneth in this clip! I hope that’s a sign of something…lol. Also the themesong by all four guys is named “Fung Bo” aka Storm.

More on The Four here:

Post from sehseh @ spcnet:

The Four will be recording promotional trailers and clips on Sept 2, 2008.

According to a fan’s (Wilson, credit to KA) conversation with Kenneth, Kenneth doesn’t mind being compared with the other 3 in the series. He is just worried that fans of the original novel couldn’t accept the series since it will deviate from the original works. (Kenneth is very humble, even with fans )

Credit: sehseh @, RaymondForest

Kenneth’s blog updated! Check it out! Above pic from Yoyo Mung’s blog!

*From Vivien Yeo’s blog (That’s Hillman, Kenneth’s manager person)

Kenneth fans know where to look for him! (left top corner!)


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Updates on Kenneth

August 30, 2008 at 8:06 pm (Uncategorized)

  • Kenneth’s Manchor series w/ Damian & Kathy Chow won’t be filming until September. A video from Kenneth at gameshow ‘Identity’ filming saying that the script isn’t out yet and that he’ll probably play a “general”(? I think); I’m kinda excited now to hear that. General…Hott uniform oohlala….I’m kinda looking forward to seeing Toby costar w/ Kenneth as well. Though I like Toby, I can totally see her more being Kenneth’s sister than gf, but who knows? I like Toby’s singing and wouldn’t mind a duet of her w/ Kenneth (I’d love another Kenneth themesong since it’s unlike Kathy/Damian will it’s that or they hire a real singer haha) Since Toby’s crazy and chatty and blogs alot w/ pix & in English, I’m sure she and MaMing will get along and have fun filming together! So watch out for Toby’s blog! He’s currently up to doing TVB promo stuff until Sept. when he starts filming!
  • Kenneth’s blog video shows him speaking about a Reality Show he’s filmed. It’s called “TVB8 Junior Idol 2008.” Since I love reality tv, I’m glad to hear that he’s in it, but it’s in Mandarin so I’ll have some trouble lol. He’s a principle/teacher figure, along w/Yoyo Mung, Joe Ma, Vivien Yeo, and Vincent Wong and the show takes place in Malaysia (Kenneth’s first time there!). Each of them gets 3 little ones, which Kenneth lovingly calls his children lol (awww…) The sad part is, they have to end up eliminating the littles, resulting in only one getting a TVB contract and MaMing finds this to be a super tough job!

Kenneth & His Littles…(looks like he was having fun!)

  • Kenneth was on gameshow “Identity” w/ Angela Tong and his Think Bank was Timmy Hung & Toby Leung. I can just imagine how crazy that was! Kenneth & Angela ended up winning and in that video that I can’t find again, he said he’d be treating fans to something after he goes to Malaysia (I think). Pictures here at:
  • MK Sun appears yet again in “Your Class or Mine.” I believe this is a first for TVB to guest star the same character in more than one series. Haha..Kenneth really has left a mark w/ MK Sun, because once you see Kenneth as a lawyer w/ that smirk (Money Maker’s Recipe) and now w/ the jean jacket and fake tie, you know it’s MK Sun! If only TVB kept the Top 10 Fav. Characters, I know for sure Kenneth would get something! Maybe he’ll get into Top 5 for Fav. Male Character?! haha.
  • The Four is airing soon and all four guys sing the themesong! They’re gonna film the promo for it soon and Kenneth’s been doing some dubbing for the series! I cannot wait!
  • Two cute guys aw… haha… I’ve noticed that Kenneth & Timmy are like always posting together like this. Well, with Timmy around, at least Kenneth doesn’t hide in the back!

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Kenneth Ma Shows a more Naughty Side of Him…

August 27, 2008 at 2:24 pm (news)

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Amigo Chui were shooting an advertisement for men’s skincare center – MSC. In front of the camera, they are to portray a handsome man, showing the wet side of their body. In order to match with the promotion effort and the new generation of HD, Kenneth erases his big boy impression, appearing all wet and naked, revealing a more naughty side of him. Amigo was responsible for portraying a healthy image, showing vitality with his vest.

Kenneth laughed and said that he likes his wet look the most, usually he has a gentlemen look. He never thought of revealing this type of image and having the public approve. The response was that people said he was naughty looking, and also his skin has been taken care of well. The positive response gave him more confidence. Amigo Chui also stepped into the generation of HD, many artistes true skin tones are revealed clearly through HD, currently Amigo has no stress over his skin, which is one less of a mental worry for him.

Original pix from:,

Credit: mv_288 @ AF, aZnangel @, Wilson’s blog

Comments: One word — YUM! haha.. woohoo..Kenneth…topless, wet, in HD…what more can u ask for?! (~smilez innocently~) For once MaMing gets to be the bad boy …lol… I think secretly he’s always wanted to be naughty… I like both Naughty & Nice MaMing onscreen, but I hope they don’t try to change his image. I like him just the way he is….love the dorky silly Kenneth offscreen (like that picture in the white w/ Amigo). Don’t get me wrong, they can give him different roles as much as they want, but at the end of the day and during interviews we just want the MaMing we fell for! haha. Just curious, when they say “naked”, do they really mean naked? So how much do we really get to see (haha..weird…I hope they mean half naked. I prefer him clothed from waist-down, but maybe I’m the only one!)?

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Kenneth & Grace on RTHK show

August 15, 2008 at 9:15 pm (interviews, strictly come dancing)

Special Thanks to TVB obsessions @ AF for this awesome new banner! Haha..i LOVE it so much!

Kenneth & Grace Wong Interview about SCDII @ RTHK

Starts at around Time: 8.00 (then you have to wait some time for commercials til the 2nd half starts)

Cute pix from SCD2 from Grace Wong. There are many more at the site – go visit it!

That was a very cute interview with a lot of laughs. Really nice to hear that they are all friends (they all still come out and eat together in a group) and that they both enjoyed the experience very much even though Kenneth really didn’t wanna go. haha. It was so cute to hear Grace say that Kenneth likes to pretend to be a “good boy” in front of them…haha she sure likes making fun of him as she giggles and calls him MaMing. Grace even says she wants to dance w/ Kenneth. Kenneth replied that it was either him or Timmy so there’s a chance, but Grace has marked him! (poor Timmy, first Chen Lu and now Grace… he might have to really stab Kenneth as he did in one of the training videos to win a lady!)

It was also nice to hear Heidi Chu (haha wonder if she knew back in the day when they filmed Summer Friends Forever as a pair that he’d be so big!) say how she’s spoken to women of different ages and that they all agree that Kenneth looks really prince-like and charming/handsome when he’s dancing! Heidi keeps poking fun at “Hugo” w/ the guy host referencing him as the golden jackpot.

Also nice to hear them ask him if there was any animosity b/t him and his Training Class classmates since he, unlike many of them, was so highly educated and older when he joined. Too bad they didn’t talk much about S4…very little.haha… Heidi laughed at Kenneth’s love for Donald Duck and said that that’s so rare to find in a grown man…

Kenneth even admitted that it’s usually easy for him to fall in love with his costars, but there are also some that he couldn’t fall for. The way they ask him that was funny. (I really wonder…hm…haha)

So you heard it, Kenneth’s goal in life is still Benz, Wayne,..or Sean Lau… and Heidi mentioned that it shocks ppl cuz Kenneth is a good looking guy and can surely be more…

Kenneth also commented that Niu Meng Meng is very pretty…haha…aw…(ok he was asked..but he didn’t circumvent the question w/ an of course…don’t u think so? or anything like that!)

Credits: Pleasing Grace, MKMC


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Kenneth in New Miniseries & Other updates – Guest Star in New Series

August 4, 2008 at 8:25 pm (christine ng, Leila Tong, nancy wu, news, sharon chan, strictly come dancing, updates)

Walk With Celebrities 明星私遊記

Kenneth, along with Leila Tong – yes, all Keila fans rejoice – are featured in a miniseries/reality show for MTR. It’s supposedly showing on TVB8. I don’t have the details, but for anyone who wants to translate the summary on the site, please do so and send it to us or give us a link to ur post & I’ll post it up to share!

My Health-Food Girlfriend (我的「衛」食女友)

A miniseries starring Kenneth & Koni Lui Wai Yee can be seen at the website below. Four episodes are currently up!

  • Kenneth also showed up at the Book Festival to support Sharon Chan’s book along w/ Nancy Wu, Christine Ng, Teacher Zhou & Stephen Chan (reminds us of SCD!)

  • Speaking of SCD, if you watch the newest video, #40 on the TVB SCD II website, you’ll see the after the finale footage. You see Nancy crying and Kenneth hugging her. They are supercute! She’s whispering in his ear & he’s whispering back and it looks like he gives her a kiss on the cheek (or I’m imagining it!) haha…aw…. Ms. Lok also gives Kenneth a hug. (all this is happening in the background so look closely!)
  • Kenneth Ma will be a guest star on “Your Class or Mine” (New TVB series previously named ‘Sharp Plans’)

Title: 尖子攻略
English title: Your Class or Mine
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-18 to 2008-Sept-12
Air time: Weekdays 20:30 – 21:30

Bobby Au Yeung as Pang Gam Chau 彭錦秋
Sheren Tang as Yim Ga Lai 嚴家勵
Benz Hui as Faan Daai Wai 樊大偉
Derek Kwok as Ching Gwok Chue 程國柱
Mimi Lo
Law Lok Lam
Lee Yee Man (李綺雯)
Vincent Wong
Eileen Yeow
Ha Ping
Renee Dai
Oscar Chan
Benjamin Yuen
Oscar Leung
Percy Fan
Eric Chung (鍾志光)
Jeffrey Mok (莫宇樺)
Kenneth Ma (guest star)

  • Nancy will be in DIE 2 and will probably be paired w/ Edwin Siu …grrr…i hope this isn’t true… how abt KeNancy?!

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