Kenneth in New Miniseries & Other updates – Guest Star in New Series

August 4, 2008 at 8:25 pm (christine ng, Leila Tong, nancy wu, news, sharon chan, strictly come dancing, updates)

Walk With Celebrities 明星私遊記

Kenneth, along with Leila Tong – yes, all Keila fans rejoice – are featured in a miniseries/reality show for MTR. It’s supposedly showing on TVB8. I don’t have the details, but for anyone who wants to translate the summary on the site, please do so and send it to us or give us a link to ur post & I’ll post it up to share!

My Health-Food Girlfriend (我的「衛」食女友)

A miniseries starring Kenneth & Koni Lui Wai Yee can be seen at the website below. Four episodes are currently up!

  • Kenneth also showed up at the Book Festival to support Sharon Chan’s book along w/ Nancy Wu, Christine Ng, Teacher Zhou & Stephen Chan (reminds us of SCD!)

  • Speaking of SCD, if you watch the newest video, #40 on the TVB SCD II website, you’ll see the after the finale footage. You see Nancy crying and Kenneth hugging her. They are supercute! She’s whispering in his ear & he’s whispering back and it looks like he gives her a kiss on the cheek (or I’m imagining it!) haha…aw…. Ms. Lok also gives Kenneth a hug. (all this is happening in the background so look closely!)
  • Kenneth Ma will be a guest star on “Your Class or Mine” (New TVB series previously named ‘Sharp Plans’)

Title: 尖子攻略
English title: Your Class or Mine
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-18 to 2008-Sept-12
Air time: Weekdays 20:30 – 21:30

Bobby Au Yeung as Pang Gam Chau 彭錦秋
Sheren Tang as Yim Ga Lai 嚴家勵
Benz Hui as Faan Daai Wai 樊大偉
Derek Kwok as Ching Gwok Chue 程國柱
Mimi Lo
Law Lok Lam
Lee Yee Man (李綺雯)
Vincent Wong
Eileen Yeow
Ha Ping
Renee Dai
Oscar Chan
Benjamin Yuen
Oscar Leung
Percy Fan
Eric Chung (鍾志光)
Jeffrey Mok (莫宇樺)
Kenneth Ma (guest star)

  • Nancy will be in DIE 2 and will probably be paired w/ Edwin Siu …grrr…i hope this isn’t true… how abt KeNancy?!


  1. LilyBeeBee said,

    Another show that Kenneth did in the past month:

    So Edwin Siu might be paired with Nancy? Where did you get the news from? Like I said, I would rather Kenneth be cast in another series and take on a more challenging role than be cast in D.I.E. 2, since there is no more room for the development of the character of Hugo (at this point, Kenneth can take on the leading male role in a medium-scale production). But, if he guest-stars, I would love the idea. If Kenneth ends up being in D.I.E.2, well, I guess I will still support him (but probably will be disappointed..haha).

    It is always hard to find news about Kenneth’s new series (I really hope he can really work with Lau Chung Yan and Kathy Chow ar)….I know that he is going to start working on his new series soon (or, he might have started working? probably just meetings and having discussion with the producer at this point?), and I really really really wish that he could be in that long series with Gallen Lo (just my little wish). ^.^

  2. Samatha said,

    How did he or she know Nancy will be paired with Edwin in DIE 2? Will Kenneth in DIE 2? I want to ask u guys does Kenneth has any new series this year, I mean the one u guys mentioned man chor series or something else.

  3. bbfreak said,

    Thanks for the comments! Welcome to KMKMF! I’m still playing arnd with this blog, so i don’t know how to reply to comments yet, hopefully u guys will see this!

    LilyBeeBee: Thanks for leaving so many comments! haha, I was planning to reply to ur previous comments, but i kept procrastinating…sry ….I am so happy that you actually visited this blog! I have read ur blog as well!
    You are like the only way I know what’s on Wilson’s blog…i can’t read chinese, but ur comments help me figure stuff out!! Thanks…i hope u don’t find it creepy that i read ur comments lol.
    Thanks for the link, I will def check it out….

    As for the Nancy-Edwin DIE thing, I got this info from:
    its a good blog w/ TVB updates in English

    I kinda do agree w/ u on DIE2 and the lack of space for Hugo to develop. Honestly, I’d like to see Kenneth lead in a completely new series and i don’t even feel like DIE2 is necessary. There’s no point in making a sequel at all…unless they’re planning to make a sequel that has nothing to do w/ the prequel (the recent trend)… I guess I wouldn’t mind that & would like to see some KeNancy (finally)!
    truthfully, i didn’t feel much development in the character Hugo in the 1st DIE anyways…i love Kenneth…he looked hott, he was cute, his acting good…but… Hugo was just so 2D…it’s like he was just there for complication & I was upset at how they didn’t give him anything emotional to work w/ after Jacqueline’s death & other stuff….
    But either way, I love seeing Kenneth onscreen and will probably melt once he appears in anything lol!
    Yeah, i too wonder if he’s started on the series w/ Damian & Kathy…but w/ the olympics & all, they’ll probably super little news abt that… well it’s suppose to start in August, so i figure it shud’ve started….I hope he looks cute in it!

    oh yeah..i recall in a youtube video (w/ Nancy saying she wanted to go too), fans @ the airport asked Kenneth if he’d be appearing @ their fans-meeting in August & back then I don’t think he knew he had to film a series…i wonder if he’s still attending!

    OMG…a big production w/ Gallen? That would be a good idea… Makes me think back to ATE…that was like the series every newbie was in (Ray, Tav, Ken) and I think that was the series where Kenneth got really nervous cuz he had a lot of info to recite at once to Gallen…. I would love Kenneth to make it into a big production, but I prefer small-family based series cuz at least he can lead in those and they aren’t as overhyped. 🙂

    Please do continue to leave comments…or join me in the chat box on the right hand side (the glittery thing)

    Samatha: thanks for joining us!
    I found this info out from, but i don’t know how the webmistress found out that info lol…. It is not yet confirmed whether Kenneth will be in DIEII, which will start filming in November….
    As for what other series Kenneth will be in, aside from filming the ManChor series, nothing mentioned…but Kenneth does guest-star in the upcoming “Your Class or Mine” (series w/ Bobby & Sheren)… please check out the Kenneth’s Series page (to the right)
    Please do continue to leave comments (i ❤ them! haha)…and join us in the chat box on the right hand side (the glittery thing)

    If you have not yet, check out all the pages, including the:
    * 411: Kenneth Ma
    * About Me & The Mission
    * Kenneth’s Series


  4. LilyBeeBee said,

    Oh, so you are bbfreak? I have seen you before at other Kenneth’s forums. haha. ^.^

    Oh, I see….I guess it is still not confirmed whether Edwin will be paired with Nancy in DIE 2. Sometimes I fee like Kenneth is too quiet about his work. Other artists would have leaked some news to their fans already, but he usually doesn’t say much (although he did tell his fans that he would be working on that Man-Chor series in August). I really want to know more about his upcoming series (or he is working on it already?).

    As for DIE2, I guess we will soon hear more news about it. My WISH is that he guest-stars (for a few episodes) just to wrap up his part of the story, then he can spend the time working on another more interesting series. I do like the image of Hugo (who doesn’t?), but I think at this stage of his career, he needs better characters (and better scripts) to help advance his career. Besides, at this point, it may not be a good idea for him to play second lead (but with no deep character development) in a medium production…especially, he has proved that he could lead his own series (medium production-wise) already. But that’s out of his control….just need to see what TVB offers him to play.

    I know some fans would love to see the pairing of Nancy and Kenneth – but there are other factors that need to be taken into account. A lot of fans wonder why he is always paired with Kate…well, one reason is they are both being promoted by TVB (and even the media agree with this), and if you look at other siu sans and fa dans being promoted by TVB, they are also somehow “promoted” as on-screen couples (like Raymond + Linda…etc…for promotional sake). This is TVB’s strategy – to generate news and for commercial values. Actually, I would prefer to see the pairing of Kenneth + Fala Chen…I do not think they have worked together before, but I saw them in a picture together (it was taken at TVB’s annual new year party for the sponsors), and they look great together. I would like to see what kind of chemistry they could generate.

    I am looking forward to Gallen’s long series for sure. The only reason why I WISH that Kenneth could be in it is that he will learn a lot from all the experienced actors participating in the series (besides Gallen, there are other veteran actors from the 80’s participating in the series). And looking at other “siu sans” promoted by TVB, most of them have had participated in various grand productions already…In a grand production, I do not expect Kenneth to take the leading role, but I think it will be a great learning experience for him. Kenneth has said that he always wants to play a super evil character…haha….and that dream could more easily be realized in a grand production (in which he doesn’t take the main lead). After all, in a medium production, the main lead can never be the evil one (well, based on standard TVB’s protocol).

    Anyways, I think this has been a great year for Kenneth – Survivor’s Law II, Tai Chi, DIE, Speech of Silence, Strictly Come Dancing II, and various opportunities to earn real $$$….more exciting is that it is clear that more and more audience appreciate him these days. ^.^ I really want to see The Four (well, I quite like Raymond, and I am okay with Ron and Sammul…in a way, I just love the ensemble of the main cast). I wonder when this will be released!!!!

  5. Samatha said,

    There is a problem when I sign in the kennethfamily forum. Can someone help me?

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