Kenneth & Grace on RTHK show

August 15, 2008 at 9:15 pm (interviews, strictly come dancing)

Special Thanks to TVB obsessions @ AF for this awesome new banner! Haha..i LOVE it so much!

Kenneth & Grace Wong Interview about SCDII @ RTHK

Starts at around Time: 8.00 (then you have to wait some time for commercials til the 2nd half starts)

Cute pix from SCD2 from Grace Wong. There are many more at the site – go visit it!

That was a very cute interview with a lot of laughs. Really nice to hear that they are all friends (they all still come out and eat together in a group) and that they both enjoyed the experience very much even though Kenneth really didn’t wanna go. haha. It was so cute to hear Grace say that Kenneth likes to pretend to be a “good boy” in front of them…haha she sure likes making fun of him as she giggles and calls him MaMing. Grace even says she wants to dance w/ Kenneth. Kenneth replied that it was either him or Timmy so there’s a chance, but Grace has marked him! (poor Timmy, first Chen Lu and now Grace… he might have to really stab Kenneth as he did in one of the training videos to win a lady!)

It was also nice to hear Heidi Chu (haha wonder if she knew back in the day when they filmed Summer Friends Forever as a pair that he’d be so big!) say how she’s spoken to women of different ages and that they all agree that Kenneth looks really prince-like and charming/handsome when he’s dancing! Heidi keeps poking fun at “Hugo” w/ the guy host referencing him as the golden jackpot.

Also nice to hear them ask him if there was any animosity b/t him and his Training Class classmates since he, unlike many of them, was so highly educated and older when he joined. Too bad they didn’t talk much about S4…very little.haha… Heidi laughed at Kenneth’s love for Donald Duck and said that that’s so rare to find in a grown man…

Kenneth even admitted that it’s usually easy for him to fall in love with his costars, but there are also some that he couldn’t fall for. The way they ask him that was funny. (I really wonder…hm…haha)

So you heard it, Kenneth’s goal in life is still Benz, Wayne,..or Sean Lau… and Heidi mentioned that it shocks ppl cuz Kenneth is a good looking guy and can surely be more…

Kenneth also commented that Niu Meng Meng is very pretty…haha…aw…(ok he was asked..but he didn’t circumvent the question w/ an of course…don’t u think so? or anything like that!)

Credits: Pleasing Grace, MKMC




  1. Samatha said,

    Do u have another link for the interview? Please

  2. bbfreak said,

    Samantha: Hey, is there something wrong with the link provided? Maybe I can help..

  3. Samatha said,

    That’s ok I got it. Thank you

  4. Samatha said,

    Does Kenneth has any new stuffs about him like any game show or function with the other artists? Like you mentioned there was a show from Nancy and Kenneth…

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