Kenneth Ma Shows a more Naughty Side of Him…

August 27, 2008 at 2:24 pm (news)

Yesterday Kenneth Ma and Amigo Chui were shooting an advertisement for men’s skincare center – MSC. In front of the camera, they are to portray a handsome man, showing the wet side of their body. In order to match with the promotion effort and the new generation of HD, Kenneth erases his big boy impression, appearing all wet and naked, revealing a more naughty side of him. Amigo was responsible for portraying a healthy image, showing vitality with his vest.

Kenneth laughed and said that he likes his wet look the most, usually he has a gentlemen look. He never thought of revealing this type of image and having the public approve. The response was that people said he was naughty looking, and also his skin has been taken care of well. The positive response gave him more confidence. Amigo Chui also stepped into the generation of HD, many artistes true skin tones are revealed clearly through HD, currently Amigo has no stress over his skin, which is one less of a mental worry for him.

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Credit: mv_288 @ AF, aZnangel @, Wilson’s blog

Comments: One word — YUM! haha.. woohoo..Kenneth…topless, wet, in HD…what more can u ask for?! (~smilez innocently~) For once MaMing gets to be the bad boy …lol… I think secretly he’s always wanted to be naughty… I like both Naughty & Nice MaMing onscreen, but I hope they don’t try to change his image. I like him just the way he is….love the dorky silly Kenneth offscreen (like that picture in the white w/ Amigo). Don’t get me wrong, they can give him different roles as much as they want, but at the end of the day and during interviews we just want the MaMing we fell for! haha. Just curious, when they say “naked”, do they really mean naked? So how much do we really get to see (haha..weird…I hope they mean half naked. I prefer him clothed from waist-down, but maybe I’m the only one!)?


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